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  1. flippin out

    For Parents Amenorrhea

    my 2 girls started very early. Older dd (non gymnast) started just weeks before turning 13. Younger dd (lifelong gymnast) started just a couple weeks after turning 12. BUT my husbands nieces were 14 & 16. There is no time frame that is good or just is whatever it is for each kid...
  2. flippin out

    Giant half? Blind change?

    and a closer look at giant full -
  3. flippin out

    Giant half? Blind change?

    here's a closer look at giant 1/2 -
  4. flippin out

    Giant half? Blind change?

    blind change up close - giant half (it's farther away, but look at hand position) -
  5. flippin out

    Recruiting Trips?

    Agree with @FlippinLilysMom "Zero on campus or off campus visits. So you can visit a campus but no contact allowed with coaches. Coaches are also not allowed to travel to recruit. Virtual recruiting is the only way for the foreseeable future." but want to add that I believe that D2 & D3 has not...
  6. flippin out

    More suspensions

    Yes. @doublestrike the “tickling” was disturbing to me as well. Here’s the thing, maybe outside of a coach/gymnast scenario tickling may be funny to some. But I have a huge issue with an adult telling kids to forcibly hold down another child while the touch them against their will. In any...
  7. flippin out

    More suspensions so, WOW....
  8. flippin out

    gyms in NNJ

    I know nothing about the atmosphere of the place, but I believe North Stars will be less than half hour from Newark. Also believe ENA Paramus would be close. Maybe someone who would be familiar with the area can pipe in and say how they are
  9. flippin out

    Minnesota to cut men’s gymnastics :(

    ugh! I have no better words right now. Sucks. I pray the rest hold on. And good luck to your son, hoping he has a great year
  10. flippin out

    Minnesota to cut men’s gymnastics :(

    I saw this on another site, so sad that another program is going away. Does anyone know How many teams are left in D1, and how many need to be in to remain D1? I’m hoping the rest stay the course, it would have great implications for the Olympic team also I’m sure.
  11. flippin out

    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended

    No. It’s referring to the Luau in Leo meet held at Kalahari
  12. flippin out

    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended

    That piece was really not well done at all....the OC has a much more detailed report.
  13. flippin out

    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended

    @bookworm I agree, but I’m calling it now.....she’s gonna try and explain that photo away by saying it was her being mom not coach. Not saying it’s the truth (we all know it’s her training not mothering) but that’s what she’s gonna try for. Or maybe I’m wrong....maybe she’s ballsy enough to say...
  14. flippin out

    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended it possible that one of the girls in that photo of Haney running is her daughter? I know absolutely nothing about her family other than her daughter does gymnastics. No idea how old she is or anything. Is it possible that it's her kid? If it is, it still doesn't take away from...
  15. flippin out

    For Parents Question About Gymnastic Waivers/Contracts

    no, and I would really question why I was asked to sign a waiver like that! Has the coach or gym been sued for mental anguish and the cost of therapy for kids? Red flag to me.....not saying it's not legit, but I would seriously reconsider my kid attending there
  16. flippin out

    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended

    Yes. As disgusting as that is the answer is yes. To this day I hear people doubt that what he did was wrong “after all look how many he helped”. And yes, he didn’t abuse every patient, and he did help many....after all if he wasn’t helping some how could he continue his success rate (and his...
  17. flippin out

    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended So I guess some parents will continue to pay to have their kids trained by Maggie regardless of the fact that she was suspended (for 8 years!). I guess the next step would be to...
  18. flippin out

    For Parents It's happening!

    That’s great news!
  19. flippin out

    Good Coaching Does Exist

    My dd competed club old L4-10 for 12 yrs. I’d say all but the last 3 yrs (which correlated to a bad gym) were overwhelmingly positive experience. And even the last 3 yrs weren’t all negative, just a lot of negative at that gym to deal with....but there were some good as well (but I’d definitely...
  20. flippin out

    Big 10 changing their minds?

    Big 10 may be changing their minds and looking to start fall games on 10/10/20!! Hope this means good things for Gymnastics seasons!!