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    Meet Directors

    If any of you are in charge of scheduling the sessions at your gym's competition could you shoot me a PM, I have a question or two :)
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    Favorite March-Out?

    What's your favorite march-out that a competition has had? We've had some call out individual gymnasts and spotlight them as they runout, I vaguely remember Buckeye having a big opening night party one year (not sure if this was part of their march out or not though), another gym set-up a small...
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    Podium Training

    Is it open to the public?
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    Next Level (SC)/Thomas (SC)/Southeastern (NC)

    Would you please PM me if you are willing to share some information about these gyms :)
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    High Scoring v. Low Scoring Meets

    A jump off of a thread in the parent forum. Obviously some meets are notoriously high scoring and others are notoriously lower scoring. I live in a state where are scores, overall, tend to be extremely high (L3 state had 18 38s so several of those kids didn't even take first AA!!! 91 kids...
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    How To Coach Your Gymnast At Home

    Just ran across this on facebook today, what a great reminder that gymnastics is the athlete's sport!
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    Rules & Policies Update

    I was looking through the updated Women's Rules & Policies for the 2015-2016 Competition Season and ran across this on page 96: "Meet Directors may not refuse entries from competitors who wish to enter a competition that serves as a Sectional Meet or any competition that serves as a qualifier...
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    Is your DD allowed to pick her own choreographer?

    Is your DD allowed to pick her own choreographer?
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    Gifts for Senior Athletes

    Do graduating athletes from your club get any sort of recognition or gift?
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    For Coaches Leotard Production Time

    We ordered our competition leotards the last week of August from Dreamlight whom we have used in the past and LOVE! However, our estimated delivery date is for December 19th, a 15 week turnaround. I just inquired about ordering one additional leotard as we have a new athlete on our team, and the...
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    For Coaches What's Normal to be reimbursed for...

    I know some coaches are salaried, but a great many others are hourly. I'm interested in those hourly competitive team coaches. I know it has been discussed a few times that many hourly coaches are not paid for their time off to attend competitions, but I was wondering what was the norm. on a few...
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    For Coaches Optional Bar Routine Numbers

    On average how many bar routines do your optional level athletes complete during any given workout?
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    For Coaches How many coaches during warm-up/conditioning?

    Do all of you coaches attend the full warm-up and conditioning of your teams? Is it normal to decrease costs by limiting the amount of coaches that can attend this portion of practice to 1?
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    USAG 2013-2020 Compulsory Page

    USA Gymnastics has devoted a new page to the 2013-2020 Compulsory Program: :: USA Gymnastics :: 2013-2021 Junior Olympic Compulsory Program :: The chart featured on page 3 of this PDF also confirms that competing at the new level 6 is not required...
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    For Coaches Team Coaches: Salaried or Hourly?

    I'm just wondering how many team coaches out there are salaried and how many our hourly? Our HC is salaried, but the other 2 main coaches are still hourly. As hourly employees this becomes a problem for us when we miss multiple Friday/Saturday practices for competitions (which we often don't get...
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    IGC Thanksgiving Clinic

    Has anyone (or their DD) attended the IGC Thanksgiving Clinic? If so are the girls split into groups based on skills or levels? Will the girls uptrain any skills, or are they stuck working skills they already have?
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    Samantha Shapiro's Site

    Sami's site has moved, just in case anyone has been searching for it :) It's now located at the below address: Samantha Shapiro | elite gymnast
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    Club website survey for owners/parents/gymnasts/etc.

    Are you the owner of a gymnastics club? Or how about a parent or gymnast? We are asking members of the gymnastics community to fill out this simple and quick 10 question survey regarding your club's website. The point of the survey is to get a better idea of how people are actually making use of...
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    I'll start

    Hi I'm a gymnastics webmaster as well as a coach (as well as an ex-club and HS gymnast). I signed up because I was interested in finding out more about this site since its name is EXTREMLY close to my own sites name.