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  1. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Recovery after pin placement in finger

    What a great recovery story, thank you for sharing! It was just the pinky bone closest to the knuckle and fracture through the growth plate. We are hoping to see the pin removed at week 6!
  2. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Recovery after pin placement in finger

    Hello fellow parents! My daughter fractured her pinky (vaulting of all things) and had 2 pins placed last week. Because the fracture was so unstable the pins will be in for 6 weeks! I was looking to see if anyone’s child had the same surgery and what the recovery was like? DD has already...
  3. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Musings of a Gym Parent in Isolation

    Oh so many musings... Maybe now I won’t go over the mileage for my lease Will this break make DD never want to go back to gymnastics? So.much.laundry.still Why am I able to accomplish more things with the kids home than when they are not home? I am so glad restaurants can deliver wine with...
  4. Mommyo2az

    Chris Waller heart of a champuon

    Literally got ours 15 minutes after I posted yesterday!!
  5. Mommyo2az

    Chris Waller heart of a champuon

    Wondering the same! Want to book flights soon!!
  6. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Arizona Gyms

    I live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and am gym parent/coach/judge. Feel free to PM me - would be happy to give you my thoughts!
  7. Mommyo2az

    Pain after injury healed

    Elbow fracture? My DD fractured her elbow in January and has experienced pain on and off since coming back. Mostly with specific skills (back handsprings) so she has eliminated them as much as possible. Doctor said it could partially be extensor tendinitis and probably a little fear about...
  8. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Excited about the season

    Haha, i will go out in a limb and say I am NOT excited! Meet season always has me full of fear and worry and dread! Will she stick or will she fall? Will she live? . Will she be sick or injured all season? LOL, I am excited though about all the wine I will have to get me through! My kiddo is...
  9. Mommyo2az

    is the an ok routine for level 9 beam?

    Fulfills acro requirement. Needs a B dismount, gainer is an A. But to be up to level she will need an additional acro with flight to be up to level. Without knowing what else is in the routine I can’t offer much more!
  10. Mommyo2az

    Level 4 vault

    that's a pretty decent vault, I wouldn't worry about. Let the coaches and time take care of it. It took my DD until level 7 to figure it all out. First season she did a front handspring she got an 8.0, Last time she did a front handspring she was regional champion.
  11. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Gym Switch While Injured

    A good gym will not see it as an issue. It will also give you a very good insight into how the gym handles injured gymnasts.
  12. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Return after injury...

    I would like this as well. I think at the end of the day, this is what she will do. Other parents on the team have already offered to take her to regionals with them so she can be with her friends. She is just 12, the fear is missing out on the fun is strong!
  13. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Return after injury...

    Thanks all for the comments. She was talking to sports psychologist prior to injury, so we just continued as to help with keeping a positive mindset. But I think perhaps she may be the type that is not going to benefit from it very much. When asked, She says does want to continue with...
  14. Mommyo2az

    Injury week of State Meet

    DD is petitioning Level 8 Region 1. We were told we needed proof of 35AA in meet this year (or at last years Regionals, if same level). Doctors release note indicating return to activity date prior to regionals, and includes doctors medical license #. We thought the license # was weird, but...
  15. Mommyo2az

    For Parents Return after injury...

    My DD broke her elbow (well, Radial head) at the end of January and is now cleared to start tumbling again. She has been doing PT and lots of leg work for the past weeks. I know she is "ready" to come back, but has said that she is scared, scared about everything. We think she hurt her elbow...
  16. Mommyo2az

    Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    Good luck on the road to recovery! DD got her cast off in 2/20 and was doing kips today! Not tumbling for another week per her PT but we are hopeful! Full extension is back in her elbow now just need to regain that strength! See you at regionals
  17. Mommyo2az

    Three weeks wrist cast, five weeks until states

    My DD will be petitioning to Region 1 level 8 regionals as well! Fractured radius 1/27. Luckily competed two early meets and scored high 36. Hopefully out of her cast this week and off to PT. We have to submit doctors note (specifically with dr signature/medical license number/release to...
  18. Mommyo2az

    Question about college camps

    Some of the college's have "High Performance" camps that are geared to level 7 or 8 and up. My daughter has attended these camps in Iowa and Nebraska and enjoyed them a ton!
  19. Mommyo2az

    Level 8 beam

    Is there a judge who can look at a level 8 beam routine for me? Haha, I am a judge and still can’t figure out how a routine got the start value it did!
  20. Mommyo2az

    Level 8 floor?

    You can send it to me if you’d like (I am a level 7/8 rated judge)