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    For Parents Fears

    To add to NutterButter‘s excellent questions... are these fears your child has vocalized? How is she responding to them? Do they seem to be bothering her, or mostly bothering you?
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    For Parents Using gym PT?

    1. Leave that gym 2. Write everything out, compile any documentation, and report this PT to their licensing board. 3. Future coaches do not have a say in your child’s medical treatment. See a doctor for injuries so they can write an appropriate PT script.
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    Gymnix 2020- is the US sending a Junior or Senior Team or Individuals to Gymnix?

    It is a long time, but not that uncommon for international assignments. They usually leave right after camp (or with a day or two in between) for worlds. Pan am games were the same last year. The Olympic team will be away from home for close to a month, which is kind of crazy. I think a...
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    For Parents 4.5 year old gymnast how much practice time ?

    That is plenty for a 4 year old. We all want our kids to reach their full potential, but the best thing you can do is sit back, not coach (or try to), and let your daughter have fun and learn. Let her explore other sports and activities and let her leave the gym wanting more. Pushing her and...
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    For Parents Please butt out

    I think it may be helpful to put the email into perspective and not let it grow into a bigger or more severe thing than it was. You didn't describe anything in the email that wasn't appropriate to an initial communication on the subject. Did they say anything about previous requests to stay out...
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    For Parents Please butt out

    I think setting up a meeting is a reasonable step. But I can see where they might have felt that an email was the best way to raise an issue, since a)it's away from prying eyes and ears and b)there's less likelihood of emotional reactions when everyone has a chance to think through their words...
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    For Parents Question about judging favoritism?

    It's upsetting when we feel like things have been unfair in someone else's favor, I get that. It's understandable that you're unhappy and frustrated. But that doesn't necessarily mean that acting on those feelings is productive. What's your ideal outcome here? This isn't about understanding the...
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    For Parents Child in DDs age group passed her out skill & performance wise, coach playing favorites

    Pause. Your daughter is happy for both yourself and her teammate, but you're still upset and counting social media posts. The fact that you're not happy when your daughter is pleased with her own performance and is being a great teammate is a strong indicator that you've made something that...
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    For Parents Child in DDs age group passed her out skill & performance wise, coach playing favorites

    I think it's probably time for you to stop and re-define what success looks like in youth gymnastics (or any youth sport). There is so much I want my kids to get from their athletic activities that have nothing to do with scores and gymnastics skills... I want my daughter to learn confidence...
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    Doing Privates for a girl from another gym

    I do get the knee-jerk reaction - it can seem atypical in artistic gymnastics. It is an interesting discussion. Big picture though, I think it may actually be a good thing for the sport. I grew up in gymnastics but had a sibling who played "mainstream" sports in and out of school - soccer...
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    Doing Privates for a girl from another gym

    Doesn't seem terribly odd or inappropriate to me. I guess if the gymnast's usual gym & coaches don't know about it, there might be a problem there. But not for you or other parents/gymnasts at your gym - that's between the gymnast, her parents, and her coaches. And perhaps a professional...
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    Changing gyms

    If there's a safety issue, it's no longer a decision to be made by consensus. This is why kids and teens have parents. Her feelings about it are not invalid - be willing to listen to her, acknowledge that leaving friends and a place we're accustomed to is difficult, and even that you struggled...
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    For Parents Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    You posted this while I was typing my last comment. I think you're right here. The only thing I'll disagree with - the last 15 years of your life has NOT been just gymnastics. You are her mom. There has been so much more than rides to gym and tuition and watching practices and competitions. And...
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    For Parents Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    You are not a monster. You are not a bad mom. You are a human, with human feelings. You have your own hangups and insecurities, like weight (we all do), and your own feelings about the loss of a major part of you and your daughter's life together and separate. That is not wrong, and those...
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    For Parents Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    I'd like to add some praise of your daughter here as well. The decision to leave the sport is a hard one, and college selection is typically the first big life-impacting decision that teens face. It's scary, and hard, and often a case where there is no one perfect option. It sounds like she took...
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    For Parents Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    I think that grieving the end of something that has been a big part of your life, and the closing of a dream that you had for you daughter is natural and normal. Even if your daughter was still doing gymnastics in college, your role would have changed tremendously, and you'd be having to deal...
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    For Parents Jealousy of other teammates

    [ It's hard as a parent to remember (and put into action) that our job isn't to make sure they never feel disappointment or frustration or other negative feelings. It's instinct to want to keep our kids from ever feeling any pain or unhappiness. But, especially as they get older, we're there...
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    For Parents Jealousy of other teammates

    That would be a hard transition for most kids I think, and admittedly one of the reasons I think a lot of gyms are hesitant to let gymnasts "try out" higher levels or groups to see how it goes. I think I would honestly just try to let her experience those feelings and work through them...
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    For Parents Full time working parents who use full time daycamp in summer - how do you accommodate summer hours?

    Paying a college student or older gymnast to either part-time nanny and then drive her to practice or transport from half-day camps to practice was my first thought. I'd ask at the gym to see if there's a recent graduate that may be home for the summer, a junior coach, or even a responsible HS...
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    For Parents What life lessons does your child miss because of gymnastics?

    Mine is still young, but I was a multi-year level 10 myself and I can see it coming (despite all my mixed feelings about letting any child of mine become a competitive gymnast).... The part of child, teen, and young-adulthood where you get to try new things, throw yourself into them to varying...