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    YouTube gymnasts

    My DD follows Whitney and Buttercup, has watched but doesn't follow Cheernastics2 and other channels that are less serious about gymnastics and more about reviewing things or getting clicks. Buttercup is a similar age and (used to be) the same level so she liked following someone talking...
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    For Parents Home gymnastics equipment thesis research

    As a DIY dad, I made the first set of home equipment (beam and bar) and while trying to research ways to make them better and safer I ran across this site and came to the conclusion that gymnastics is probably better left in the gym. I would say what home equipment does, especially at the lower...
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    GIPHY support

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    Will you be sending your athlete to competitions this season?

    Our gym plans to only be doing "at home meets" until state which is late spring. I checked a couple of the big meets we normally attend and they are scheduled to happen in 2021, so who knows maybe we add in an out of gym meet later on, or maybe just a couple of the older girls who would like...
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    Site Upgrade (Bugs)

    Icons started showing after a cache flush, thanks for the updates.
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    Site Upgrade (Bugs)

    The quick reply form has the text the same color has the background.
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    gyms in NNJ

    You try asking your current gym for help? Some gyms are happy to recommend other gyms when then won't be competing for the same talent pool.
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    For Parents Kip before grips vs now

    She is probably having a hard time shifting her grip with the grips on or grabbing the bar too tight because she doesn't have confidence that she can hold on. I'm sure the coaches are aware of the situation and will work with her to get comfortable again.
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    Has anyone had a similar scaphoid fracture experience?

    You will want to consult with a medical expert. I had a similar injury from falling and it required surgery, a pin, a cast, and the surgeon was not happy with the result, but said that as I was not a professional athlete that I could live with it knowing that I will experience pain and...
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    For Parents Why are you still in gymnastics?

    Like most online product reviews, you are mostly going to see parents post about the bad experiences with the occasional five star review mixed in. Most kids that do well in gymnastics you will never hear about. The athlete (and families) like/love the sport, love their teammates, don't get...
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    For Parents Masks during practice -suggestions please, not debate

    I have used a home-sewn cloth mask, a store bought multi-layer mask, a gaiter, and a paper mask. They all work fine, the gaiter worked a lot better than I thought it would but the gaiter has to be fairly snug, those loose hanging ones don't work. The frame makes a huge difference, especially...
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    For Parents Masks during practice -suggestions please, not debate

    The best thing I have found for exercising while wearing a mask is to get a mask frame aka lipstick protector. It holds the mask off your lips so you don't breathe the fabric in your mouth. My wife and I both do some heavy cardio workouts that require masks and we don't have issues anymore...
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    For Parents or no team?

    You don't have to be involved at all with either sport, but I find that in normal circumstances soccer has more interaction between parents as the games are more frequent and the full team of players tend to interact more with post game pizza parties, sleep overs, and other team events...
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    Herd Immunity

    The mortality rate in vulnerable populations along with how easy it spreads are the two big factors (long term damage is still being studied) on why the world has taken the precautions that it has. Once there is an effective treatment to prevent death in the vulnerable or a way to mitigate the...
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    Compulsory levels

    Lol, yeah they obviously posted in the "UK" forum, so yeah my bad. Hopefully the UK system doesn't have strict requirements and allows gymnasts to move up levels when they are ready and doesn't require a specific number of meets at each level or something like that.
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    Compulsory levels

    Each gym and each gymnast will handle it on a gym by gym and case by case basis. I think in most cases where the gym does not require moving to the next compulsory level by obtaining a certain score, or placement in a meet, if the gymnast can show that they have the needed skills, strength...
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    Simone has her 13 year old skill back

    Poor Simone, quarantine regressed her all the way to her age 13 skills. Keep smiling Simone, I think you might just make it one day! (I think at age 13 I was amazed when I could do an ollie on a skateboard without falling)
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    For Parents What do parents want in a coach?

    If I could pick the perfect coach it would be a role model that DD could trust and emulate. Whenever she crosses a situation where she didn't know what to do or how to handle it should could just think "what would my coach do" and hopefully come up with the best decision possible. From what I...
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    Is anyone else struggling with being on a different page than your significant other with Covid?

    Because of my work I have been leaving the house for a few weeks now, where my DW continues to work from home, because of this dynamic and just being out in public more often, I got comfortable with the "new norm" and am more on the 5-6 range while she is on the 2-3 range. I get daily "Covid"...
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    Herd Immunity

    The roll in sports for the Ivy League is different than in the power five collegiate sports conferences so the Ivy League cancelling/postponing sports and limiting the requirement or the ability for access to athletic facilities makes sense for them versus other schools where athletics (football...