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  1. ldw4mlo

    Vaccine release in Nov

    So who will be getting or not.... I posted just link on a parents group I’m a member of. I‘ll follow up wi those comments in a couple of days
  2. ldw4mlo

    Vaccine anyone?

    with all the discussion about going out and about. School or no school. Gym or no gym. Just wondering who will be getting the vaccine, assuming there is one? I will be. Might wait a bit for my daughter. But she will as well at some point.
  3. ldw4mlo

    Proposed Settlement
  4. ldw4mlo

    L8 beam dismount, 2 ??

    My daughter is currently doing a CW-BT. We know this is not up leve. How much is it costing her point wise min/max? What are her options? She is not a fan of forward flipping. Because I would like to speak about it with her and not say what other flippy options do you have.... TIA
  5. ldw4mlo

    Heartbreaking :(:eek: Beyond words
  6. ldw4mlo

    A program or app to do scores for a meet?????

    We are a small gym and we only do a few in house meets per season. I am looking for something to track scores, do placements, handle tie breakers. I can't spend a fortune, in fact free would be excellent. Is there an inexpensive/free app or program I can get do do this? TIA
  7. ldw4mlo

    Number of training days per week

    So rather then have it get buried in the other thread. Not that threads wandering is a bad thing. But I see lots of "how many hours threads?". But I really don't recall seeing, "how many days?" called out. So because I'm curious. How many days do your gymmies typically do? Around here most...
  8. ldw4mlo

    Level 8 beam deduction?

    “My daughters level 8 beam is going well, but she doesn’t quite have her acro skill (fwo) yet. How much of an up to level deduction is it?”
  9. ldw4mlo

    Time for L8 floor music

    My gymmie is getting new floor music this year. Most of the pieces she likes come in 1:30 and 1:10 sec cuts. Coach says to make sure she likes the 1:30 version because that the one she should get. One of her favorites is 1:20 will that meet the minimum. Thanks in advance. Don't even want to...
  10. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Gymnasts Rock and A Parental brag moment

    My daughter moved up today, heading off to middle school. One boy, one girl recognized for outstanding physcial fitness achievement. The boy, is the likely captain of the football team. He has been "the kid" since Kindy... No surprise there. The girl, my girl. Gymnasts rock...
  11. ldw4mlo

    Waiting approval to L8/L9 group

    Clicked the join group button. Haven’t heard. Wondering if there is a problem?
  12. ldw4mlo

    Regionals for Region 6 qualifying

    Hoping someone could clarify qualifying. I assume the additional 112 are divided among all the states in Region 6. Would that be correct? Level 7 ‡ Qualification will take place at the State Championships ‡ Top seven gymnasts, regardless of age group, will qualify as the ¶Super Seven· State...
  13. ldw4mlo

    Best timing of doing a meet before states

    I have to decide which meet to sign up for close to states. I'm really interested to hear what coaches have to say. We are only doing one. Meet A would give 3 before states (3 weekends) Meet B would give one week (one weekend) before states. My gymmies meet prior to these 2 would be 5 weeks...
  14. ldw4mlo

    Is this a real thing?

    Release move with an ice pool as motivation????
  15. ldw4mlo

    Sports bras for girls not GK

    Tried searching and nothing popped. Daughters comp leo is V back and front colored mesh but sheer on top. She has need of a childs sports bra, clear straps. I am not a GK fan (their customer service is horrible), its unavoidable at times but I no longer willingly give my dollars to them. I...
  16. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Hair again.....

    So we can finally be done with the bun. Daughter is wearing high pony. Which I love. Hair seems to whipping around a bit much. It's on the longer side. Any pony adaptions we can use to keep the hair from whipping around bit still look like a pony? Gotta be simple though. She is not a fancy...
  17. ldw4mlo

    I knew could be avoided forever but really ....

    Seriously I knew we couldn't avoid it forever . But our first Level 6 meet coming up........ We have compulsory levels mixed in. I would've loved to of caught a break for one stinkin meet. ROFLMAO :eek::p:p:p:p
  18. ldw4mlo

    What does it take to post a meet schedule on line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Annoys the crud out of me. Meet is next week. I have to RSVP to a birthday party. They have the entry forms on line. They have the venue on line. And I know the schedule exists because when I google the dang meet, I can see other gyms who have their flipping report times. There should be some...
  19. ldw4mlo

    This is me saying goodbye to compulsory music....

    Buh bye...... Woo Hoo :cool::D:)
  20. ldw4mlo

    At Home Conditioning for Bars

    OK quick back story. Daughter finishing up L5 in Feb, first L6 meets in March. She is a low hour gymmie. I am looking for what conditioning she can do at home to help bars, specifically getting her kip arms a wee bit straighter (she is close but just a tad bent) and gaining strength for the...