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  1. ldw4mlo

    For Parents What's after gymnastics?

    My daughter has many interests. Always has. She is in gymnastics because she enjoys it and loves her teammates. It is not her "life" She also enjoys, Broadway, lacrosse, track and lately painting. And if the Covid stuff gets under control. We will be spending time scuba diving together. After...
  2. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Beam series level 7/8 and moving forward

    JMO but 10 is too many.
  3. ldw4mlo

    NGA and USAG meets for post season

    We did both USAG and IGC states. Then USAG redid the rules. As did IGC I believe. Only one state per season. When they changed the rules our gym stopped competing both and we went just JO
  4. ldw4mlo

    NGA and USAG meets for post season

    Most organizations will only let you compete States/Regionals in one org per season.
  5. ldw4mlo

    Between levels-what would you do?

    We have gone both ways at different times. Each was right for its own reason. When she was younger she needed the confidence of not moving up as quickly and our gym uptrains a bit during the season so she wasn't completely board, but had less of reason to put pressure on her self. As she got...
  6. ldw4mlo

    YouTube gymnasts

    Not a fan of social media. My kid does very little. She does follow the college teams.
  7. ldw4mlo

    Does my daughter need a pit?

    Our gym has a pit. Can't use it due to sanitizing issues with Covid. No idea when they will be able to use it again. Tumble track used every practice. Strap bar as well.
  8. ldw4mlo

    Will you be sending your athlete to competitions this season?

    Yes I hope we stay number one in the death count. Those souls are gone...... Thankfully mitigation and better treatments are saving lives.
  9. ldw4mlo

    Will you be sending your athlete to competitions this season?

    He is closing schools where there are ZERO cases. Random closings of business where there are no cases and they are following the rules. Keeping Walmart open, but the mom and pop hardware store closed is simply not science. Closing churches that are taking appropriate mitigation with 0 cases...
  10. ldw4mlo

    Will you be sending your athlete to competitions this season?

    You will be expected to quarantine. What you do will be up to you.
  11. ldw4mlo

    Will you be sending your athlete to competitions this season?

    NY Gov put Wyoming on the list. They have had less total positives then we have every 2 weeks. And the most deaths they had in a day was under 200. We have over 33K deaths. There is no science involved in his decisions.
  12. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Ugh! New grips!

    Keep the new grips. Get a back up pair that is the sam.have use them equally so she doesn’t get attached to one pair.
  13. ldw4mlo

    Will you be sending your athlete to competitions this season?

    I put unsure because there are no meets currently scheduled. If there were and they were in person I wouldn’t be against sending her. And depending on where we would likely go. And if they were to guarantee a refund in case of shutdown we would definitely sign up
  14. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Floor Music

    Whenever we want to. The logic is the kids have to love their music. And its our money (us parents) so we decide. We have had kids keep the same music for 4 seasons.. And other kids change after a season. Typically it’s 2-3 seasons, and it Kind of depends on age/maturity thing really. my kid...
  15. ldw4mlo

    COVID caused Gymnast to Quit

    She could very likely return if she decides she wants to. And some therapy wouldn't hurt. Also how old is she?
  16. ldw4mlo

    Meets this year

    Glad he has an option
  17. ldw4mlo

    Meets this year

    My daughter rolls her eyes at the thought of virtual meets.
  18. ldw4mlo

    For Parents No word on meets yet?

    NY, no meets anytime soon if at all this year/season