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  1. MILgymFAM

    For Parents New toCompetitions

    A few thoughts.. 1. There should always be a coach for each group. That said, at your daughter’s age it’s even more important. My daughter has rotated without her coach a couple of times but she was in high school. 2. Yes, you need to pay coaches fees for meets, but yours do seem high and also...
  2. MILgymFAM

    For Parents How large are the largest gyms?

    The largest my kids have attended was around 25000 sq ft- there were two around that size. Most were much, much smaller- smallest was less than a quarter of that. We prefer small, generally.
  3. MILgymFAM

    College Gymnastics

    @thefellowsmom an Xcel platinum? How in the world would that happen? It’s like L6 ish. I’ve heard of a diamond going D3, but even that is super duper rare.
  4. MILgymFAM

    I'm back but now a Doctor of Chiropractic

    No, he didn’t talk to her (she was 18 and went alone) about that at all. She just told him to please leave her neck alone because it freaked her out and he did his thing anyway, unfortunately. I do wish that more insurance companies covered chiropractic care- the military insurance does not, but...
  5. MILgymFAM

    I'm back but now a Doctor of Chiropractic

    My daughter had a terrible experience with a chiropractor. She requested no work on her neck, which he did anyway, and she has had near constant neck pain for over a year now. She finally broke down a made a doctor appointment about the pain but due to covid it took a long time and she will he...
  6. MILgymFAM

    GIPHY support

  7. MILgymFAM

    GIPHY support

    For those of us who are a bit slower, can anyone point to where I do that? Thanks!
  8. MILgymFAM

    Site Upgrade (Bugs)

    I cannot see a menu on the top at the side anymore. If I click where it should be a drop-down gives me the options to see posts, but it isn’t immediately visible when I open the page.
  9. MILgymFAM

    Does my daughter need a pit?

    Are gyms using their pits again? My D didn’t have a pit at her gym until we moved last month, but the gym here has their pit closed down as a covid precaution. They aren’t expecting to open it any time soon. OP- my D much wishes that she’d come up with a pit. She’s only used one for about...
  10. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    My daughter’s college is hybrid, meaning any student could take any class remotely, and approximately 50% of the classes were offered in person for anyone who chose that. One of her classes was offered in person, but it ended up being a hot mess. The teacher tried for one class to have the...
  11. MILgymFAM

    More suspensions

    The birthday spanking we’re actually a tradition at my daughter’s first gym. I will say the girls seemed to be empowered to decline and it was a mix of girls who did it and girls who didn’t. And definitely no pics. I didn’t like it, but since it wasn’t forced and everyone’s parents were around I...
  12. MILgymFAM

    Chalk Kills COVID!

    I hope that can be peer reviewed, further studied, and replicated. That would be fantastic!
  13. MILgymFAM

    For Parents DD's gym is closing

    I’m so sorry to hear this! I hope that she falls head over heels in love with something she couldn’t have tried before. Hugs!
  14. MILgymFAM

    Herd Immunity

    @lostinfog my daughter was accepted to a dance BFA program in London, and covid was the main reason she turned it down. Definitely there are issues in other places.
  15. MILgymFAM

    More suspensions

    I didn’t get to edit, so I’ll add: And he was so right and I wish I hadn’t shrugged it off then and had her there for four more months, but those months were my child begging not to pull her from the sport. She wasn’t five years old and she didn’t have a laundry list of options. It was a slower...
  16. MILgymFAM

    More suspensions

    It did only happen once and we were gone, but you know what? There were less conspicuous things, but in that vein, at every other meet too.. and I was trying not to see them but I bet that they were noticeable to people on the outside. One of my daughter’s old coaches came to a travel meet once...
  17. MILgymFAM

    More suspensions

    @ldw4mlo my daughter competed once where the coach (along with her whole team) conspicuously turned their backs on her while she was on beam, because she was “so bad at beam he didn’t want the other girls to be thrown off their game.” I sincerely hope that other parents thought as little of him...
  18. MILgymFAM

    More suspensions

    @John, I have always felt a bit at odds here. That’s the second popular and respected CB coach that I never got along with who has now come to light with issues. I always assumed it was a weird intersection of my having a complex because my kid was not the type of gymnast either coach would give...
  19. MILgymFAM

    For Parents W&M cuts more programs

    I know it’s really going to be unpopular, especially here, but I wouldn’t mind seeing ncaa sports all slowly disappear. College is about learning and prepping for a career, and I genuinely think that club sports should be the sum of college participation. I am glad that W&M are honoring the...
  20. MILgymFAM

    Vaccine release in Nov

    I’m going to assume my husband will have no choice but to get it. The rest of us, who knows what we would do. I don’t actually think one will be rolling out by then regardless.