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  1. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches Low bar skill

    Love that pirouette during the ascent phase -- that's how a 1/2 piro is supposed to be done!
  2. Geoffrey Taucer

    Round off connecting to BHS

    Standing 2BHS. On tumbletrak or 4-inch mats first, then transfer it to the floor. IMO, the best way to train ROBHS is to train standing 2BHS first. And this may seem counterintuitive, but I think you should NOT try to make the connection seem like a rebound. I did a clinic on back tumbling a...
  3. Geoffrey Taucer

    Another question about gymnast wrist

    I think hands wide and turned out is preferable when flipping directly out of the roundoff; it makes it easier to get the feet further back on the landing. And I don't think there's necessarily as much pressure on the wrists in a roundoff as in a backhandspring; the roundoff is guided more by...
  4. Geoffrey Taucer

    Another question about gymnast wrist

    My understanding (based in zero medical expertise so please don't take this as any sort of guidance) is that impact tends to be more of a concern than gripping and hanging. Which makes sense; we're primates, and while our wrists are not well-adapted to handling impact, they are extremely...
  5. Geoffrey Taucer

    Another question about gymnast wrist

    As I've said elsewhere, my opinion is that every gymnast over level 6 should wear tiger paws for floor and vault, whether their wrists are hurting or not. However, as far as I can tell this opinion puts me in the minority among coaches.
  6. Geoffrey Taucer

    Service dogs at gymnastics meets

    Where are you located? Your best best would be to contact USAG (or whatever organization you are competing under) and ask them. Might also be worth consulting a lawyer with expertise in disability law. Probably best to let the meet director know (or rather, ask your coaches to let the meet...
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches BHS arms in support phase

    Alright, so let's talk high-level backhandsprings. More and more coaches seem to be coming around to the viewpoint that arms vertical and straight to "block" is suboptimal for high level backhandsprings, because it does not allow the center of mass to pass far enough over the hands before...
  8. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Parents Question about Tiger Paws

    I'd love to hear more about this!
  9. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Parents Question about Tiger Paws

    If I were still coaching (and if I were head of my program), I would recommend tiger paws to any athlete over level 7 (whether their wrists are hurting or not) for tumbling and vault. It's been about 4 million years since our wrists actually had to carry a significant amount of our body weight...
  10. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Parents 4yr old seems to have stopped progressing

    Gymnastics progress is not linear. She'll progress, stall, explode, regress, over and over as long as she's in the sport. And she's 4; the skills that are most important for her to learn and practice at this stage have absolutely nothing to do with gymnastics. Paying attention, navigating...
  11. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Parents Sit back and wait or express interest

    Either is probably fine, though I get the impression you're building this up in your mind to be a much bigger deal than it is, like your kid's future somehow depends on your perfect delivery of this question. Don't sweat it. You're just inquiring about the process, and they probably get similar...
  12. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Parents Sit back and wait or express interest

    Inquire about the selection process; it's different at every gym
  13. Geoffrey Taucer

    press handstand for acro? any tips?

    Do you have a video we can watch? That would be helpful. Absent a video, I have a couple more questions. Suppose we split the skill in half. The first half is getting from a straddle support to a straddle stand, and the second is getting from a straddle stand to a handstand. Which of those two...
  14. Geoffrey Taucer

    For Coaches The science of gymnastics

    Championship Gymnastics by Gerald George
  15. Geoffrey Taucer

    Does my daughter need a pit?

    What level are we talking here? I'd say below about level 5, a pit should make no difference. At levels 5-7, I'd say it's useful but not necessary, and there are workarounds if you don't have one. Above level 7, I'd consider a pit to be must-have equipment. As a coach, I'm not crazy about...
  16. Geoffrey Taucer

    press handstand for acro? any tips?

    What part are you struggling with? Are you doing it from a stand or a support? Can you clarify what you mean by "on blocks"?
  17. Geoffrey Taucer

    Standing Back Tuck

    Imo standing back tucks aren't necessary until at least level 9 or 10 (when they can be used on beam). On floor, they are useful as a landing drill and a conditioning drill, but are not necessary as a skill in and of themselves.
  18. Geoffrey Taucer

    Back tuck tips

    Do you have access to a trampoline? Imo, any time you have problems with body position in a salto, the first thing you should do is work it on trampoline
  19. Geoffrey Taucer

    Simone has her 13 year old skill back

    It's super-common in power tumbling. Not so much in artistic. It would be valued as an F + D connection, which is (only) +0.2. (EDIT: that's .2 in addition to the value of the F (.6) and the D (.4). So total, the pass would be worth 1.2 -- no small amount, but there are much easier ways to get...
  20. Geoffrey Taucer

    Kip problem! Please help

    Your grip is too tight. Relax your grip and the wrist shift will take care of itself. Also shrug your shoulders as you are on the way up