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    For Parents Advice - 9 year old path

    Thank you for this reply @Jenny, you've given me food for thought! Her current teacher also said something similar. Right now, my daughter's school goes from 8am to 3pm and afternoons are less curriculum heavy. So, in the end, she might actually miss less next year than currently with two...
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    For Parents Advice - 9 year old path

    This is the reason I started this thread in the first place. I am stuck with a decision of having her change schools so she doesn't miss the curriculum, or let her stay in her current school which she loves but have her miss 4 afternoons. In the new school, all the curriculum is in the morning...
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    For Parents Advice - 9 year old path

    Thank you to everyone for taking the time to reply! Your advice and experiences are exactly what I needed. My daughter is so happy right now, so why mess with that? A part of me thought: if I don't let her do the sport-study program or encourage her to do it, am I taking away her chance of doing...
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    For Parents Advice - 9 year old path

    My 9 year old daughter has been practicing gym since she is 2. She is now training level 6 for 15 hours a week. Recently less because of the pandemic and the gym shutting down during the evenings and weekends. She's been invited to join the sport-study group next year in grade 5. The issue: she...
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    For Parents Difficult decisions

    I've seen many families move closer to the gym so that their children could continue the sport without the draining experience of commuting hours a day. It just becomes too much, too fast. If you are able to work from the gym with a portable computer, that could perhaps work too, for a little...
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    For Parents Emotional or something else?

    My daughter went through the exact same thing last year as an 8 year old level 4 gymnast. She was practicing 12 hours/week. The episodes lasted a few months until summer. Summer training was great for her even though she was doing more hours. She was practicing in the after-noons and the...