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  1. catesmom

    For Parents State Meet Results

    State Meet was last weekend and Cate had a great time. Scores were pretty much what we expected. Her Aunt and Uncle were able to attend so she was really happy. Scores: Bars- 7.85 Beam- 8.250 Floor- 9.0 12th place Vault- 9.525 4th place 34.65 AA Senior Girls took 1st place in State! So...
  2. catesmom

    I may be dumb but?????

    I cannot figure out why my paragraphs are not staying when I post replies. I write in paragraphs and when I submit it scrunches together and looks like one long run-on sentance. I can't seem to find the fix, but I am sure one of you knows what I am doing wrong.Help!
  3. catesmom

    States this Sunday

    This is it, the big weekend! Cate has had 2 good practices so far and States are this Sunday at noon. Great start time again, and our gym is hosting the meet so it's only 15 minutes away! Hoping that the "home meet" feeling brings good luck to all our girls. Hoping for good things on vault and...
  4. catesmom

    For Parents Met Report

    Meet Report Cate had another meet this weekend. Some great and some not so great scores. The dreaded squat-on was an issue this meet, and unusually low scores on floor, but it is what it is, right? She was happy to start out on floor. It looked great to me but the judges saw something...
  5. catesmom

    For Parents 2 Meet Reports-Long Post Sorry

    Sorry I have been a bad poster but the girls have been running me ragged. Let's start with....................... Made it to States!!!!!!!! Two weeks ago I thought Cate was going to do it but....bars. She started off the meet on beam. Normally a good event but she was wobbley and the beam was...
  6. catesmom

    For Parents 2nd Meet is History :-(

    Well the second meet of the season is history and we have an unhappy gymnast is my house. This was a big travel meet and she had set her hopes quite high based on her performance at this meet last year. Big dreams sometimes have a way of becoming nightmares......and I think that was the case...
  7. catesmom

    Big Meet This Weekend!

    Hard to believe it but it's time for Cates second meet of the season, seems like December just flew by here! We will be driving almost 5 hours to compete at Twistars in Lansing. The meet is always huge and oh those Michigan girls. Leaving here friday morning, Cate has a 10:30 am Sat start...
  8. catesmom

    For Parents Twistars Anyone???

    The next meet we atend is Twistars, it's our one travel meet this year for level 7. Anyone else going? We go saturday at 10:30am.
  9. catesmom

    For Parents First Level 7 Meet(from the "Good Luck" forum)

    She had fun and her scores were OK, top thrill of the day...she got to meet, talk to and get a hug from Jonathan Horton....after that I think the meet was the second thing on her mind. lol. Her scores: Vault- 9.35- 5th Bars- 7.70- still those bars but her routine looked better Beam- 8.7 6th...
  10. catesmom

    Another 1st for a new Level 7!!!

    It must be the week for first level 7 meets. My dd competes as a 7 for the first time this Sunday evening! She is so excited she can't wait. It's our big home meet, it hasn't always been her best meet, because it is our first meet of the season. Calling for all good luck wishes and fairies...
  11. catesmom

    Live on NBC.com now 5:11pm

    4:53pm: Start lists have been distributed. These line-ups are subject to change. Vault: Ivana Hong, Chellsie Memmel, Bridget Sloan, Corrie Lothrop. Bars: Ivana Hong, Chellsie Memmel, Bridget Sloan, Mattie Larson, Nastia Liukin, Jana Bieger, Samantha Peszek, Chelsea Davis, Shawn Johnson...
  12. catesmom

    For Parents The Lazy Days of Summer!

    I Haven't posted in a while, but we have really been enjoying the summer. All practices are daytime, and for once DD1's and DD2's activities aren't in conflict. Summer practices are going great, and all three of us took a week to go to Girl Scout Daycamp. Softball is now over and that's fine...
  13. catesmom

    For Parents States This Weekend!!!!

    What a week, Cate has States this weekend and my dd who never, never gets sick is running a 103 temp with the flu!!! She came down with it after her meet on Sunday, I knew something was wrong when she took a 3 hour nap Sunday afternoon! And she has been out of school 2 days and missed pratice...
  14. catesmom

    For Parents Best Meet of the Season!

    Finally a meet where Cate felt she did her best on all events. Parents who have been through a couple seasons of competition can share my joy in a no "what if" meet. This Meet was on a Saturday afternoon, and it seems like this is her best time to compete. The whole team did well, there were a...
  15. catesmom

    For Parents Fun Video for Cate

    Hi All- Just a proud Mom here trying something new. I attempted to take some of my dd's favorite pictures and make a remix. Please forgive if it doesn't work out, I'm definately a rookie at this!
  16. catesmom

    For Parents Finally...our first competition

    Hi all- After months and months of practices it's finally time for our first competition. After all the trials and tribulations my dd will be competing for her second year at Level 6. She is sooooo excited to finally compete, every year when this time comes around it makes me remember why she...
  17. catesmom

    For Coaches Level 7 Questions

    Hi- It's always nice to have a coaches perspective. I have been involved in my daughters gymnastics since she was 2, she's 12 now and either competing 6 or 7, and I still have to wonder sometimes "what were they thinking". Our gym has always had specific rules for changing levels. Last year they...
  18. catesmom

    Hello- Glad to be here!

    ;)Hi everyone, it's my first visit tonight, and so far I love the site. I hope to get to know you all better through your posts. I am the Mom of a 12 yr old level 6 or 7, don't know yet, we don't start competing until December. My DD competed level 6 last year and did well, but didn't score out...
  19. catesmom

    St. Nick Invite

    Levels 4 through 10 December 7 8 9