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  1. Mom2Brats

    OU Camp

    Did she start today? How did it go? My daughter is there as well but she's staying with her grandparents at night. She's 13 but I think she was still pretty nervous. (Its her first camp) I talked to her tonight and she seems pretty excited now!
  2. Mom2Brats

    For Parents social group for L8 and L9 parents

    I'd love to join! My daughter competed half of last season as second year L8 and half as a L9, although only 2 events. Hoping to be a solid L9 this year.
  3. Mom2Brats

    17/18 year olds

    She won't stick out at 5'3". We had a girl on our team that's 5'9". Now she rely sticks out!
  4. Mom2Brats

    For Parents wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute….

    So true! My daughter only did 2 L4 meets and the music still started playing in my head when I read this. Of course, my phone has decided that anytime I pause an audio book and then push play again, it will start playing her current floor music instead, so I'm kind of sick of that, too.
  5. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Great article- "Your kid and my kid are not playing for the pros"

    That was a great reminder of perspective. I thought it was funny how defensive so many of the comments were. Sure, statistically speaking someone who reads that article might have a kid who becomes a pro athlete, but I'd hazard a guess that it's not a kid who's parents encourage them to play...
  6. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Summer camp

    I think it will be great for her! She sounds a lot like my daughter (also Allison) who walked into the gym at 7 1/2 already doing cartwheels, etc. we actually enrolled her after she taught herself a back hip circle on the playground bar just to keep her safe! Anyway, she did 3 regular rec...
  7. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Heartbreaking sight

    When we were in ND, they always did the ribbon thing for (old) levels 4&5 and I really liked it. My gymnast was always a lot more focused on how many blue ribbons she got as opposed to wear she placed, which is honestly what I think a 7 yr old L4 should be focused on (blue for 9.0 or 34.00 AA...
  8. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Crazy Gym Parent Alert

    Walking up to your gymnast after a fall on bars and telling her that she can "forget about" the out-of-state meet that's coming up. Speaking to the gym owner about an "incident" the previous day where her daughter had been awarded the wrong medal in a tie even though the other girl had...
  9. Mom2Brats

    For Parents A family trip

    My gymnast broke her arm badly right after the end of L4 and wasn't fully back for around 5? months. She was still able to compete just fine. Fast forward a few years and it's a LOT harder. So enjoy it while you can. Seriously.
  10. Mom2Brats

    Osgood Schlatters in a 7 year old??

    I would definitely get it checked out, though. My dd had knee pain around age 9 and I thought it was probably Osgood but it was actually a fracture in her knee cap. So better to be sure.
  11. Mom2Brats

    Deductions for hair colour?

    I'm loving the trend of just dying the ends of the hair, though. My gymnast did that this summer. It's already longer than she likes it for competition so we'll just cut off 6 in before she starts meet season and no one will ever know. :)
  12. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Snapshot of the parent's journey through gymnastics

    We have meets in TX, PA, and CO because there's not enough competition here? Because all the other optional teams in our city travel, too? Can't we just get together and compete here? And speaking of costs: floor music, choreography? And I know that you say that falling in your face in the pit...
  13. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Best tips for scratching with a cast on

    I have no advice (sorry) but I have to giggle a little (despite your poor son's discomfort) because every time I read the title of this thread, I think 'scratching' as in, scratching an event and wonder for a second why the procedure would be different with a cast on. :)
  14. Mom2Brats

    Elite Compulsory

    Has she practiced on the elite setting for bars? I don't know anything about Tops, so maybe they already do it that way but it seems like a hard transition for our girls that are starting to trying the compulsory routines. Our gym is new to trying to train elites as well and it's been very...
  15. Mom2Brats

    Why most children quit - article

    I dub over the soundtrack. :) There's just no way on earth that I won't make some sort of noise when she falls. But I do try really hard just in case she sees the video before I have a chance to clean it up! I do wonder about the 'drop out' statistics. Is it dropping out of all sport or a...
  16. Mom2Brats


    Yeah, what poll? I always read on my phone and can't see it.
  17. Mom2Brats

    For Parents How to delicately handle my daughter's goal

    When my daughter was a Level 4, she wanted to go the Olympics. This year, she'll be competing L9 and within the last year her coach creating an 'elite track' who practice around 30 hrs a week. I don't think she has been formally invited but he's mentioned it to her a few times and she has told...
  18. Mom2Brats

    Strange new leap

    I was great full for this thread because my daughter has one in her new routine and after she had it choreographed, I was able to say, "so you're doing a Shushunova?" all casual-like and sound really knowledgable.
  19. Mom2Brats


    Smoothies!! We used to do smoothies every day with the same schedule and carpool. You can pack them full of all sorts of stuff.
  20. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Sometime I wish DD would just sit still!

    Yep, mine's 12 and training 28 hrs during the summer. She's definitely outgrown the 'constantly moving' phase. It doesn't last forever but I think we've all been through it with the younger ones!