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  1. Mom2Brats

    Floor Routine Video from first L7 meet

    I haven't done this in forever, so I hope I can figure out how to embed it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_c0sRLSvYs&feature=youtu.be When I moved the video from my camcorder to computer, it split it into 5 different parts and each skipped a tiny bit, especially between the last two so...
  2. Mom2Brats

    First L7 meet report

    We had our first optional meet yesterday. Can I say how much I LOVE optionals??? Not only is it about a gazillion times more fun to be at a meet without listening to the same midi soundtrack on repeat for hours but Allison is totally in her element as an optional. She had so much fun yesterday...
  3. Mom2Brats

    Handstand vault??

    Could somebody explain to me what the gymnast is going for in a handstand vault? Maybe point me to a You Tube video of someone doing is beautifully and then tell me why? I can't for the life of me tell a difference between a good vault and a bad one. The other events... sure, they kind of make...
  4. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Depressing meet

    I guess we've had "big fish in a little pond syndrome." This was only Allison's 5th meet, as she only did 3 at L4 and now two at L5. So for all the one's we've been to have been in North Dakota and had mostly North Dakota teams with a few Minnesota teams here and there. Our team has always...
  5. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Anyone in Las Vegas?

    There is a distinct possibility that we may be moving there sometime fairly soon. It's kind of thrown me for a loop, because that wasn't in the picture in KC-135 land, but my husband is getting kind of tired of never seeing his family (we're tired of it, too :)) and considering going to UAVs...
  6. Mom2Brats

    For Parents And we're back!

    For those who don't know, Allison broke her arm rather badly last May (her humerous was sheared and displaced). But the surgeon says the bone is completely healed now so we're back with the school year and she's practicing with the L5 team. My son moved up to the boys rec class this year and is...
  7. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Serious break

    Allison fell off the monkey bars at school yesterday and sheared her humorous bone right above the elbow joint. She had surgery to repair the break last night and spent the night in the hospital. The surgeon said that it will be a good six months before she can do gymnastics again. Anyone have...
  8. Mom2Brats

    For Parents You can tell a gymnast by:

    The way she points her toes jumping off a swing: http://pic18.picturetrail.com/VOL891/3990321/20517952/362112888.jpg And sticks the landing: http://pic18.picturetrail.com/VOL891/3990321/20517952/362112893.jpg I had to laugh when I saw these pictures (I didn't really notice when it was...
  9. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Allison's L4 state meet

    Long, long day. We drove out and back in the same day, 4 1/2 hrs each way, yikes! But it meant a friend watched my 4 yr old so I only had to bring the baby (who was very disappointed that she wasn't allowed to eat the dirty popcorn off the floor) I'm kicking myself for not bringing my camera...
  10. Mom2Brats

    For Parents So do they give actually individual awards at your meets?

    Even in the lowers levels? Here they seem to (so I've only been to one meet, allright) only do "places" for the teams.... they bring out the podium and award first, second and third to the teams but the individual girls just get a colored ribbon depending on what their scores were... blue for...
  11. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Our first meet!

    Allison's first meet was on the 7th. The season started about a month ago but she didn't join team until the end of Oct so the coaches gave her a bit of extra time. It was nice, actually, since she only "just" got her fhc and mill circle about 2 weeks before. Man, the parent adrenaline...
  12. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Brag alert: my montage

    OK, so mostly I'm bragging about my mad video editing skills (or something of that sort anyway) But, yeah, I also wanted to share my little gymmie: YouTube - Gymnastics montage
  13. Mom2Brats

    Competitions on Sundays?

    I was just looking at the meet schdule (since HC tikd me today that they will have dd compete this seasin) and I noticed that all the meets are two days, over weekends. So I'm wondering how that works? Are they there all day both days? A couple of hours one day? What? We've always been pretty...
  14. Mom2Brats

    For Parents Well, I'm officially a team mom

    Our gym had special open gym hours yesterday sine it was a 1/2 day from school so I dropped dd1 off while running errands (we usually just do a rec class and open gym Saturdays) and when I came back the two head coaches were waiting for me and asked if she'd be interested in team.:eek: So she...
  15. Mom2Brats

    Another newbie

    Hey there! I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm an Air Force wife an mom to three. 7, 4 and 3 months. I signed 2 older up for gymnastics in September for something to do and my dd (7) really took off. She's been coming home and practicing everyday. Unfortunately, when I stayed for class I realized...