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  1. K

    I have not been on chalk bucket in a while, but with a good reason. What do I do?

    Hi, my name is Kendahl and I am 16. I was a L4 when I have to quit because we moved back to NY (I was in NC). But, I really miss gymnastics and there is not a day that goes by when I do not wish I was still going. The big problem: Gymnastic in NY is like alot more expensive then in NC and...
  2. K

    Free hips...

    How to do them? I have a above horizontal cast and my coach says I should work on free hips. My coach has'nt really told me how to do them so... lol someone could tell me than I would be greatful. _Dahl
  3. K

    Back hand spring questions?

    Okay so I have been doing my b.handspring all season but now my coach finds that she wants me to perfect it. I have slightly bent arms when I do them and she says I need to keep them straight...Well I try it and I do something bad to my left elbow!:( She also says I'm going too slow. I speed...
  4. K

    Kip Problems

    I have several really; First, a small tap at the glide. When I extend my glide I tap my toes to the floor before bringing them to the bar. I cannot seem to get rid of this habit. Does anyone have any tips to get rid of this or any other info on why i'm doing this? Next the tip "Pull your pants...
  5. K

    Your best, Your worst, Your favorite ( or your kids its for everyone)

    My favorite skill is- RODBHS My favorite app is - Vault My Best skill is - FHS on vault My best app is - Uneven Bars My worst skill is - Front Walkovers My worst app is - Floor ( I'm not really bad at anything but don't think I'm as good on floor as I am every where else) My sister...
  6. K

    Questions about: Working at the gym, Front handspring on vault

    I was wondering about getting a job at the gym to cover some of my bills you know. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Problems with front handsprings on vault. I have been trying to get my front handsprings over but I can't, I just get stuck right at the handstand. I hold it for a long...
  7. K

    Body type (warning almost a rant), but it is a question.

    I do not know if I’m posting this in the right forum but I just had to know. Does you body type have very much to do with how good you will get at gymnastics. I have had people tell me they can tell I am good at gymnastics because I am petite. What does height have to do with it. I’m...
  8. K

    What are your aches and pains?

    I stubbed my big toe walking down a handstand on the beam. Now my hip bones are all bruised from my cast on the bars (which leeds me to believe I don't think im doing them right). Than after a hard day of conditioning Im all sore. Where does it hurt on you guys, oh and why?
  9. K

    Yesterday the practice.

    Me and my sister were both at the gym on tuesday and she just had an off day. I felt so bad for her. She fell from like every app. On her straight leg pullovers she needed help and could get her birdie perch. On the floor she could'nt do her back walkovers, she fell off the beam twice and...
  10. K

    My Sister troubles

    Me and my sister both do gymnastics at a local gym. After on class i was bumped to the advanced class and my sister wouldn't talk to me for weeks.A couple days ago i had gotten some really bad rips and she was all like ''Wow I can't wait till I get my 1st rips'' and then i saw here swinging back...
  11. K

    Back walkovers

    I've just learned how to complete my back walkovers but I was wondering, what happens when im in the middle of the walkover. I'm in the handstand with a split and its almost like forever. I stay in that position for some time before pulling onto the one leg. Is this okay i've done back walkovers...
  12. K

    Level 3 team to do list

    What are some things that I should work on for team? Like how long should I be able to hold a handstand? And what are some other things should work on? And be able to do? If anyone can help me I would be grateful Thanx - Kendahl
  13. K

    My weight and my coach.

    My coach make commets about my weight. I'm 4'11 3/4 and 105lbs and im all muscle. I'm "thick" as my teacher would call it. I'm also flexible (most flexible in my class. Fulls splits and all soo..). My teacher is always like "pull your but in". "You have a big butt pull it in" than she will say...
  14. K

    Front walkovers

    I'm the only person in my class that can do a front walkover to begin with. The only problem I have is when I take it to the beam. I start well and tight keeping my split wide and long, but as i'm landing when start pulling through my abs my foot almost comes along and slips. Sometimes I even...
  15. K

    How long before I can compete in gym meets

    I've just started taking gymnastics classes at a local gym. After one class at begginer level I was bumped up to the advanced class. I was just wonderig what level does one have to train at before being able to compete at gym meets. Note: My gym does'nt have a team but another gym in my area...
  16. K

    Hi Im Kendahl. Whats your name

    I'm new here and i just wanted to get to now you guys. Answers these questions. Fav food? Bake mac and cheese Fav color? Red and purple Fav song? Misery bussiness - paramore What is you fav?