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    For Parents Flip Fest here we come!

    I signed DD up to attend week 11 of Flip Fest a couple weeks ago. I just found out today that one of her buddies from school and the gym managed to get in for that week as well. The girls are so excited, and my dd is already trying to come up with ideas for a skit! :D Anyone else going to Flip...
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    Conditioning for FHS Vault?

    I am wondering if there are any conditioning exercises that my dd could do on her own to help her with keeping straight arms and not arching so much on her FHS vault. She tends to arch and while I haven't noticed it, her coach said she sometimes bends her arms as well. She has a fast run, but...
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    Where to buy colored wristbands?

    I was wondering if anyone on here knows where you can get the longer wristbands to use with grips. I am looking for some in fun colors. I've seen them at meets before where they have hot pink, lime green, bright orange, etc. Everything I've found on websites so far is for your standard black...
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    For Parents L5 State Meet Update

    Hi. I've been having computer troubles at home. I think my hard drive died. Anyway, I haven't been on here much as a result for the last couple months. Just thought I'd share that DD finished her L5 season a couple weeks ago. The meet was good, but the judging was super tough. We were in the...
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    For Parents She made it to State!!!

    DD had her 3rd meet first thing this morning. She keeps having beam "issues", but even still she finally made the 32AA to qualify to the state meet in March. Here's the play by play... Floor: Very nice routine. A little piked on the dive roll and arched on the back extension roll, but...
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    For Parents L5 Meet Report

    Dd had her 2nd L5 meet last weekend. It went a lot better than her 1st one. It's been interesting this year though. We were faced with going back & competing L4 or sticking it out with L5 at the beginning of October. Dd opted to stay with L5. So, let's just say that it will be a challenging year...
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    L5 Bars

    I'm wondering if you can tell me what happens when a girl does not make her high bar kip and she is unable to pull over from a hang on the bar. If the coach helps her pull over, is there any spotting dedution for this? What about taking a couple swings to either try the kip again or to just...
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    What to do with rips?

    My dd was working on kips yesterday at open gym. She got a rip on one hand and then 2 bubble/blister things on the other hand as well as another one on the hand with the rip. Should we do anything with the bubbles such as pop them or just let them be? Good news is that she did about 10 kips...
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    Advice Needed on Lake Owen Camp

    Hi. There are a couple of my dd's teammates who are sisters that are going to Lake Owen for the last week of camp this summer. Their mom is also going along as a cabin mom and will be in the same cabin with them. I'm debating about letting my dd go with them. We will be out of town the week our...
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    For Parents Back from State!! (Brag)

    Youngest DD did her state meet on Saturday. She was nervous that she wouldn't place in anything since it's a very big meet with lots of competition. There were 45 girls in her age group, and they went out 15 places on the events and 19 places AA. It was a very nice meet despite being 1 hour...
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    For Parents Latest Meet Results!

    Well it was a very long weekend for us. Our gym hosted a big 3-day meet that had gymnasts from from various parts of the Midwest. It was tiring but a lot of fun too. I worked sessions flashing scores for L4, L5, L9 and L10, and I got to see some really great gymnastics. First of all, let me say...
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    Need Suggestions for Beam Mount

    DD#2 decided that cheer was not for her, and she started back to gymnastics in January. So far, so good with her wrist! She competed L5 last year. She has come back this year as a prep-opt, but she won't compete until next November since this year's meet season is already underway. Anyway, she...
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    Need Advice on Grips

    I could use some advice on grips. DD#2 is going to start back in gymnastics, and she could use a new pair of grips. She currently owns an older pair of US Glove single buckle grips. We tried Reisport before we bought the US Glove grips, but she didn't like those. They seemed too wide. There are...
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    For Parents DD's 2nd L4 Meet Photos

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I finally figured out how to upload photos, and I posted some of the photos taken at the meet, not by me of course! I can never get a decent pic. :D I thought I would share them with all of you.
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    For Parents DD's 2nd L4 Meet

    After having read a lot of meet reports on here, I thought I would share a report on my DD's 2nd L4 meet. It went a lot better this time around, and I was so proud of her, so I can't help sharing! :D Vault - 9.25 - tied for 3rd place Bars - I thought her routine looked better than the first...
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    For Coaches Help with Backward Roll to Push-up

    Hi. I'm hoping to get some tips from some of you on the L4 backward roll to a push-up position. Just about everytime my DD does this, she ends up going splat on her stomach at the end of the roll once her feet hit the floor. I can't figure out why this happens. Sometimes it seems as if she is...