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  1. Em09

    front walkover help (back flexibility inbalance?)

    Woah, sorry, was trying to help in case, didn't look at the dates.:(
  2. Em09

    Too many Back Walkovers

    So I managed to do to many bws and my left loxer back can't do it without a twinge of pain. I am resting it and it is getting better, but any tips to help the recovery speed up
  3. Em09

    front walkover help (back flexibility inbalance?)

    Start with your non-dominant leg. Or, if you need both legs, core strength. Build it. If you don't need both, start with non-dominant leg.
  4. Em09

    How do i get my splits

    To get mine, I had to do these stretches:
  5. Em09


    hey glad you finally figured out how to post
  6. Em09


    Hey, I'm Em. I am a team gymnast and do Team Gym. If you have not heard of that it is a mix of TRP gymnastics and ACRO and we do tumbling, mini tramp and floor routines. I used to train recreational gymnastics with my best friend @Halis10 but she was pulled out. I am super excited to be here and...
  7. Em09

    Kip problem! Please help

    you go girl!!!
  8. Em09

    For Parents Ectomorph and tumbling

    It will come to her. If she keeps working hard, she is sure to eventually get it. There is NO REASON for her to have to quit gymnastics. There are plenty of elite ectomorph gymnasts, she will get there!
  9. Em09

    What Level Am I?

    Oops, did not check that! Just skimmed over the website. :)
  10. Em09

    Junior Olympic L10 Sample Practice Schedule?

    I do know that different gyms have different schedules, but I was hoping I could get some examples of what some other gyms do so I could get even just a little bit of an idea.
  11. Em09

    Junior Olympic L10 Sample Practice Schedule?

    I am looking for a training schedule with conditioning, drills, times to practice routines and skills etc. Also, could I have hours and schedule for when we actually train. Sorry, my gym's member services suck! Thanks so much!
  12. Em09

    Between levels-what would you do?

    I think that she should move up. It is never good to be bored with gymnastics and you are right, it is a good life lesson to not get a medal. I think it would be better to move her up.
  13. Em09

    Does my daughter need a pit?

    A pit is not needed, but it helps with learning flight skills and it helps with every apparatus. My gym has one, and it does help, but if it is out of your affordable zone then you should just stay within your price range.
  14. Em09

    YouTube gymnasts

    Whitney Bjerken. Tutorials are helpful and the routines she posts are great and actually help me when I am brainstorming floor choreography and beam choreo too. I don't watch anything else other than that. Acro Annie... is okay. Her vids do not provide help to other gymnasts (from what I have seen)
  15. Em09

    What Level Am I?

    You (according to the site https://gymasticshq.com) are a level Gold (Xcel.) Researching this has made me look into Xcel a lot more!
  16. Em09

    What Level Am I?

    Wait, I am wrong, let me find out.
  17. Em09

    What Level Am I?

    I think it could be level 7-8. i can't tell which as I don't know your strengths/weaknesses.