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  1. Gymgrl111

    *1st* meet update!!!

    Okay, so some of you guys know that i was freaking out alittle before the meet. I am happy to say that I did great for my first meet!!! We started on bars, I fell on my kip, BUT i just got mine about two weeks ago sooo..... Next we were on beam, I was solid, i stuck everything!!! Floor was...
  2. Gymgrl111

    Mental Blocks???

    I am pretty sure I am having a mental block with my back tumbling!!! I have always been iffy-iffy with it, but now its competition season and i can't afford to have it.....so I was wondering if any of you{gymnasts} have overcomed a mental block....{or you have kids that have etc..} and what you...
  3. Gymgrl111


    I have a meet this weekend, and i am pretty nervous!!! It's our first meet of the season, and it's in a colisuem! :eek: Anyways I {DESPERATLY!!!} need fairies/prayers for my kip and robhs!! I just got my kip two weeks ago, so it's still not good. and I have my robhs, I just lost it and I know i...
  4. Gymgrl111

    Good Team Camps

    I was wondering if anyone new of any good summer camps that my team could go to in the NC,SC,VA, area? Next summer would be the first year our team has done any camp together, and my coach is trying to find a good one!
  5. Gymgrl111

    **Judges Cup and Regular Meets**

    Is there a difference between a "regular" meet and a Judges Cup? Do they like score differently or something? Or is that just a different name for a "regular" meet?
  6. Gymgrl111

    Deducting Points

    I was wondering, Can I compete with a sports bra that is my skin color {tan} and not get deducted if it were showing? or would i still get deducted?
  7. Gymgrl111

    ROBHS help!!!!!!!

    I am having problems wwith my ROBHS on floor. I can do it fine on the Tumble Track, but on floor i cant. And i REALLY need it quick. ANY tips??????:confused::confused::o:(
  8. Gymgrl111

    HELP!!!!!Good Prep Op. Gyms in IL.

    I am moving to the Chicago Area, and I am having problems finding a good gym that has the Prep Optional Program in or around that area. Anyone have names, phone numbers, or the best, websites????? Please Help!!:D:o
  9. Gymgrl111

    Really Good Girls!!!!!GRRRR!! :)

    There are some really good girls that my gym competes against{we are rookie1-2}. In my gym we train three days a week for two and a half hours{ which i think is fine for rookies} Well, these girl train five days a week, i don't know how my hours, AND under the russian system. They are really...
  10. Gymgrl111


    I know it sounds lame, but i got my front hip yesterday!! yay!! One more thing that is getting me closer to Novice!!!!:D
  11. Gymgrl111

    North carolina state champ!!!!!!!

    I am the NC state champion on floor excercise!!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek: It still has not sunk in!!!! Any way, here are my scores. Vault : 8.700- no place Bars: 8.500-no place Beam: 8.925- 6th Place Floor: 9.400- STATE CHAMP!!!! lol:p:D:D:p AA: 34.325: 6th place!! So until floor it was not a...
  12. Gymgrl111

    States on Sunday!!!!!

    I have States on Sunday!!!! Any Fairys you have, send them over!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:p
  13. Gymgrl111

    How do you get Videos from the Internet to Windows Movie Maker?

    I am trying to make a Montage. I want to get some videos of the Olympic gymnasts on the montage, but I don't know how? Help, please as soon as possible!!!!
  14. Gymgrl111

    Meet # 3 Report!!!!!!! :D

    So...... It was not a very good meet for me, I think I could do better. The Judges were the harshest I had ever had before. The meet was very disorganised, and some were being judged unfairly.Anyway, here is my scores. They are in the order I competed. Beam- 8.900-no place Floor: 8.975-3rd...
  15. Gymgrl111

    Gyms in Chicago

    hey, my parents just found out that we will be moving to Chicago. I am not happy about this since I JUST moved gyms a couple of months ago, and i am really attached to everyone there. However my dad is from Chicago, so he is very excited. Anyway does anyone know some good gyms for Prep Optionals...
  16. Gymgrl111

    Meet #2 Update

    Hey, these are my scores for my last meet, I did well, did not fall off anything until vault, where I fell back down on the board in my second vault. I still got a high score though, I am going to try to post the videos on here, I am waiting for my dad to load the videos unto the computer...
  17. Gymgrl111

    Wish me luck! Second meet of my season!

    I have a meet tomorrow in Apex, I am nervous about it alittle bit. If anyone sees any floating faires, pls send them to me!!!!!!!!:pThanks!!!
  18. Gymgrl111

    Floor music question

    Hi, ya'll. I found this floor music that I really like: YouTube - Floor Music Dub Of Fire and I would like to use this as a floor routine music, but I don't have a youtube account so I can't ask the person, what should i do???:confused::(
  19. Gymgrl111

    Lake Owen

    Well, I decided to go to Lake Owen:D, has anyone been there? This will be my first time going there. I am nervous b/c I will be going by myself without a team b/c my family will be relocating to Chicago b/c of my dads job. And I am scared that because I am a level4 i am going to be put with...
  20. Gymgrl111

    Banana Split Meet

    I am curious, is anyone going to the Banana Split meet at Apex Gymnastics? I am competing in this meet, and wanted to know if anyone else is. I am in the 3rd session.