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  1. gymbratsmommy

    Lady Luck, Las Vegas

    We usually stay in Henderson at the Townplace Suites (no smoke) and rent a car from Fox Rent a Car (cheap rates). We like having a car so we can come and go as we please.
  2. gymbratsmommy

    Going to Olympic Trials!!!!!

    Darn...wish I had seen your post before the Olympic Trials. My DD and I were in section 121 row 13 seats 9 & 10. Would have been neat to meet someone from the Chalk Bucket all the way from Canada. It was such an amazing experience to see the men and women compete live and to be there for the...
  3. gymbratsmommy

    Gymnastics Club Name??

    Oh my goodness!!! I haven't been on CB in quite a while and thought I'd check out some of the old threads that I have posted on. I'm THRILLED to see that you liked my idea for the name of your new gym. I will tell my family in Clarion and Fairfield about your business. Congratulations...
  4. gymbratsmommy

    Is Marta retiring???

    I'm not certain, but I think that Mary Lee Tracy from CGA is one of the coaches being considered for the job.
  5. gymbratsmommy

    College-Bound Gymnasts

    Dana McDonald signed a letter of intent to attend UCLA. We are thrilled that she is currently training at the same gym as my DD. She is a huge inspiration to the younger gymnasts.:)
  6. gymbratsmommy

    how many hours do YOU train per week?

    My DD is a Level 7 training Level 8/9. She practices 25 hours a week during the school year and up to 30 hours in the summer. Seven hours each week are spent in conditioning and the TOPs program.
  7. gymbratsmommy

    What grips?

    Gibson Athletic Just Right Grips My gymmie has been using this brand of grips since she started training Level 7. She puts about 6+ hours a week on them and they have lasted for a very long time. They also come in a double buckle version. Good luck in your search for the perfect grips...
  8. gymbratsmommy

    For Parents Who has a butt?

    DD has a muscle butt too. I call it the "Juicy Booty". Daddy calls her "Rock Bottom". And Grandpa says that if you bounced a quarter on her abs or her butt it just might go into orbit. She is VERY proud of her hard workin' bum.:D
  9. gymbratsmommy

    College gymnastics?

    At the age of 5 1/2 DD attended a clinic at Stanford. As we walked through the door into the gym she announced, "I am SO going to Stanford!" Four years later she is a training L7 and still working hard towards the goal she set for herself.
  10. gymbratsmommy

    For Parents Were you a gymnast?

    I roller skated competitively for 4 1/2 years doing figures and the patterned compulsory dances like the ice dancers do before they get to do their original/free dances. I practiced with my partner Monday through Saturday for 3+ hours on the weekdays and 4 hours on Saturdays . Free time on...
  11. gymbratsmommy

    Cleaning Equipment

    DD's coach sprays "Scrubbing Bubbles" cleaner on the mats and the girls wipe them down with damp towels after every practice. I like the Simple Green and Lysol ideas. I think I will share them with the coach.
  12. gymbratsmommy

    Booster club/parent club

    DD's gym sold See's Candy at Easter time and did pretty well.
  13. gymbratsmommy

    Monthly charges

    DD just started training L7. Her summer schedule is 19 hours of gymastics, 1 hour of ballet, and 4 hours of TOPs each week. Tuition is $435.00 per month. When school starts up again, I'm guessing that she will go back down to 20 hours including TOPs, and ballet (same as her L6 hours) at...
  14. gymbratsmommy

    What to bring to camp...

    What week are you going? My DD is going week 5 with her team and can't wait. Hope you have fun!
  15. gymbratsmommy


    DD is going to Woodward West/Session 5. She can't wait!
  16. gymbratsmommy

    For Parents What do you do when?

    There is a dad at our gym that was watching my DD during practice. He started asking me questions about her age and what level she was. A few minutes later he says to me, "That's funny, my daughter was much better than yours when she was that age and level." :eek: What a JERK!!:mad:
  17. gymbratsmommy

    Ideas for goodie bags

    At our gym, we don't see the goodie bags as a "Sorry you didn't win a medal, so here's something instead so you don't feel bad" gift. We give out gymnast gifts as a "Thank you for choosing to come to our meet and spend your day with us instead of going to one of the 4 other meets that are also...
  18. gymbratsmommy

    The dreaded mill circle

    The Mill circle was the bain of my DD's existence as a L4. The first thing she did when she came off of the floor at L4 States was pump her fist and shout, "NO MORE FRONT MILL, YES!!" It took her about 5 months to "get" it, but it was never perfect. Her coaches kept telling her to lock her...
  19. gymbratsmommy

    For Parents Drama in the viewing area

    Thank you!:) Thanks for asking about DD's experience at States. I did not post any brags about it. We were tickled pink that she had made it to Zones, so States was a total bonus meet. At States her competition was VERY tough. She was up against girls from West Valley, Pacific West and...
  20. gymbratsmommy

    For Parents Drama in the viewing area

    No apology necessary.:) I take no offense to your post. I was just starting to worry if I was crossing a line I wasn't aware of. You're right, I am nothing like the mom at your gym. She sounds SUPER scary. Yikes!! :eek: I can't believe she yells and behaves like that at a meet. How...