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  1. AlexsGymmyMom

    How to NOT cast over

    Any suggestions on how to not cast over on the high bar? It seems to be a recent issue for DD. I embedded a video from 2 of her recent meets where she seems to go just a little past vertical in her straddle cast. I am also curious what deductions she is getting for not hitting handstand on...
  2. AlexsGymmyMom

    Level 7 turn deduction

    how large is the deduction if you fall out of the 1 1/2 turn on floor? My DD did this yesterday at her meet and her coach said it was probably .3 in deductions (since she stepped back instead of forward out of the turn). It didn't lower her start value though. Just curious!
  3. AlexsGymmyMom

    Meet at Noon!!

    My DD has her 2nd meet of the season today at noon. Her first meet was last month and she did pretty well 35.65 AA. I hope she is able to do a little better! She is just hoping to get credit for her connection on beam! Wish her luck!!
  4. AlexsGymmyMom

    For Parents She has overcome!!

    My DD has ALWAYS struggled overcoming fears. Especially on the beam. 2 nights ago she missed her hands doing a BWO on the beam (twice) and broke her fall with her face!:eek:. I just knew that she would be back to a line on the floor and taking many moons to get back to where she was. But...
  5. AlexsGymmyMom

    Weird Thing that happened at my DD's meet

    In the 5 years that I have attended gymnastics meets I have never seen this before. A girl from another team, while waiting to salute for her floor routine stood on the floor just a few inches in front of the judges table. It looked so strange as she stood there smiling and waiting for the...
  6. AlexsGymmyMom

    For Parents First Meet of the Year - Tonight - Judges Cup

    My DD has her first meet of the year this evening! I am nervous for her because she wants to make the national judges cup team for our state. Last year it only took a 35.6 or so AA to make the team. They take the top 5 or 6 from the state to nationals. I don't think some of the larger gyms...
  7. AlexsGymmyMom

    Skipping New L5

    What happens if a gymnast does not get a mobility score in either the Old L6 or New L5 and goes on to compete New L6? There is a girl on my DD's team that left gymnastics for about 7 months and has returned but never competed old JO L6 (did xcel platinum with my DD for 1 year) I don't think...
  8. AlexsGymmyMom

    Piking Giants

    Before switching gyms my DD was trying to learn to use a smaller bar setting which ended up with her having a very pikey (is that a word?) giant. This has resulted in her losing momentum and not making many of her giants. We have recently switched gyms but she is still piking and having a hard...
  9. AlexsGymmyMom

    Why choose smaller meets?

    We recently changed gyms and I have just now realized that our old gym would always goes to smaller out of town meets that do not have much competition instead of going to the large meets here in our hometown. I am curious why a gym would choose meets without much competition over larger meets...
  10. AlexsGymmyMom

    Great Practice Last Night

    I don't usually watch but there was a fundraiser meeting so I got to see a the girls tumbling last night after the meeting. For the first time Alex did a ROBHS-half and was sticking it!. She then went on to do a FHS Front Lay Out! So cool to see some new tumbling! Not sure what will be put...
  11. AlexsGymmyMom

    Brag Alert !!!!

    My DS just started back at gym last week after having been off for the last month and a half and switching gyms he has finally conquered those evil mushroom circles! He did 2 on Tuesday at practice!! He is so proud of himself as he struggled all last season with them.
  12. AlexsGymmyMom

    New Hours

    My kids gym is going to start new hours for the girls I think starting June 1. The level that Alex is in now will increase in hours. Currently she has been doing 12 hours and it will jump to 18! I am happy and worried at the same time. Most of the kids in her level have also been in the...
  13. AlexsGymmyMom

    State Meet Report!! Blizzard

    For whatever reason this has felt like the longest season! Glad its over and hopefully on to bigger and better things! Here in Missouri we had winter storm Virgil visit the day of Alex's State Meet! Thankfully we did drive up (only 2 hours) the night before but St Louis was hit with about a...
  14. AlexsGymmyMom

    Home Meet x 2 report !!!

    What a long weekend this was. We had our host meet. The gym is in the middle of an expansion so it was a little crowded to say the least. Plus Alex competed in 2 sessions. She did her mobility meet for Level 6 and then immediately after competed her regular Xcel session. 8+ hours sitting in...
  15. AlexsGymmyMom

    Meet Pressure!

    My DD has issues with the beam! Lets just say if she saw a chainsaw at the gym there would only be saw dust left! She recently started doing a private lesson (30 min.) to help get past the fears. Her series on beam has been handstand BWO (Xcel Platinum) and has been doing ok with them for...
  16. AlexsGymmyMom

    New Bar setting requirement?

    My DD came home from gym telling me that beginning in January that all the gyms were going to be changing the bar settings due to new rules. She uses a larger bar setting than what the requirement is going to be and is freaking out about not being able to do her giants on the smaller setting...
  17. AlexsGymmyMom

    A little brag about my DS Ryan

    I wanted to brag a little about my DS Ryan Here is a little video that his coach posted on facebook of my son doing bail moy something on p-bars! It looks really cool! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=427115154011397&set=vb.427095457346700&type=2&theater He's grown so much since joining...
  18. AlexsGymmyMom

    Circle of Stars Anyone?

    Is or has anyone been to the Circle of Stars meet in Indianapolis. This will be Alex's first time competing there and I was just looking for information about the venue, hotels within the area and other things to do while there! Also, anything else regarding the meet that you might want to share.
  19. AlexsGymmyMom

    Alex's 2nd meet of the seaon (also posted in brag alert private group)

    I thought I would share the video of Alex's 2nd meet of the season. I am trying to become a good videographer (it's a lot harder than I thought:boggled:!!). Hopefully I will get better by the end of the season!! Alex keeps surprising me this year! She recieved her highest AA score ever at...
  20. AlexsGymmyMom

    Sharing a picture!

    Here is a picture of the compulsary boys team at our gym. My DS is the one with the longer hair and green olympic t-shirt! He is a level 5 right now. (still trying to master the darn mushroom!!). He had broken his hand on the parallel bars a few weeks back but is now cleared to train normally!