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  1. gymnafreak

    Major Setback number 2 :(

    So I haven't posted in a very long time as I have been super busy coming back from a torn acl in order to compete my first level 10 season. However, 3 weeks ago I fell on floor and tweaked my knee. I went to a couple doctors and they all said it was fine. I went back to my surgeon and finally...
  2. gymnafreak

    Super good news for the torn ACL!!

    So i got cleared to start working back over 4-6 weeks! Its only been 3 months since my surgery and thats amazing!! Ok, so i'll start at the beginning. For those who don't know, i tore my ACL the week before westerns, tried to compete but it gave out on beam (first event) and that was the end...
  3. gymnafreak

    ACL recovery update!

    So its been 4 weeks and a couple days since i had surgery and everything is going well as far as i can see. I've been walking without crutches or a brace for a couple weeks now and my knee is feeling like it can hold its own and its feeling a little more normal. It doesn't hurt hardly ever and...
  4. gymnafreak


    So i injured my knee about 2 weeks ago on floor and i thought it was just a sprain... got back up and walked away, went and tried to compete at Westerns, and died on first event, beam. Found out 8 days ago that i might have torn my acl, got a mri two days later, got the results the next day...
  5. gymnafreak

    Season End Update

    Well i haven't been on here in a long, long time, and i figured it was about time for an update. So competition season went pretty well besides all of my injuries that have magically appeared :mad: but i managed to pull off a fairly successful season anyways. So i qualified for level 9 state...
  6. gymnafreak

    Back from Florida... Meet report! :)

    So this is my first level 9 meet (other than the mock meet) as i was out due to a sprained back from the last one. Because my back still isn't 100 percent, i' haven't done much or lots of things... Anyways, back to the story... Vault- yurchenko tuck (watered down, only practiced... 3 times)...
  7. gymnafreak

    Setback... :(

    Well, tuesday at gym, i was doing doublebacks off the rod floor into the resi, which i am capable of and have been doing them for a while. Well, i have this minor problem of kicking out early, and apparently this time i kicked out a little earlier than usual. All i remember is my back cracking...
  8. gymnafreak

    Update. Its been a loooonng time!

    Well i haven't been on here in like... FOREVER... and a lot has happened. As some of you may remember (if your memory goes back that far) that this summer i started going to a new gym and was thinking about moving away from home in with my coaches. Well i did, and all has been going very well...
  9. gymnafreak

    I"m getting rather pissed off at this...

    Well, as some of you know i have urinary incontinence and it sucks (let me tell you) and have had it for like... 3 years now, and its really getting on my nerves. A because nobody else will own up to having it, and according to "studies" 2/3 of gymnasts report having even a small amount of...
  10. gymnafreak

    Another Injury - Sprained Wrist

    Well, today at practice, i was doing series on beam (hand hand) and my hands like crossed on the beam and my wrist got bent kinda backwards and a little sideways. Well ithurt like really bad and so i iced it for like an hour and luckily one of my teammates mom is a nurse and she looked at it...
  11. gymnafreak

    Update from my Corner of the World :)

    Ok, so i haven't been on here for a while. I've been busy with gym and just life in general lol. Well, as most of you know i've been trying out a new gym. I have been accepted and we started looking for a family for me to stay with during the week since its a 2 hour drive from my house...
  12. gymnafreak

    Exciting News!! :)

    So i've been trying out at the new gym for the last 6 weeks, and last night they had a meeting with my mom and I and I got accepted!! They said that i'm right on track for level 9 so thats really good too! I'm so excited!! I've never been to a gym this big (or good ;)) ever, so its really...
  13. gymnafreak

    My toe keeps cracking open... :(

    Ok, so this started a while ago, and i hoped that when i broke my foot, it would get a chance to heal and it would just go away. Well, it healed, but now its cracking open again. its my ring toe and it cracks open right where it meets my foot, and i can't really tape it very good, so i'm very...
  14. gymnafreak

    How long on average did you spend in each level?

    I'm just wondering how long you spent on average in each level that you competed. :)
  15. gymnafreak

    Try Out at New Gym Today!

    Today is my try out at my new gym! I'm so excited for it!! My mom's even busting me out of school 15 minutes early so i can get there on time. I'll post how it goes tonight!!! Wish me luck!! :)
  16. gymnafreak

    Keeping legs straight on a BHS on Beam

    I have done back handsprings on beam for like 7 years, and i have never been able to keep my legs straight. I can make them be fairly straight, but they are never straight. The back one is worse than the front. Anybody have any suggestions? Also, judges, what do you consider a straight leg...
  17. gymnafreak

    Post Secondary (PSEO) & Gymnastics

    I'm almost done with my freshman year in highschool, and i'm starting to think about doing Post Secondary (PSEO) my junior and senior years. I'm wondering if anyone else has done this? I'm definately in the top 1/3 of my class and stuff, so i'm pretty sure i could get in no problem and stuff...
  18. gymnafreak

    Healing a broken foot. How much how soon?

    Well, i broke my foot on March 7th. i was in a cast for 7 weeks, and then in a boot up until last sunday. I went back to the doctor and he told me that i was released to do everything... in moderation. Well, i'm thinking, "Whats your idea of in moderation?" I've never broken anything before, and...
  19. gymnafreak

    Low Bar height??

    I'm wondering how high you have the low bar. I'm 15, 5'2" and a level 8/9. I have issues with keeping my feet up on my counters. My low bar is so low right now that i can't even swing on it with my knees bent because they hit the ground. Is that bad? So, where do you have your low bar?
  20. gymnafreak

    Urrrg!!! So gald to be leaving, but want to help them...

    So i'm switching gyms starting june 1st. I thought my old gym was bad when we decided that i would switch about a month and a half ago. Its gotten worse. There are no safe spotters, they have little tiny girls doing crazy stuff (without proper equipment or spotters :eek:) and the...