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  1. Scout's Mom

    Gyms in the Dallas/Plano/Frisco area of Texas

    As you know, everything is big in Texas!!! There are 6 districts within the state--three in the North and three in the South. For the compulsory levels, there are district qualifiers but the teams often cross district lines to compete in non-qualifiers. Actually, WOGA Dallas is in District 2...
  2. Scout's Mom

    Gyms in the Dallas/Plano/Frisco area of Texas

    Plano is in the district 3 area. District 2 is west of Plano--for example Texas Dreams.
  3. Scout's Mom

    Should recreational gymnasts have allegiance to one gym

    Eight years old seems like a perfect age for team. If I were you, I'd tell the current gym (assuming you like them and would like your daughter on the team) just what you said in your post--you're considering putting your daughter in classes at the other gym because she is bored in the current...
  4. Scout's Mom

    For Parents Team Size??

    Ours is a brand new gym, so everyone is from somewhere else. Level 4 - 7 girls from 1st through 5th grade Level 5 - 10 girls from 2nd through 5th grade Level 6/7 - 2 girls in 4th grade Level 7 - 1 girl in 7th grade Level 8 - 4 girls in 5th through 8th grade no 9's Level 10 - 8 girls in 7th...
  5. Scout's Mom


    Here's an interesting take on talent from Nightline the other day: Enroll Yourself in the Genius Factory - ABC News I picked up the book they mentioned--The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle. So far, it's very interesting.
  6. Scout's Mom

    iPhone/iPod Touch app for Gymnastics Meets!

    I used it our compulsory girls' first meet. My only complaint is that it was too slow to get the girls' placements entered during the awards ceremony. I'll take a piece of paper to do that at the next meet and enter them later. Because it keeps a history and because you can email the results...
  7. Scout's Mom

    Motionwear and other brands

    Discountleotards.com has handy size charts: http://discountleotards.com/images/products/detail/SizeChartsAll2008.jpg Hopefully, these will help you.
  8. Scout's Mom

    For Parents Transportation Woes

    In our area, there are several "kid cab" services available. Perhaps there is something like that in your town??? Here's a link to one in our area: http://kidsonwheels.net/kar/ Here's a like to one in the New York area: Busy Kids Cab Good luck!
  9. Scout's Mom

    Jai Ho Floor Music

    Here's the energymmusic.com link: energym music
  10. Scout's Mom


    Here it is: energym music You can listen to it online to see if you like their version. Good luck!
  11. Scout's Mom

    Flight Information re: carry on bags

    Here's a link to American Airlines guidelines: American Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance Information On AA.com I'm sure it's similar to all of the other airlines. Have fun on your trip!
  12. Scout's Mom

    For Parents Level 3 to Level 5?

    Many gyms do not compete Level 4. Level 5 is the first level you must compete or test out of.
  13. Scout's Mom

    For Parents gym has fell apart.....

    This seems like this is the perfect time to see what else is out there. I suspect you are in the North Dallas area and know that there are many good options out there--not just that "well known" gym you refer to. No gym is perfect, but don't make a snap decision without checking out what else is...
  14. Scout's Mom


    I'm with the others--don't buy grips without a dowel (palm guards). Grips are one of those things that the girls are VERY picky about. So once you've made a decision, you're probably committed to them for the life of the sport. My daughter uses Reisport Double Buckles. I made the...
  15. Scout's Mom

    Kid wants more practice and told no

    In my experience, groupings are the greatest predictor of success/progress (or lack thereof) in the gym. I spent two years listening to absurd reasons from the head coach/owner as to why my daughter was in the group she was in. I never believed him, but allowed myself to hope for the best...
  16. Scout's Mom


    Gymkat's reply was "on the money" in my opinion! We've done one year of high school homeschooling (Texas Tech). It has been very hard for many reasons (the subject matter is hard, it's difficult to self-learn so many concepts, it's hard to have the discipline for school after so many hours at...
  17. Scout's Mom

    New gymnast mom, and her tall little girl

    Welcome to CB! I wouldn't worry too much about your daughter's height--you just never know who's going to stop growing early and who's going to shoot up! Here's a story about a girl at our gym (she's 5'9"): Leaving Facebook... | Facebook Enjoy!
  18. Scout's Mom

    Twitter???...Do you guys use it?

    I did a search for "chalkbucket" and it didn't come up. Can you post a link?
  19. Scout's Mom

    parent to gymnast

    Welcome! We're in Region 3 as well. I think there are quite a few Region 3 people on this message board. Have fun reading and posting!