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    Sky high sports

    Who else really really really wants to go thereee? And if you don't know what it is here's a link... Sky High Sports
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    Irritated and frustrated with gym and myself.

    I hate this. Last year even though I didn't like my coaches and they were making gym not fun for me, gym was way better. Like last year I had all my level 6 and level 7 skills, working on my 8. Then I took a break from gym and ever since i've been loosing skill after skill and getting tons of...
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    First level 7 meet

    So today I had my first level 7 meet. Holy crap im glad its over haha. We started on bars and I thought I was going to do like extremely bad. But I fell foward on my high bar kip and touched my hands after my flyaway. Then on beam I did fine on my dive front walkovers in warm ups but when I was...
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    Sweet Sixteen

    My 16 birthday is coming up, and i'm not sure what to do for it. Any ideas?
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    2 day optional clinic at Gymnastics East

    It was alot of funn! It was a good learning experince. There were coaches from all over! Some coach elite gymnasts and one had been in the olympics and won Gold on bars and silver on beam! It was pretty good. Tom Knowl or whatever his name is and that sheryl lady the people that make the...
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    New level 7 floor routine!

    Okay so here is my new floor routine YouTube - New level 7 gymnastics floor routine *gypsy rhapsody* I'm not tumbling in it but it just a dance through. I don't have the timing down right so some part are really rushed and I dont do them right. And the ending on my knees im going to change...
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    New compulsories floor music

    Who has heard it yet? I really want to but I don't know where to find it. Even though I wont be using it, im just curious. Who ever has heard it, what is your opinoin? Better then the last four years, or worse? (I've been posting alot of posts lately haha, sorry :P )
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    Very happy

    So lately my tumbling has been very poopy, and I could like barley ever get even a tuck in. Which has been very frustrating because I used to be the best tumbler on our team. But yesterday at practice I actually got atleast 5 good layouts in! I was so happy! I know doesn't sound like much but I...
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    Floor routine (:

    I'm excited! I am getting my floor routine coreagraphed soon! (: It wasn't my first choice for the person to do it, but she's still really good. And the other lady was 250 dollars, and we don't have that money to just waist on a floor routine. But yeah i'm still really really excited to get it...
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    Okay this is my first year level 7 and i'm 15. I've been doing gymnastics for 9 years and this is my 6th year of team. These past few months have been hard, getting injurys and my body in general just really hurts. And nothing seems to be getting better, i've taken days off of tumbling so that I...
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    Rising Stars again!!!

    Okayy so I took a month off and decieded I would go back to see if I still wanted to do it. And may I say that month off was amazing it was funn to hang out with my friends all the time. But anyways I went back and reliezed that I still wanted to do gymnastics. And even better this last weekend...
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    Should I quit?

    Well this last year of gym has been SO crazyy. We got new owners and new coaches and a new team. and half way through the year the old owners tried getting the gym back and just its been the longest year everrr. I dont really like my coaches or my team because my coaches make gymnastics not funn...