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    ideas for gymnastics photoshoot

    i was asked to be a model for a gymnastics photoshoot but the location was on some rocks and stuff so i could only really do like leaps, jumps... the surface was barely even enough for handstands! however they did come out pretty cool so, he's gonna book a studio to do some more i need mats or...
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    I know I'm a gymnast...

    Haha :P I just went on band camp and me and my friends were messing around leap-frogging over bins, and when i did it i pointed my toes, bent my legs to stick the landing and held it a moment then stretched to finish the 'move' hahaha my friends were like o_O
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    "Punishment" for not making a skill

    My old gym did. My first coaches who were my coaches for like 10 years swore at us, told us we were a waste of their time and space and would never amount to anything, just if we couldn't do something. They got so angry. Then we got new coaches and they were a lot nicer but if kids couldnt do...
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    Leaning/sitting during practice

    My ex, ex coaches (!) barely ever stood up. Well, they were a kinda old (like 60-something?) so it was understandable but it was annoying. They couldnt be bothered to get any equipment out whatsoever (it was a put it up take it down every practise gym...) so the gym went from a successful 4...
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    Once i fell off beam and dented my shin doing a cartwheel! I'd done about 10 in a row literally then fell really badly on the next one!
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    Majorly need floor music :)

    Thankyou so much!!
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    Majorly need floor music :)

    I desperately want either Yang Yilin's or Alicia Sacramone's floor music... their 2008 ones (Bolero and Santa Maria). They're both cut versions and i can't do that myself. Does anyone know where i could get their actual music? Pleeaase! :P
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    Motion sickness from back tumbling

    After a 3 year break from gymnastics when i went back i got very dizzy from almost everything! But it soon went away... When we got dizzy from tumbling our coaches made us do tight fast forwards rolls all the way across the floor... then after a while you'll probs get used to it and not get so...
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    Yang Yilin's floor music

    Sorry if there's been a similar thread before - i did search but didn't find anything. I'm in love with Yang Yilin's floor music! i know it's from moulin rouge but hers is a cut and edited version. I can't find anywhere to download it :( Does anyone know where i could find it? I'd willingly pay...
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    Hello from UK

    Welcome :D I'm also from the UK and i also used to do Acro! I do 4 piece now though What a shame that you can't go to worlds anymore :(
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    Help quick!! :( sad

    Please don't change your gyms cause of this - your coach obviously cares about you a lot. If she didn't, she wouldn't have wanted to help you. I'm exactly like you - i get very embarassed, very easily. If something embarassing happens it's the worst feeling ever for me and it sticks for ages...
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    Hip problems :(

    Thanks i may go get it checked out, i'm just worried they'll tell me to quit gym. I bet they will :( When it pops it doesnt hurt but the more it pops then pain develops... and gets worse and worse until i totally rest it till it's gone then it starts again from the beginning.
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    Hip problems :(

    also might add that splits seem to make it worse - which sucks as i was intending on really working on my flexibility :( it's hard to describe but it feels really weak and feels like if i lift it it'll just pop and then collapse!
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    Hip problems :(

    (Sorry for long story!!) I quit gym when i was 13 then went back when i was 16. When i went back i was so excited about it that i went straight back into training and pushed myself too hard and in some way damaged my hip. It 'pops' a lot when i lower it mainly... It was particuarly bad doing...
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    Girlie question, what to do for the bikini area for competition

    I might ACTUALLY try tweezers xD Though if you think about it... it may be very noticable to you but trust me, no-ones looking there!!
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    Girlie question, what to do for the bikini area for competition

    Yeah i'm always self concious about that too. Use shaving cream/foam i guess and moisturise (not straight after shaving!) and you can get creams/sprays etc. i have one called 'ingrown solution' which it supposed to stop ingrown hairs and red bumps after waxing/shaving. it hasn't solved the...
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    New gym club!

    My gym club only do tumbling since a while ago now and i haaate tumbling!! i've been so unhappy there and ended up quitting... but i went to look at a new gym club today and they're happy to have me there! it has a sprung floor, pits, everything... it's small but it'll be so nice to be able to...
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    Customising leo?!

    That's where we got our team leos from :D :D
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    Customising leo?!

    Thanks that sounds great :D I'll get some iron on ones Though - i thought finding a nice plain black leo would be the easiest thing ever... but i've looked on all my usual leo websites and i can't find any :O i don't want velour >_<
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    Customising leo?!

    I've been looking for new leos, and i want it to be something really nice/special as it'll probably be the last leo i ever buy as this is my last year of gymnastics. I found this A Star Leotards which i was so excited about at first because i'm a musician and that'd combine my 2 favourite things...