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  1. munchkin3

    what value is this?

    Hi!! What value is a one handed BWO on beam? A or B?
  2. munchkin3

    MG Elite leotards

    Where can I get one??? Who is making these?? Ozone? I notice only Riley McCusker has leotards specifically ‘branded’ MG Elite..... Anyone know?
  3. munchkin3

    Level 7 Chenko timer

    hi yall! Anyone willing to post some videos of what the L7 vault is supposed to be looking like? I’ve heard of so many different things some friends are doing at different gyms.....I’m specifically talking about the yurchenko timer. Just curious if anyone has begun to see what this finished...
  4. munchkin3

    New optional season changes

    im reposting this from the COP thread- So now that the new code is out, and a few congresses have taken place, what’s the general feel for the changes? Are they more geared to artistry and acro dance, or big skills? There is a debate around here that the new code will reward better executed acro...
  5. munchkin3

    Junior Olympic Level 9 floor question

    hey there! What is the typical leap and jump sequences that are mostly done in L9 floor? When is a leap that changes direction required?
  6. munchkin3

    Another L8/9 beam question

    hey y’all! So with a kid who does BHS BHS series, would a BHS BLO be acceptable for a dismount? Or is that considered a third BHS? what would be a good option for someone who refuses the RO Exits? Is there a requirement to have a jump that changes direction? Or is that L9? For level 9 is the...
  7. munchkin3

    Keeping it fun....training L8-10 with 12-14yo.

    trying to get some ideas on how to keep high level training interesting for the tricky teen girls. What are some strategies your gym uses with the older girls to keep them engaged and motivated? What is your daughters favorite 'day' or challenge during the summer months? Injured?? What does your...
  8. munchkin3

    Gym Hopping

    So I was curious about other peoples perception on this. I am in a state where its super 'frowned upon' to leave your gym....I have friend in another state where kids move all the time and there is never any hard feelings. So here's my story- DD took some very rec classes when she was 6 or so...
  9. munchkin3

    Turn series on beam

    hello everybody! My DD has been playing around with some turn series.....she was confused on the direction of the second turn.....so she begins with the good leg full turn, and then steps immediately into the bad leg turn, which naturally feels like she should turn in the opposite direction. Is...
  10. munchkin3

    For Parents clicking elbow....OCD risk???

    Hello! So my DD and I were working out and she was doing push ups and I noticed her elbow cracks on every push up on one elbow. I asked her what was up, and she said that it only happens when shes doing push ups and it can be bothersome. I asked if it hurts and she said sometimes and then she...
  11. munchkin3

    Leg speed

    question to coaches, or anyone who may have knowledge. My dd has been told forever she has weak legs and that she needs a lot of work for her jumps and leaps. She’s level 8 and her leaps have worsened. She weighs about 70 pounds and is considered small for her team. Generally she’s behind the...
  12. munchkin3

    shape while jumping from low to high bar.

    We are having a debate on the shape of the body once the gymnast jumps from the low to the high bar. Assuming the body isn't crazy arched when the gymnast makes contact with the high bar, and the routine is fluid and form good... Can there be a deduction if you jump and are not hollow, or is...
  13. munchkin3

    For Parents Horror stories about gyms and collections.

    So its that time of year and so many people are moving around from gym to gym...I've heard so many horror stories of gym owners making parents lives miserable once they leave. Anyone have any good stories about how they ended the dispute and has anyone actually been taken to collections for...
  14. munchkin3

    Level 8 requirements

    Hey there! In a pretty competitive state. I have been hearing some pretty tough skills will be required for L8.... anything official coming out of USAG? Ive looked around and can't find anything......so this is what I've been hearing. Beam, switch connected to BT, Series, with a BT, or LO...
  15. munchkin3

    For Parents Another moving question- Westchester NY

    Since the is THE place to ask for advice, here goes another one..... Relative is moving out of the city up to westchester and is looking for a good gym for a pre teamer maybe? She has gone through the rec ranks and now wants to go for some type of team situation ........ not sure how...
  16. munchkin3

    For Parents Northern Atlanta area high schools and gyms

    A friend is relocating to Atlanta and is trying to find a good area, near a good gym and with good schools......Roswell? Marietta? Anyone have any input? Gymnast is L8 and in 8th grade.
  17. munchkin3

    For Parents What are your kids watching on netfilx?

    A parent at our gym recently notified all of us moms that some of the girls were watching '13 reasons why'.....Some of the girls are 9. Some parents were fine with their 12 yo watching this sort of program, others were horrified. I think this program in particular is not appropriate...... I got...
  18. munchkin3

    For Parents Advice for best laptop for online school.

    My dd will be taking some classes online this summer and maybe into the fall. There are so many options! What do you all recommend? Speed, storage, small size???
  19. munchkin3

    L7 beam series and connection

    I'm looking for specific information on the series for L7 beam and the connection especially for a BWO-BWO series.......we seem to be running into some major deductions and loosing the connection value because they are not doing it right. Mine does if fast....no hesitation, but still won't get...
  20. munchkin3

    Season opener breakdown-

    Any other coaches/gyms experiencing pre season breakdown? Kids loosing skills, blowing the first meet, tears, parent complaints.......How common is this??? Im lucky with my DD since she does not get too crazy....shes very logical and plays it off very cool....... coaches, how do you handle this...