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    ideas for gymnastics photoshoot

    i was asked to be a model for a gymnastics photoshoot but the location was on some rocks and stuff so i could only really do like leaps, jumps... the surface was barely even enough for handstands! however they did come out pretty cool so, he's gonna book a studio to do some more i need mats or...
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    Majorly need floor music :)

    I desperately want either Yang Yilin's or Alicia Sacramone's floor music... their 2008 ones (Bolero and Santa Maria). They're both cut versions and i can't do that myself. Does anyone know where i could get their actual music? Pleeaase! :P
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    Yang Yilin's floor music

    Sorry if there's been a similar thread before - i did search but didn't find anything. I'm in love with Yang Yilin's floor music! i know it's from moulin rouge but hers is a cut and edited version. I can't find anywhere to download it :( Does anyone know where i could find it? I'd willingly pay...
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    Hip problems :(

    (Sorry for long story!!) I quit gym when i was 13 then went back when i was 16. When i went back i was so excited about it that i went straight back into training and pushed myself too hard and in some way damaged my hip. It 'pops' a lot when i lower it mainly... It was particuarly bad doing...
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    New gym club!

    My gym club only do tumbling since a while ago now and i haaate tumbling!! i've been so unhappy there and ended up quitting... but i went to look at a new gym club today and they're happy to have me there! it has a sprung floor, pits, everything... it's small but it'll be so nice to be able to...
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    Customising leo?!

    I've been looking for new leos, and i want it to be something really nice/special as it'll probably be the last leo i ever buy as this is my last year of gymnastics. I found this A Star Leotards which i was so excited about at first because i'm a musician and that'd combine my 2 favourite things...
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    I'm an 18 year old gymnast and i really need help with strength stuff =/ It's weird - i'm really muscly, and i can do LOADS of chinups/pressups/rope climbs without using my legs, etc. and people including my coach are always saying how strong i am. BUT i'm not because i can't do anything like...
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    Pull ups

    I always do reverse grip pull ups, i find front grip so much harder. BUT i know that you're supposed to do both because they both work different muscles. So, which muscles do each type work?
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    Cast to handstand exercises

    I was wondering if anyone knows any good exercises for casts to handstand? I was on bars with a younger coach and she told me to do some really high casts so i did and they were really high so she suggested that i go straight onto casting to handstand. I tried, and i can kick up really high...
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    Nastia Liukin grips

    Has anyone tried the Nastia Liukin grips? Like these Grips, Nastia Champions II Grip with Padded Wrist Cuffs - NL-M62 I think they look cool, i love pink :D But whether or not they're any good is another question?
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    What are these grips made of?

    I've seen a lot of gymnasts on tv and whatnot using 'grips' like these http://www.steliana-nistor.net/steliana15.jpg what are they using? do they just literally wrap it over their hand then tie it up? I'm wondering because i HATE using grips, they feel like they're in the way and i feel like...
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    Another vault question

    On a handspring, where do you put your hands on the vault? I assumed that it'd be around half way, and was taught that, but a coach in my gym tells us to put them on the very very end :S i don't know whether that's right or not - i'd never usually question what a coach tells me to do but...
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    Thumbs around bar or not?

    I've always been taught to have my thumbs over the bar, not around the bar and i thought that was all you could do. The other day a girl who was new to bars got on there and had her thumbs round it and i said to my friend who moved here from a different club 'Shall i tell her that she has to...
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    SOOO frustrated! Splits help!

    I've been working on my flexibility lately and it's going well. I have my left leg more or less down, middle splits nearly down and my right leg in oversplits. I've been trying to what is basically this but on the floor http://www.ngtc.com/images/katrina%20ring%20jump2.jpg but with my foot...
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    Now it's my turn... what level am i? :P

    I'm from Wales (in the UK) and we don't have levels like in America but i've always wondered what level i would be on - so as someone else has done in a previous post, if i list my skills could someone give me an estimate of what level i could be on? :D Bars: back hip circles, squat on, kick...
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    Standing flick (/bhs)

    As many of you know i quit gym years ago but went back about 7 months ago. All my skills were still there, except... a standing flick/bhs. I can do a great flick off a roundoff, and with a spot i can do a really good standing flick, but on my own they're rubbish! Occasionally one is ok but 80%...
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    Definately in need of some luck!

    I have my first competition since 5 years on Friday! I was petrified about it as i was totally unprepared but now i'm pretty much ready for it! :D Quite excited but it's hard to remember what to expect. I quit gym when i was 13 and now im 17, and have only been back training for about 7 months...
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    Shin Injury

    I know this isn't the place for medical advice but thought i'd ask you guys as gymnasts tend to know all about injuries...! 2 weeks ago i fell off beam and whacked my shin so hard on the way down... i was collapsed on the crash mat in pain and couldn't move cause it hurt so much. After atleast...
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    How long do your rips take to heal? Last time i ripped it took weeks to heal properly and i couldn't do bars properly for ages. I had like 1 small rip on each hand but every time i went back on bars they re-ripped - even after having like 4 days off. I ripped again last wednesday, 3 rips that...
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    Last part of an upstart - kip

    I've been working on getting my upstart for like 2 months now and i practically have it. I've been doing loads of arm and stomach conditioning etc. and now i get to the point where im upright on the bar but i just cant stay on the bar. My coach told me to try doing an upstart straight into a...