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    I have an announcment to make!

    hi im rachelle...... i have posted i think about 3 forums on me have a completely horrible time at gymnastics....for those who havent read them i am in level 5 and i just havent been having fun lately...so i have finally decided that im going to quit competitive gym and then do a rec class...
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    im sooooo bonfused!!!!!

    hello i have seen many many many threads with the word : DD in it but i have no idea what it stands for...i know its got something to do with daughter but what does it stand for? if someone could tell me it would b a great help! thank you!!!
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    maybe it IS time to quit

    hi everyone its Rachelle....i know that a few weeks ago i was feeling like i should quit gymnastics, wel i got over that but now since my last competition i have felt soooo sick of gymnastics.first: i will tell you about what happened at the comp: i went really bad on my routines but even...
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    is it time to stop??

    hi im Rachelle.... i have been doing gymnastics since i was ten and im in level 5, australia level...... i used to love gymnastics, i was obssesed and excited for it.... but lately i have been feeling horrible... for the past few months.... my mum thinks its because i have competitions coming up...
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    im confused!!!! :S :S

    hello im rachelle and im a wag gymnast for level 5 in australia. im getting really confused because i like to talk to gymnasts in my level but the levels are all different! i dont know who to talk to who is learnign the same stuff as me! xoxo
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    stuck up bars jugdes!!!

    hello, i went to a competition competing level four in australia..... when we got to bars, another gymnast did the compulsory routine for level four..( 2 glide swings, backhip pullover, cast to horizontal, backhip circle, pop on, jump to the high bar, back hip pullover, toe shoot........)...
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    Good Luck

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    backwards walkover on floor

    hello im in level 4 moving up to level 5 and i cant do a backwards walkover... on floor!! i know you must be wondering how i avoided it but i dont know! i can do them ok with a coach and we work lots on my shoulder and back flexibility but i cant do it, i cant even try and go back wards and...
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    olympics trouble

    :) hello, im really really excited for when the olympic start and we have a dvd recorder so we're gonna tape it but... :( i hav no idea when the gymnasics is on... does anybody know of any guides or something to know when to tape it?
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    Australia camps

    hi, does any body know about any gymnastics camps in Australia? :) u'll be a good help thanx!
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    I really need help

    :) hi im only in level 5 and my coach thinks im ready to do giants (with loops) but im too afraid to, what do i do?!?!?!? :confused:
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    :confused:hey im a gymnast and im practically obsessed with it but i get really annoyed because i look for gymnastics clothes and leotards and books and jewellery and floor routine music and posters and stuff like that so i can decorate my room but i can never find ANY thing the only fiction...
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    i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey im Rachelle, im a level 4 gymnast and i hav a competition on sunday, i have all my routines worked out except 4 vault! i can barely get over with a coach!!!! im worried ill let the team down! :( please help me!