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    Twitter question !!

    Hi everybody ! I have recently gotten a twitter account ! I also have created a youtube account for posting videos of gymnastics, requested videos and stuff like that ! So who here has twitter? Anybody with twitter please follow me I promise to follow you back ! Chelsea C (_ChelseaC) on...
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    Feeling depressed with gymnastics

    Yeah, we have all been through it. Maybe not all of us but I went through that too.Except my problem was to many injurys, being depressed didnt help, not getting enough sleep and my coach would push me to the point of me getting horrible injurys like a fracture on my lower back. A new gym...
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    from Canada, with love ♥

    what level ?
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    oh no =[

    Hey, everybody ! Uh... i want to ask some people somethingg, but i am too emarressed to do it out in public.. so if anybody could message me ( adults pleasee... they will understand although teens can too but i would really love adults opinions. ) it would be a great deal of help. or even reply...
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    Hey everybody ! some updates!

    Thanks and yes i did move into the new gym =D
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    Hey everybody ! some updates!

    uh.. level 10 i think in USA levels xD. i dunno hough :P in canadian i am level 10
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    Hey everybody ! some updates!

    Heeey guys ! I havent posted in a while so I thought that I would post and tell you what I have been up too ! Well for some of you, you know about my back injury.. well it has healed thank god ! And I am gettting back into my regular training which is ALOT less then when I started because I am...
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    Help please important !

    Thank you so much EVERYBODY for your replies. I have now picked only 2 of the ones I want to do. We are flying out to ontario so shoot a commercial just to see if I like it, and we have contacted ICON !
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    Team Colors [PLEASE HELP!]

    Ive been doing this for too long also ! I think its so much fun! But I need team colours too.. I am leaning towards a nice lime green , black and white !
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    Help i need some advice for beam!!!!!!!

    Exact same thing has happened to me ! What I did was I practiced it on the floor beam with a mat over it , then once i got more comfortable I took away the mat and put 2 boxes on each side of the beam. Than once I got more comfortable I took away one box and the next time I moved the boxes like...
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    Help please important !

    So I got signed up on this site www.starnow.com and so far in April I have had 8 casting calls ! I dont know what one to go for though so I will list them and could you guys tell me maybee what one you think would be best for me ? Modeling In Ontario : Carolyn's Model & Talent Agency has been...
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    heel pain

    Hi ! I know when was having heel pain it was becuase I tore my achillies.
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    Help with mom.. .

    So.. I love my mom and my sister. But my sister has moved out she is 21. She comes over everyday though ! And we always have to do dishes after dinner.Well.. let me re-phrase that I have to always do them. My mom will always get mad at me and if I say " Why cant she do them today ! " She goes...
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    Watch New Skills On YouTube

    Those are very cool. Although the bars one was competed in the olympics. But I still think its cool. But im floored about the ariel with a full twist down onto the beam. I have never ever seen anything like that before ! Thanks for sharing !
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    Prayers for Jessie

    My prayers go out to Jessie , her family , yours and all of her friends. Just keep your head help up high and hope for the best.
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    Thanks to everybody here !

    Thanks for your reply ! I know this place is great to get some really great advice. And you get to meet all different kinds of wonderful people. And yeah thats what it is like in BC we get the same leo for every competition unless we go to a western comp or national. =]
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    Thanks to everybody here !

    Hey everybody ! I just wanted to say thanks to everybody on here that has given me major advice ! Alot of people have helped me come through some fears and even some choices. I would really like to say thank you to bogwoppit and LittleLady but all of you have helped me. I am so excited to be...
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    Meet Tomorrow Morning

    Hey ! Goodjob at your meet ! And congrats on your achievments ! And dont worry bragging its totally good here ! Well Good-Job and good luck in the future !!
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    Chinese GYMNASTS Lie About Their Age ...

    Oh , okay. I am not saying anybodys wrong. But like I was just asking for opinions in this case there is yours. It is not wrong. And your right. After I posted this I saw videos of a guy finding a chinese website that showed all of the girls ages. It was not a recent website either. It was a...
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    Chinese GYMNASTS Lie About Their Age ...

    Well looks arent everything ! And thats what the whole world was basing them on. Because they are tiny. And like.. so what ? They are tiny thats good for gymnastics !