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    Twitter question !!

    Hi everybody ! I have recently gotten a twitter account ! I also have created a youtube account for posting videos of gymnastics, requested videos and stuff like that ! So who here has twitter? Anybody with twitter please follow me I promise to follow you back ! Chelsea C (_ChelseaC) on...
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    oh no =[

    Hey, everybody ! Uh... i want to ask some people somethingg, but i am too emarressed to do it out in public.. so if anybody could message me ( adults pleasee... they will understand although teens can too but i would really love adults opinions. ) it would be a great deal of help. or even reply...
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    Hey everybody ! some updates!

    Heeey guys ! I havent posted in a while so I thought that I would post and tell you what I have been up too ! Well for some of you, you know about my back injury.. well it has healed thank god ! And I am gettting back into my regular training which is ALOT less then when I started because I am...
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    Help please important !

    So I got signed up on this site www.starnow.com and so far in April I have had 8 casting calls ! I dont know what one to go for though so I will list them and could you guys tell me maybee what one you think would be best for me ? Modeling In Ontario : Carolyn's Model & Talent Agency has been...
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    Help with mom.. .

    So.. I love my mom and my sister. But my sister has moved out she is 21. She comes over everyday though ! And we always have to do dishes after dinner.Well.. let me re-phrase that I have to always do them. My mom will always get mad at me and if I say " Why cant she do them today ! " She goes...
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    Thanks to everybody here !

    Hey everybody ! I just wanted to say thanks to everybody on here that has given me major advice ! Alot of people have helped me come through some fears and even some choices. I would really like to say thank you to bogwoppit and LittleLady but all of you have helped me. I am so excited to be...
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    Big 12 Gymnastics Championship

    Is anybody else watching the Big 12 Gymnastics Championships right now ? It is in Iowa . Holly Vise just competed beam ! =] its on channel..... CSNCH
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    How do you make a signature ?

    Does anybody know how to make a signature ? Like how after you reply to a forum or message and then there is a line under that with a saying ? Like I usually see youtubes under them . And I saw one that said "Hit your virtical or DIE " LOL , i love that one , stick it . But does anybody know...
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    Help with a decision please .

    So.. I need some help. I need help with choosing a gym. We have 2 in the small city I live in. The one is a 30 minute walk or like a 5 minute drive. I went there from when I was 8-13. It is a small gym. It has 2 underground trampolines , 1 vault , 1 40' foot tumble trak , 1 regulation floor , 2...
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    Cool website !

    So bogwoppit replied to my forum about the scoring . She gave me this cool little thing to read. So US gymnasts but it is for canadian . I am sure there is one for US to though. So canadian gymnasts you go to the link I gave below and you can jus like look up a skill and it tells you wether it...
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    Question About Scoring ?

    Okaaay , it may just be in BC but I dont know hence why I am asking. In BC our scores are out of 13.6 not 10 so a usual score in BC is like.. 50 or.. 52 any where around there. So I am just taking a wild guess here and asking if all the USA scores are out of 10 an than AA is out of 40 ? Because...
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    Help with conditioning !

    So my back has healed and I am aloud to go back to gym in 4 months said my doctor. He said I am aloud to do conditiong though . So I wanna get into excellent shape again. So does anybody have any ideas on REALLY goood intence conditioning ? If so please reply ! ! Thanks !
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    Great news everybody !!!

    Okay so i wrote a forum about having a stress fracture in my back and it hasnt healed properly. Well , i went to the doctors today ( as i normally do for my back ) and they said its healed !!! I said when can I do full on training again . And they said about 3-5 months ! Soo im really excited ...
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    Good luck to gymnastlaura !!

    So.. I have this friend on here . Her username is gymnastlaura . Well , she has her last competition this weekend before states ! So could everybody send her there little goodluck fairies ! ! Also maybe you could reply with your goodluck rituals ! Thanks ! And GOODLUCK to...
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    Oh man that was really scary !

    So I was practicing today , but today was my time to go to a actual gym. So me and my coach went and were working on stuff like improving my 1 1/2 twists , and my front handspring front half. and stuff like that , and after everything was completed we still had a hour ! So she said lets go ill...
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    Whats your favorite skill and level ?

    Hi everybody ! I was just wondering what your or your DD's favorite skill is ! And what your favorite level was ! Thanks !
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    So people dont assume who i am...

    I am chelsea. I am a level 5 canadian . Level 8 or 9 in USA. I do train my self. I have a coach . I go to a gymnastics centre 3 days a week. And go to a gym . I do have all the equpiment at home. To do basics , routines and stuff like that. Thannks. -Chelseaa...
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    Am I over reacting..

    I just want to ask everybody if I am overreacting.I keep getting messages like negative messages . Of people telling me I am a moron. And stupid for trainging my self. Well .. first of all. I have a coach shes been my coach since I was 6 . Okay , she come an coaches me . And secondally , I have...
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    Please reply ! Help with a whole bunch of skills

    So if you guys have read my other threads than you should know that I train myself.Well... right now the only thing I have is a floor bar and 2 mats and alot of space oh AND a massive trampoline. Now , I am going to get a set of uneven bars , im going to build a beam. im going to order a floor...
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    Whats DD mean ?

    Okay , I may sound like a noob.. but everybody says like... something about their DD in there forums.. well most of the time . And I feel so stupid asking this but what does DD mean ?