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    Teaching Preschoolers?

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for :D
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    Teaching Preschoolers?

    I teach dance and in the creavtive movement (3-5y/o) class, my "boss" has asked if I could incorperate a little gymnastics (I've done a little, not competative or anything) into class. It would just be easy floor stuff like forward rolls ect. we have mats. Do you have any tips/suggestions? Thanks :)
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    Is there any way to watch full juniors coverage? Also will Universal sports be broadcasting live online as well?
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    "You Don't Look Like A Gymnast"

    It's funny, the only time I'm told I look like a dance (I've done ballet since I was 5) is when I'm at the gym
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    Where to Buy Scrunchies

    They are very easy to make, just search "how to make a scrunchie"
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    My autograph website

    If you want to take a look at some of my autographs here is my website Photos - Holly's Autographs Let me know if something doesn't work. I can give you the addresses if you need them.
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    Supplemental Clothing for Workouts

    This might work, Discount Dance Supply #U2106CP It comes in child XSmall
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    I went to the E.R. last night.....

    Ask the teachers to leave class a few minutes early with a friend (to carry your books)
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    I won it :)

    The 2010 worlds gymnastics website had a contest and 25 people got scarves and a sticker and I won one! The grand prize was a polo (I think). I was supper excited when I saw it in the mail, I never win things like this :)
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    ok, thanks for the comment. I know what you mean about not hearing the words, I tried to get it even volume wise but it just wouldn't work.
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    I just finnished this one, let me know how you think it is YouTube - California Girls-Sam and Mattie
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    The Ten Commandments for Parents

    This is great, I know many Stage Moms who need to read it!
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    feedback requested to help improve routines

    She looks good to me! If anything her split jump could use a little work, also her form (straight legs) on bars. I think her confidence on beam (tuck jump) is a little low. Just work on the splits and other stretching at home. :)
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    Ballet Class?

    Even just start her in a Jazz, modern or Hip-hop (if they offer it at that age) class. My sister did jazz for 3 years before even thiking about ballet. See what the studio offers.
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    Advice for someone w/ a dance background?

    I only do gym once a week (recreational), but ballet is my 1st love as well. This is my 12th year dancing (ballet). The 1st thing I noticed was my lack of arm strength. :) Chin ups really help.
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    Leotard help please:)

    Honestly, I wear regular underwear and a sports bra under mine. It was weird for me to get used to wearing just a leo. because I have done ballet forever and always have had to wear tights. A leotard should fit like a second skin. Most sites have sizing charts. Generaly gym leotards are made out...
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    Stuck Landing

    Nothing makes you feel better that a whole bunch of stuck landings :) YouTube - Stuck Landings Gymnastics Montage
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    Cassie Whitcomb

    ok so a sprain? She is one of my favorite gymnasts and was going to send a card but I don't want to look dumb saying the wrong thing.
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    Cassie Whitcomb

    I guess she "cracked it with a sprain" Aunt Joyce's Ice Cream Stand
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    Cassie Whitcomb

    Ok, thank you!