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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    I'm sure they'll put that in Camp Woodward Las Vegas 21+. Opening 2021.
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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    LOL yes, I just noticed they are selling frappes aka coffee milkshakes at the canteen. They also keep cashing him out one-dollar bills so I don't know what he is doing with that. Gambling?
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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    I think he is. There are different worries about different kids. I'm just hoping he doesn't come home hooked on Red Bull. "But it's a sponsor, mom!" Yeah, stick with Coke buddy.
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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    So update ... thank you for your insight. As it turned out DD developed some wrist pain that wasn't resolving due to gym (caused by a backstroke drill with a lot of torque, but putting weight on a flexed wrist at gym wasn't working) so she probably has retired. She bowed out of Woodward. DS is...
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    For Parents Change gyms?

    Yeah, ok. I would walk down that road sooner rather than later and find out if this is the reason they don't want her on preteam. And if they do not plan to promote her to team track within a year, I would move her now. This is assuming she wants longer and more critical practices.
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    For Parents How early can you drop off at your gym?

    We've used 5? gyms over the years and they were all fine with early team dropoff. It's basically one of their homes.
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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    Does she go to bed early on meet nights? Of course, whenever possible. Six would be more like 12 hours of sleep. If she has to get up early not crazy-early she will go to bed closer to 8 than her usual 9:30. Will she be sleep deprived in high school? I hope not. I fail to see how the...
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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    I don't need someone to MAKE her go to bed at 9. I need someone to ALLOW her to go to bed at nine if she is going to be woken at 7 day after day. It's the fact that she does listen to her body and is mature and responsible that made her get a pretty bad frowny face when the "lights out at 11, up...
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    For Parents Northern Atlanta area high schools and gyms

    Top Notch is an option, Norcross. Day training available.
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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    If there is an earlier bedtime cabin, that would be ok. She's 13. If she wasn't such a compliant kid she would be able to manage her own sleep. She would gladly go sleep with 7 year olds if it meant she didn't have to suffer long and compounded sleep deprivation. My own experience of sleepaway...
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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    It's six nights. She has attended 5 night general enrollment camps in past years (3-4 years in a row) where she wasn't even working out, and by the time I picked up, though she had fun, she was miserable from compounded sleep deprivation. Flat-out sick feeling, verge of tears, take me home so I...
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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    I saw a day schedule and now I'm concerned about the amount of sleep time offered. One of my children needs 10 hours for a full night's sleep. The camp where I worked as a counselor has lights-out at nine, up at seven, and a generous rest period after lunch. Woodward seems to be much less!
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    patellofemoral pain syndrome

    Thanks! I need to make a PT appt for the second week of April.
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    patellofemoral pain syndrome

    OK talk to me! 13yo DD has been out of all knee exercise for 2 weeks 2 days and is still in significant pain. X-rays clear, Dr. thinks patellofemoral pain syndrome. I was thinking tendonitis and prepared for 3 weeks of acute pain and then it would back off if we were very careful and could start...
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    YouTube/instagram fame and NCAA

    Just a comment -- the reason the IG/twitter accounts say "parent run" is for two reasons and probably none of them have to do with the NCAA. 1) Most have TOS that don't allow children on the site under the legal age of internet adulthood. In the U.S. that means age 13. If the child is obviously...
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    When there have been lice outbreaks at DD's gym I have oiled her hair with coconut oil and put it in braids for the duration. If it doesn't smell like head, they don't jump on. Nowadays I would also add TTO to the CO for extra protection.
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    For Parents What to eat?

    Have blood screen for celiac.
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    For Parents Other Parents...and me...

    The moms at my daughter's gym seem WONDERFUL. Girls, wonderful. I am just at my limit and checked out. I have two nondriving teens who each do two very high commitment activities, homeschool, and I'm an older mom. I can't remember names anymore without repetition. After the last meet session my...
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    For Parents How sick to scratch?

    Yep. I timed beam last weekend and two healthy looking L10's had to be carried off. sick nonono