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    For Parents Going to regionals!

    Yay! Lots of luck at regionals!
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    For Parents Quick season summary and looking onward

    What a fantastic season! Especially factoring in a committment to another sport!
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    For Parents Good Bye level 5 . . . Hello level 6

    Good job! Good luck with level 6!
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    For Parents Flipper qualified for Regionals!

    What a great ending! Good for her!
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    For Parents New beam video!

    Her cartwheels are beautiful!
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    For Parents No Regionals for us

    Great job on the floor! I'm sorry about regionals, but she is a great teammate to go and support her friend. That is the sign of a true champion in my book!
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    For Parents Beetle L8 State Meet Report

    Awesome! Good luck at regionals!
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    For Parents Beth's State meet this past weekend

    Great job! I wish her coaches would let her go to regionals though. That just doesn't seem fair.
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    For Parents Worried

    Good luck. I hope all goes well.
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    For Parents season summary and state report

    Ok, this site being down all weekend was killing me! I'm so glad it is back up so I can catch up on all the State meet reports!! DD had a good year at level 7. The season started out a bit rough because she hadn't quite perfected her giants and beam, but once she nailed them she took off! She...
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    Chicago Faries!

    Good luck! We are hopping on our flight to Chicago in 6 hours. (Yes I should be asleep.) I know I'm going to be surrounded by CB parents!! I hope all the girls do well and have fun!
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    For Parents New pictures!

    Very nice pictures! She's adorable!
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    For Parents Judge this for me...

    I think she looked great and that it was a pretty solid routine. I'm guessing she may not have gotten credit for the heel snap turn in the beginning and the full turn. She has very pretty lines! Good luck!
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    Update and vid

    She's looking good! The music was great too (it's my dd's floor music)!
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    Giants (again)

    Thanks for the thoughts. Fear could be some of it. She peeled a couple of times when she very first started them on the high bar. So she may be "putting on the brakes" and not giving her all for an aggressive tap. I wish they had a "turn brain off' switch and just let muscle memory take over!
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    coach catch phrases

    "go, go, GO, GO ALREADY" "Hollow" These next few are best imagined in a Russian accent "Aye yae yae..." "Oi vey..." "Why you do that ?" "Let's go ladies."
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    Giants (again)

    My dd is having issues getting her giants to go over. She casts super high, but then gets about halfway through the tap (to where she's seeing her toes) and then can't get the feet over. Does that make sense? She's been told it is her tap. On strap bar (I know, totally different) they are great...
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    level 6 judging

    PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL! It was very rare for the girls who goofed off in practice to score well in meets at level 6. A lot found out they couldn't just wing it and walk out with 9's. My biggest piece of advice is to get the most out of practice!
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    For Parents Emerald Cup Video

    Wow! She is amazing! I hope your recovery is speedy!