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    Woodward West first timer.

    My daughter is going to Woodward West this Summer for Gym Camp in CA. She is "Uber Excited" but I was wondering what others peoples experiences had been? Us parents are staying for the week in a small community outside of Bakersfield CA and were wondering what there is to do in the area while...
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    For Parents Another New Gym Story

    I am pleased to have nothing but good things to report. We recently made a switch to a new gym and couldn't be happier. Our DD just gets to do gymnastics...no drama, no coaching issues, no crazy parents...she and her parents are so excited. Lots of hard work every practice. lots of attention to...
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    No Grips and No Rips

    I am writing to see if anyone else has a DD that does not use grips? My DD is second year L7 and has never desired grips. She actually said she doesnt want grips. I have talked to her coach and the response was that if she can do her skills without grips then there was no reason to get them. She...
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    National Gymnastics Day!!!

    Is anyones gym doing something special on National Gymnastics Day....Sept 12th? Think my DDs gym is doing an open house with gymnastics demo's, etc.:D
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    L3 Question

    Our gym is starting an L3 program for some of the girls. This is their first year doing it. My question: Is L3 part of the USAG Compulsory program? Thanks for the help.
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    L5 to L7 Jump!!!

    Our DD made the jump from L5 to L7 last year. After a chaotic beginning and move up L6 meet where she scored 34.something things finally came around by the end of the year. It was a tough time for her.... making a gym and coaching change while in this process.... I really thought it might be...
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    Beam mount for L7?

    My DD cant decide on a mount for her beam routine and does a little "side saddle" hop up but wants something different. She is small and strong but needs a spring board for that one even. Any ideas about what some really neat beam mounts would be to give her some more to chose from and work...
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    Meet with a workshop?

    I was wondering how common it is for gymnasts to attend a sanctioned meet early in the season that had a judges workshop for the gymnasts on the following day?:rolleyes:
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    Ethics Question? Or not?

    I have a question especially for Judges please. We have a Judge in our area who also is an owner of a rival gym in our town (Gym A). At a meet recently this Judge was Judging a session that had gymnasts from this Judges gym (Gym A) as well as the rival (same small town) gym (Gym B) competing at...
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    Love 2 crash!

    My daughter has been in gym for about 8 years but started very young. She has always enjoyed crashing on her tricks:eek: and untill the last year or so was not doing tricks that could do serious damage....very easily anyway. Has anyone else had to deal with this issue before?:confused: We just...
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    Pig Out Gymnast!!!

    Eating is a peculiar thing for kids, let alone gymnasts but my daughter seems to have gone krazy with food! For the last year or two she has been eating constantly. Often having two complete dinners a night to go with her "snack" after school, "snack" at gymnastics break time along with full...
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    Seattle Open Results?

    Does anyone have a link to get early score results from the Seattle Open Meet that was held this weekend? Hate to keep bugging my friends!
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    Gym size explosion!!!

    My daughter joined a small gym that transferred in from another area when they first opened the doors about 4 months ago. There were about 20 girls there for the first practice including the girls that transfered with them that were still willing to do a 40 mile drive. It has been crazy ever...
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    Line Crowders!!! Urgh!

    I have talked to lots of parents over the years and lately there is a reaccuring complaint of "line crowders". You know, you are watching your DD waiting her turn on a rotation and another DD crowds her out to take an extra turn. I was wondering if anyone has encountered and found a remedy for...
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    Is This Unethical???

    It gives me some pain to ask this one of everyone that reads this but I have an ethics question about my DDs former gym. I know how we feel but want to get a read on what others thought. Anyway, at this gym the owner on a yearly basis promises to a number of girls that are dis-satisfied with...
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    Good Gym Names???

    :cool:Our gym is looking at changing its name! Any good gym names out there (That are not already done)!???:rolleyes:
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    Bad gymnastics movies!!!!

    Litllekateskate had a post recently on searching out good DVDs for DD. It brought me full circle back to the worst movies about gymnastics. I know there are not many to choose from but (Sorry Kurt Thomas:cool:) Gymkata gets my top billing! :eek:Any others out there???:confused:
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    Tiger paw usage.

    Our DD has had to look for some wrist pain relief and is going with Tiger Paws. Does anyone have suggestions for how to break them in?:D
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    More Giants!!!

    :eek:I was just wondering how old other gymnasts were out there when they (you) started doing Giants? Did you learn them with a strap bar, harness or "old school" with gravity as your only friend? LOL!:rolleyes: There appears to be a school of thought among some coaches out there that girls need...
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    BIG Gym or small Gym???

    I was wondering what other peoiples opinion was about going to a BIG gym or a small one? Our DD recently transferred from a BIG gym to a small one and so far the small gym seems to have a huge upper hand in training girls with a more individualized approach. It always appeared as though the BIG...