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    Woodward camp question -- Sleep???

    I saw a day schedule and now I'm concerned about the amount of sleep time offered. One of my children needs 10 hours for a full night's sleep. The camp where I worked as a counselor has lights-out at nine, up at seven, and a generous rest period after lunch. Woodward seems to be much less!
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    patellofemoral pain syndrome

    OK talk to me! 13yo DD has been out of all knee exercise for 2 weeks 2 days and is still in significant pain. X-rays clear, Dr. thinks patellofemoral pain syndrome. I was thinking tendonitis and prepared for 3 weeks of acute pain and then it would back off if we were very careful and could start...
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    Security issue ... need to contact My Meet Scores

    I very much need to contact My Meet Scores. I have carefully protected my child's privacy by having her compete under her legal name while she is known in the world by a nickname (call name). Unfortunately I just noticed that a former gym meet somehow inserted her nickname into her legal name...
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    hamstrings and glutes firing in the wrong order

    I know I have read about this on this board but I'm getting nothing on a search. Anyone know about this?
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    substitute for BWO in L4 floor

    Is there an alternate skill that can be used in the floor routine, like a back handspring stepout?
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    Best training supports

    Best wrist, knee and ankle supports? My high velocity growth kid is not injured and would like to stay that way. He does seem to need wrist / ankle support and we need to make sure he can get through without Osgood Schlatter as he had the 9-year-old's equivalent last year.
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    Xcel question -- avoiding shoulder flexibility

    DD age 11 has always had tight shoulders. I know they can be improved but let's say it's simply managed. She will probably do a couple of years at L4 which I think is manageable with the shoulders. After that is it possible to compete Xcel without having to do BWO on beam and -- what are the...
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    Press to handstand problem, feet too wide

    There's a great video explaining that some kids can't press because they're putting their feet too wide. Watched it this week, and can't find it now. Anyone know where it is?
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    child strength gains, recovery periods?

    Is there any research on how long of a rest period a child's muscles should have before going back at it, for fastest strength gain? Or if no research, do you guys have educated guesses? Should they be back to 100% before going back at it? Or should they go back at it still sore?
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    men's coaches near Daytona

    Are there any good men's coaches near Daytona, whether they currently have a boy's team or not, who might be available to do some quality event conditioning work with an L6? We would like to spend more time there. A team to visit would be ideal, but if we had to go an hour to Jacksonville or...
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    supporting the tall / fast growing / otherwise strength to weight challenged

    If a child is told to do extra conditioning and body-weight type skill work (v-sit, press handstand, etc) at home in L5 ... Assuming 3 day a week training with either 1 or 2 days off between each workout. If doing extra, is it best to do extra conditioning (in excess of what the group is...
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    I just posted a long thought out question and it disappeared.
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    L5 parallettes

    What skills and conditioning might my L5 son enjoy on his parallettes at home? He wanted them and we found some yesterday, but other than a few things, he's not sure what to do. I thought, though, that the list of fun might be extensive.
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    rewarding the team with allergenic food

    I want to share with you our experience tonight with the end of summer league swim team banquet, because I think it will help coaches and team moms understand why it's not very nice to REWARD the team for HARD WORK and a great season with stuff that you know or should know that some members...
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    Need to rent for a week in Nola.. Help

    Hoping maybe we can rent an inlaw suite or similar in New Orleans from gymnastics people ... need safe weekly rental July 4 - 11. Referral to boys L5 team to work out with while there a plus!! Sent from my SCH-I545 using ChalkBucket mobile app
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    First party. Gluten party. Sigh.

    My son has been on his new team for 2 weeks and is so excited to be going to the annual team party and their end of year banquet and get to know the other kids better. It's not reasonable but I am about to start crying lest anything go wrong since he so wants to just be one of the guys. It's a...
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    skills and long torso

    I read recently on CB that the straddle press handstand is much more difficult for gymnasts with a long torso. What other skills has anyone noticed, are particularly affected by having a long torso? And do you have any training tips to overcome that challenge, or specific areas to condition?
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    Finding the value in the dedication of the slower progressing gymnast

    Starting a new thread to answer aerialriver There are in many gyms quite a few girls who are cut from team gymnastics for not being "team material" who, if the gym was able or willing to tolerate a slower progression through the compulsory levels, would ultimately achieve more in gymnastics...
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    For Parents Well, not sure if this feels horrible or good

    My kid just beat half the L3 team of her Dream Gym that was so horrible to her. She had done preschool at this gym but did L2 team at the Y because she was only offered the 1-hour hotshots type class the year she was six. When she was 7 we went back when they offered her team. Last March...
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    Atlanta Centennial Classic 2013 photog vendor

    Does anyone know the meet photographer name / web address? Can't find it anywhere.