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    For Parents season summary and state report

    Ok, this site being down all weekend was killing me! I'm so glad it is back up so I can catch up on all the State meet reports!! DD had a good year at level 7. The season started out a bit rough because she hadn't quite perfected her giants and beam, but once she nailed them she took off! She...
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    Giants (again)

    My dd is having issues getting her giants to go over. She casts super high, but then gets about halfway through the tap (to where she's seeing her toes) and then can't get the feet over. Does that make sense? She's been told it is her tap. On strap bar (I know, totally different) they are great...
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    For Parents Season and State report-HUGE BRAG ALERT!

    So, I've not been posting results and have been basically lurking all season. As you may remember I had some concerns about dd's gym at the begining of the season. Well, the concerns were unfounded and I stand corrected! I didn't want to jinx anything by posting results! A little background...
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    For Parents hunde2 this is for you!

    Hi. We plan on being at the level 8/9/10 session at State. I would love to be able to say hi!
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    For Parents Update (overdue)

    Hi. I haven't been on for a while. Things got busy. Anyway...things are better at gym. Not perfect, but much better. It's less crowded and they added a new coach that has experience coaching elites. This coach has been a great addition! DD had an in house mock meet last week. She connected her...
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    For Coaches BabyGiant/ long hang to pullover

    Is there a trick to getting a baby giant/long hang pullover to look nice and quickly transition into the underswing in the girls lvl 6 bar routine? It seems like a lot of girls kind of flop onto the bar and struggle to get their heads up, while others just make it look so easy! Just curious.
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    For Parents Another gym switch question

    Hi, all. I feel like my dd and I have a big decision to make. But, it is breaking our hearts to think of switching gyms. I need a sounding board. She loves her coaches and her friends at her current gym. They have had a strong compulsary and optional program. She made huge improvements last...
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    For Coaches Body types

    Has it been anyone's experience that larger/muscular gymnasts don't score as well in compulsaries on floor and beam? My daughter is shaped more like Mary Lou Retton rather than Nastia L. It seems no matter how good her routines are technically, she scores lower than the other girls. It's gone so...
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    Hi everyone

    Hi. My daughter is a level 5 gymnast. This site is great. It seems like no matter where people are participating in gym, the same hopes and concerns come up- whether parent, gymnast or coach. I look forward to joining in the discussions.