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    For Parents DD update

    DD has really been doing great in Level 4 as have her teammates. We are so lucky that her team is made up of great kids and parents. We all get along and I'm seriously as excited for the other kids when they do something new as I am for my own. This week at practice all of DD's teammates got...
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    Advice from other homeschooling families

    I have decided to homeschool DD next year for Kinder. I'm only planning to do one year unless we both just love it. I guess I should say I'm taking it one year at a time. I'm just not ready for my 5 year old to have to be somewhere 7 hours a day and do only a few hours of work. I'd rather...
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    Where can I find really tiny briefs

    Help! I have been looking for really small briefs. DD is 5 and pretty small. She wears a CXS leotard, but I find the briefs to be too big. She has a little waist and a tiny/nonexistent butt. I buy her 2T underwear, swimsuits, shorts. Normal underwear shows too much because of the cut. It bunches...
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    For Parents DD having a tough time lately..What to do?

    Gymnastics has been all fun and happiness up to this point. DD has been leaving the gym and saying she wants to quit or go back to her old class for the past 2 weeks because she's afraid to do one skill. She's afraid to do her handstand on the high beam by herself. I watch her stand there and...
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    For Parents Helping DD still feel part of the team

    DD is loving Level 4 and it's so great to see her excited and so happy. I know there has to be someone else on here that had a child who was part of the team, but couldn't compete due to their age. I'm curious how you dealt with it so your child still felt like they were part of the team. I...
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    For Parents Moving to Level 4... hurt feelings

    DD is going to move to Level 4 starting today. The coaches asked previously and I declined, but changed my mind. That was about 6 weeks ago when I thought it wasn't a great idea. After weighing our options I thought I'd go ahead and let her try. She has a close friend at the gym and I'm...
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    For Parents The frustrations of move-ups!

    How does your gym decide who moves up? Do they have a set list of skills? DD's gym recently did move-ups and she was asked to move, but we declined because she can't compete and I didn't feel like it was the best thing. The hours would double, the Lv 4 groups is large, etc. Lots of reasons...
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    For Parents What a great night!

    It only seems fair since I was complaining last week to take the time to say something positive. DD had such a great night at gym last night. I took the advice of someone here and asked one of the 9 year olds on preteam to help her with when it was her turn in line etc. There were only 6...
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    For Parents Taking a step back

    Just venting to people who understand. I really need to take a step back and not think about what DD is doing at gym and just let little things go. I really thought I'd never be one of those parents nitpicking every little thing and here I am doing it. DD is on preteam and it's been really...
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    For Parents Just venting

    Ugh. Just feel like complaining. Last night at practice DD's coach really rubbed me the wrong way. I know that I'm just being sensitive, but I can't quite shake the feeling of being unhappy with her. DD's old coach for developmental was very positive and encouraging. She always greeted the...
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    For Parents Front hip circle

    DD 4 is soooo close to getting her FHS. We have a bar at home and she practices and practices and practices until I have to make her stop. She just can't quite get it yet. She just doesn't seem to get around enough. She ends in a chin-up position with the bar about upper chest level and she...
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    For Parents DD got her pullover!

    I know it's minor, but I'm so excited for her. I have to admit I felt like she would never be able to do it on her own. It's strange because she was getting close awhile back and just needed a little help and then it has seemed to get worse for the past few weeks. She missed a few days...
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    For Parents An age question that I know has been answered before

    I was under the impression that to compete Level 4 you had to be 6 years old. I know this question has been rehashed a billion times, but I'm confused. DD's coach wants her to move to Preteam now. My answer was no because she isn't old enough to compete level 4 until Fall of 2011. She's...
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    For Parents What other activites do you kids do and what gets priority?

    Just wondering for those parents who have kids in multiple activities how you choose what your kids attend when there is a conflict. Does one activity get priority? Do you let you child choose? DD wanted to play baseball and I let her. She goes to the gym 2 days a week and has 4 days that...
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    For Parents DD got her cartwheel on the low beam!

    A small accomplishment really, but I was excited. They have been doing them spotted for awhile now, but she tried one on her own and actually did it. I was really surprised even if it wasn't too pretty. It's amazing how she seems to make no progress and then all of the sudden things just...
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    For Parents Where can I find a small tank top?

    DD wants a tank top with "Gymnast" spelled out in rhinestones. I've looked all over the internet and can't find one small enough. I need a 2T or 3T. They have them at the proshop at her gym in pink, but the CS is a 5/6. Any suggestions of places to look?
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    For Parents DD is the class goof off -- Let it be or say something?

    My DD is a complete goof off lately in the gym. She just turned 4 and is in a developmental class twice a week. I don't care that she is being so silly from a gymnastics stand point. I'm not concerned that she isn't working hard or learning things. She's too little in my opinion to be...
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    The dreaded mill circle

    DD started working on her mill circle on Monday. It's one of those things I see and can't imagine she'll ever get it. The good news is she's only 3 years old so she'll have so many years to get it. Her gym doesn't compete until level 4 and she has a late December birthday so she'll have a long...
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    What are your child's goals

    I'm just curious what the goals of your children are. A certain level, college, elite etc.
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    Mattie is out now too

    She has a suspected stress fracture in her leg. Poor kid!