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    Looking for Gymnastics video-PLEASE HELP!

    Sorry to ask again guys but this is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!! There was a youtube I watched... Carly Patterson, Hollie Vice and Nastia Liukin (+ 1 other) did a group performance with floor beam and bars together...to a britney spears medley...they got dresse dup like her... like one of them...
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    Help! :P

    Im trying to find the youtube of nastia alicia and 2 other girls, where they did a group performance to britney spears - I think it was at something like the Tylenol or Hilton spectactular but I cant seem to find it anywhere!! If anyone knows where to find it or where it was performed...
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    What are my chances...honestly.

    Hey guys... noone will be straight with me down here so maybe you guys will. Basically as a child i reached level 3 and quit - after breaking 3 of my toes from a beam falling on me, I was off for a while and somehow lost my passion for a while. Anyway... I came back as an adult (not...
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    I need help from someone in US!!!

    Hey guys, im in AUS and im trying to get the vanilla star poster of nastia liukin: Vanilla Star Jeans I sent them an email but no response--it says $5 + S & H but there is no information ANYWHERE about what the S & H costs are... is there any possible chance someone would be able to...
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    This Sucks! :( - more of a rant!

    I love gymnastics, more than anything! What sucks is, my gymnastics dream literally cant come true because of my age + working full time, it really sucks wanting something so bad that just isnt possible. I mean if I was wishing that I could win a million dollars or something fair enough, but...
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    What leap is this

    Hey guys, up the top of the home page where there are links to FORUMS - ARTICLES - GALLERY etc etc and they have pictured for them. The forums picture is a leap, I was wondering what leap this is called?
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    Straddle frontsalt/Double Straddle Frontsalt?

    Has anyone seen someone do a double straddle frontsalt either on tramp//into the pit or on floor? I cant find any youtubes of it and the gym boys wont try it!!!
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    Has anyone heard of a Tsukahara attempted/done on floor?

    The heading says it all... Im looking to know whether a Tsukahara(which is a vault)-- (a roundoff backsalt...BUT...the backsalt is done from their hands...before their feet hit the ground) Does that make sense? Its like you do a roundoff but instead of coming down on your feet then...
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    Great pick-me-up song for gymnasts

    I heard this song and thought I would share it - it made me feel really good about myself//gymnastics especially after my first vault stack. If you could download it (legally of course :P) and let me know what you think that would be fantastic! Its is called Get Up by Superchick. Thanks...
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    A Question for the older gymnasts FEMALES :P

    I apologise if any men read this since its quite an embarrassing question; For the younger ones this isnt really an issue but I wa sjust wondering since im 20 years of age and going to be competing again and cant wear leggings to compete in etc- is there any special type of underwear that you...
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    Am I Too Old?

    Hey guys im Tak =) I just have a quick question. Im 19 years old and used to compete as a young one (competed for 3 years up to level 3- then i quit until last year) im training for an adults competition in 2009 but my days are limited to only being able to train tuesday nights and wednesdays...
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    Geelong Gymnast

    Hey guys, I just thought I would do a quick introduction of myself.. I'm 19 years old and I live in Geelong (which is where the Australian Masters Games will be hosted in 2009!) I competed for around 4 years when I was young (I only reached level 3 before an unfortunate event occurred and...