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    For Parents birthday party ideas?!

    My DD is turning 10 next month, and we haven't had a "real" birthday party for her in a few years (since Easter is always near her B-day we always have to deal with spring break and such) anyway, she really wants a party this year and I am stumped. She wants to invite all the level 5's (age...
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    For Parents Hey, this conditioning stuff works!

    Our gym has started an extra class 2x a week to condition for TOPS testing. I took DD to one, but she didn't take it very seriously (much to my frustration:rolleyes:) but her father and I decided that since her scores (and skills) seem to have plateaued a bit that she needs to condition on the...
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    some "pink" fairies

    We are going to the Pink invitational Sunday night. Looking for "knees together" fairies! Snowbound
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    For Parents meet report L5

    Well, it was a very long day...up at 5 for a meet 3 hours away (DD didn't have to get up that early, we flew) but when we got to the airport at our destination I screwed up the directions in the GPS and got us lost! We were 20 minutes late. She did okay anyway. 9th on bars and vault (she...
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    For Parents anyone going to the pink invitational?

    We are going to that meet...we got a rotten meet time though. 5:30 on Sunday night. awards are supposed to be at 8PM, which means we will be lucky to get out of there by 9 or so, and an hour and a half drive home, Yuck! It's a huge meet with 24 sessions. I think they should have limited it...
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    L5 meet- pray for spit and polish!

    DD has an L5 meet this weekend (God willing and there isn't a freak snow storm) her L5 meets haven't gone well this year and she has been working really hard since the last one. All her coaches are telling her how much she has improved, so we are very hopeful that she will go out and do what...
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    For Parents meet report L5

    Well, my little sassy girl had her second meet of the season...it was not pretty. First off was bars, which she got and 8.35 (not so bad, but she could have done better and she knew it) then she went to beam. The whole team had a very contagious case of the dropsies, and every single girl fell...
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    need luck this Sunday

    DD has a meet on Sunday (L5) and although she didn't bomb at her last meet it was way below what she knows she's capable of and she was pretty down on herself about it. This is a home meet (and the last two home meets were our worst of all our meets) so I'm hoping she will break the "curse"...
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    For Parents anyone going to the Janet Rothenberg next weekend?

    if so, what level? Just wondering if any CB ers are going snowbound
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    For Parents crisis is over, and a L5 meet report

    Fortunately the boy was over it by about 10 AM. not sure what got him, but he never had a fever or anything. So we went down there ( they have a huge play area you can drop your kids off during the meet for $5 and it's supervised, so that worked out) My DH was done with the consultant early...
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    For Parents I'm having a crisis!

    My DD has her first meet of the season tonite, DH has a consultant coming at work, so he is going to miss the first part (he's never missed any part of her meets) I have to take the 5 YO twins because I don't have someone to watch them, it's a 2.5 hour drive, and my littlest twin woke up...
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    L5 meet coming up

    DD has her first meet of the season next Friday. She has all the skills, but she is still trying to clean up her vault (she is arched). Thanks! Snowbound
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    For Parents off topic, does your gym have a Christmas party?

    Our gym does a Christmas party every year, this year it's just two days before Christmas. They have a talent show, pizza, and fun and games, and they give each gymnast a gift (this is actually included in our obligation fees, but it's still nice) My DD made up a song for the talent contest...
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    For Parents anyone going to PA judges cup?

    We have our first meet on the 18th. any CB'ers going to be there? Snowbound
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    For Parents I think DD broke her Toe

    Yesterday DD was walking barefoot down the hall and stubbed her toe on a crate I have there:rolleyes:. It was bleeding, and she didn't really cry, we put ice on it, and a band-aid, and for gym I taped it to the toe next to it (it's her middle toe) When she got back from the gym, her toe, and...
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    For Parents The bar fairy came!

    DD is trying to get all her L6 skills (she will be doing L5, but is hoping to move up mid-season) and this week she got her Free Hip:bars: The only things missing still are the ROBHS BT, and the fly away (unfortunately the group she's in never gets to try those :() so when we get our finances...
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    For Parents My DD and the Bully

    I thought this was pretty funny. We were at a fourth of July party, and this little boy who was about 7, maybe 8 was being a real pill. He was trying to engage my 9 YO in a sword fight with badminton rackets, and then he hit my little 5 YO boy and he was terrorizing some other kids too. So DH...
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    For Parents Meeting with coach

    :)This was kind of fun. DD repeated level 4 last year and did really well, but she also managed a level 5 meet after states. since she was supposed to have been in level 5 last year, she didn't want to spend the whole season in L5 again, but they put her in the low L5 group again. The first...
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    For Parents anyone out there sew their own leos?

    I make my DD's leos (wish I could do the competition ones, it would save me a fortune!) but I want to try a v-necked one, and I"m not sure how to do the binding. any input? Snowbound
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    For Parents first (and last) L5 of the season meet report

    I really have to say that DD did okay, all things considered. She learned all the routines in 2 weeks, and she did her first vault without a spot over the table in WARM UP at the meet. I'm not saying it was pretty, but she wasn't the worst one there. On the floor she did okay...this was the...