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    Pirouettes on Bars?

    Thank you so much for your suggestions! Turning my first hand sooner is definitely something I need to work on, so I will try turning my first hand sooner, and I will also try keeping my feet closer to the bar. Thank you again!
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    Pirouettes on Bars?

    I am currently working on my pirouette on low bar, and though I am not having trouble with the actual pirouette, I am having trouble holding my feet up afterwards during the kip out of it. I feel like I have very little control coming out of the pirouette but I am not sure how to try and gain...
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    Preventing Rips

    Thank you for the suggestions! I will definitely look into a pumice stone or Bag Balm. Normally I don't rip much, but ever since summer practice started, I keep on ripping! Thank you again! :)
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    Preventing Rips

    Ever since summer practice started, I have been ripping at least once a week. Finally the big rip I had healed, but tonight I ripped again, twice. Does anybody have any suggestions for preventing the rips? I feel like it is hard for me to get in a good bar workout. I use tapegrips, but they kind...
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    What are some goals everbody has for summer?

    Vault- Tsuk, and keep working yurchenkos Bars- consistent giants, straddleback or pirouette, free-hip handstand Beam- just got my bhs-bhs on high beam! round-off full dismount, switch-leap back tuck, possibly bhs-bhs-backtuck/layout dismount Floor- RO-whip-bhs-full, front handspring flo-ft, keep...
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    Healing Fairies Needed for Teammate

    I hope she makes a fast recovery! The same thing happened to one of my friends, but on floor. Sending healing fairies her way!
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    pink invitational

    Good luck to her! I competed there yesterday for the first time and it was a lot of fun!
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    Butt Glue?

    Do you know where you can get it? I was interested in getting some to use for competitions, I had a few friends try it and they really liked using it. Thanks!:)
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    Reese's cups, Kit Kats, Almond Joys, and almost anything peppermint.:rolleyes:
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    How many hours a week do you train?

    As a Level 7, I train 21 hours in the summer and 15 in the Fall.
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    Does smiling really matter?

    Last year was my first year of optional, and thefirst half of the year I didn't really show off my routine. When I started to keep my eyes and head up, I scored better. I have a more serious routine, but I have found 3 or 4 places that are good to smile. The judges see routines all day, and...
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    How to deal with rips??

    Like GymGirlBri said, tape grips help. What I do is I put the tape grip on and then will wrap tape over the tape grip where the rip is. This way, it will prevent the rip from ripping more. After the rip starts to heal, just use a tape grip. I haven't tried chapstick on rips, but we use chapstick...
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    Friends outside of gymnastics

    I have the same problem! Even though I have plenty of friends at school, I dont feel REALLY close to alot of them.My closest friends are my team mates and friends at the pool. Almost all my friends at the pool are competitive, year round swimmers so they understand. The other good thing is you...
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    Grips, Grips, Grips!!!

    Almost all the girls at our gym use Bailie, and personally I really like them. They hold up well, and I use double-buckle.
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    "Weird" Gymnast Habits

    On bars, I always crack my toes before taking a turn, and when I use rubberbands to keep my grips on my fingers, I have to use 1 on my right hand and two on my left, and I always put them on my right hand first. On beam, I have to warm up some skills at least three times(on floor) before doing...
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    Hardest/Least Favorite~Endurance and Hollow Holds It's not my legs aren't strong enough,but I don't have great cardiovascular endurance and running two minutes of sprints is hard for me. But I'm working on it and have gotten better...;) Favorite/Easiest~ Butt-ups or crunches. Butt-ups are easy...
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    Any tips on how to get them to heal faster? We just started summer practice a few days ago, and on the first day I got a big rip on my last turn doing giants. Then, today, I got another rip inside of the other rip. I'm using a tape grip, but I dont like the feeling under my regular grip, and I...
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    The mind of a gymnast

    I actually feel the same way:D On beam, I'd prefer to do backtucks than a BHS on beam. The way I see it, I have one less part of my body to worry about getting on the beam, and less chance of crashing, and if I do, its not as hard:p If my foot slips, its not as hard a fall, and it doesnt really...
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    How many hours a week do you train?

    I am a level 7/8. In the fall I go four days for 16 hours, and in the summer 5 days for 21 hours. :)
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    Staying On The Beam

    We are also recommended not to watch other girls beam routines until we have completed ours. I have found this to really help me. For just staying on the beam, if your chest is down and you are about to fall, bend your knees, and this should help. Also, try to get back to a lunge or your...