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  1. J

    For Parents Visiting gyms on vacation

    We are traveling for a dance competition for our dancer and will be having our gymnast be a guest at a nearby gym while we are there. I found a gym with the same age range in the same level and they seem great. I think she'll have a great experience. Anyone ever do this? Any advise?
  2. J

    Are there any judges on here?

    I'm writing a parent guide and I think it would be great to include a little section on what judges want you to know . . . If you are a judge and you had an opportunity to communicate some things to parents what would you want them to know or keep in mind? Thanks
  3. J

    For Parents Abuse vs motivation

    I'm curious. Where do you think the line is? Is the line in the language used? Is it in the reaction / effect on the gymnast? I know there are many parents, in all sports, that have the mindset - as long as we win it's all good. I'll be the first to admit my daughter has been yelled a...
  4. J

    For Parents Crazy Gym Parent Alert

    Signs that you maybe turning into a crazy gym parent if you . . . What do you think are signs that your crossing the line into crazy? I want to include this in the parent guide ;-) I have a feeling this could be fun to read LOL
  5. J

    How should a parent handle a difference of opinion with a coach? When to change gyms?

    I'm creating a team parent guide book and want to include a section about the correct way to handle a problem with a coach, disagreement with placement etc and making the decision to change gyms. I'm interested in others thoughts on the subject. What do you think a new or even veteran team...
  6. J

    For Parents Newbie advice?

    We were creating a Welcome To The Team booklet for our new team parents and it has grown to such an extent we decided to just go for an ebook version and make it available for everyone. So I'm reaching out - What do you want new team parents to know? (besides to sit down and turn off their...
  7. J

    For Parents Mental Block!

    Haven't been around - as usual this is the only place I can think of that I might get some help. About a month ago DD balked on her back layout in a competition. Just didn't go for it and landed on her tush. Since then, she has been unable to let go of the bar in her flyway. Additionally she...
  8. J

    For Parents What can't your gymie live without?

    Holiday shopping has to begin,ready or not! As I'm cyber shopping there seems to be a lot of gymnastics / dance related stuff What can't your gymnast live without? Looking for gift ideas for the gymnast that seems to have everything! :-) Deb
  9. J

    For Parents Severs & Shots?

    Hi, it's been a long time since I've pocked my head in here! I haven't even lurked...I missed it! I had a questions and thought of you'all first! My daughter has severs and the podiatrist offered shots if nothing else seems to be working. . . nothing else seems to be working. Has anyone...
  10. J

    For Parents Have you ever seen . . .

    This weekend I noticed just before my daughter was about to compete bars a teammate stepped onto the mat to talk to the coach. immediately followed by another gymnast that decided to step onto the mat and "dance" behind the coach. My daughter saluted -they were both still on the mat - one...
  11. J

    For Parents ankle supports?

    DD has been taping her ankle...is there a brace/brand that mocks tape affect? her ankle is sore on and off and tape makes it feel better...but is a costly p.i.t.a. I saw one that looks cool at dgs for $18 but shipping is $9...ugh thanks ps not seeking medical advise...just...
  12. J

    For Parents Can this leo be saved?

    As a rule leos and dance wear do not go in the dryer at my house . . . well, it seems DD's favorite velvet leo snuck into the dryer and got that lovely dryer burn in several spots. Wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't a nice burn in the crotch. :-( Before I turn the beloved leotard into a pillow...
  13. J

    For Parents YouTube

    As some of you may know I took down my youtube page. Actually it's still there but you have to have the link to find it. I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on youtube . . . for sharing video's of the kids.
  14. J

    For Parents Giants

    In the beginning of the summer DD started working on giants on the pit bar. She was really close . . . then she slipped. . . Crumbled right down, head first . . . new coach, couldn't grab her. . . down she went. well, they tried everything over the summer. She was flying around strap bar but...
  15. J

    For Parents Reminder for parents - Meet Etiquette

    warning - this may sound a little vent-ish LOL I would like to remind parents that the people that work meets are VOLUNTEERS. And even if they weren't they are only doing their job. Don't give them a hard time at the door. You KNOW you have to pay . . . lets be honest here . . . has anyone...
  16. J

    Meet Report - First Level 7 Meet!

    Jess and her teammates were all so excited to be a "big kid" and start their level 7 season. We started on vault and started the season with a nice 9.15 But then off to bars . . . oh bars, how we despise thee . . . 7.35! we were very happy to start the season on bars over a 7. Beam . . . I'm...
  17. J

    For Parents Evolution Competition in PA this weekend

    I was just wondering if anyone was going. We got our tickets months ago and can't wait! Especially since we learned Downey Park is near by. ;) Nothing better then squeezing one last mini family vacation in before school starts
  18. J

    For Parents off topic -Teenagers can't live with 'em . . . can't kill'em

    I was just informed by my teen that she will be performing in a Camp Rock production. Apparently she was hanging out with friends and decided to audition. Don't get me wrong - I'm really glad she's busy . . . but it makes me busier too! This kid needs to slow down a little or at least...
  19. J

    For Parents Rising Stars Clinics?

    Has anyone attended a Rising Stars Clinic? I was wondering what to expect - thoughts? feedback?
  20. J

    For Parents heel cup & ankle support?

    I purchased the cheetah heel cup & ankle support and after only 3 months it's falling apart. Is this typical? Does anyone know of other brands that hold up better?