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    Pirouettes on Bars?

    I am currently working on my pirouette on low bar, and though I am not having trouble with the actual pirouette, I am having trouble holding my feet up afterwards during the kip out of it. I feel like I have very little control coming out of the pirouette but I am not sure how to try and gain...
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    Preventing Rips

    Ever since summer practice started, I have been ripping at least once a week. Finally the big rip I had healed, but tonight I ripped again, twice. Does anybody have any suggestions for preventing the rips? I feel like it is hard for me to get in a good bar workout. I use tapegrips, but they kind...
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    Butt Glue?

    Do you know where you can get it? I was interested in getting some to use for competitions, I had a few friends try it and they really liked using it. Thanks!:)
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    Any tips on how to get them to heal faster? We just started summer practice a few days ago, and on the first day I got a big rip on my last turn doing giants. Then, today, I got another rip inside of the other rip. I'm using a tape grip, but I dont like the feeling under my regular grip, and I...
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    Great practice!

    Tonight I had an awesome practice! I FINALLY got my cast handstand all the way up...three days after states!:rolleyes: Oh well, I'll have it for next year! And I'm getting close to my giant on pit bar! So I was just wondering...how would you define a 'good practice' for yourself?:cool:
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    Great State Meet!

    So tonight I had my state meet, and i did pretty good:) Vault: 9.323~2nd place Bars:7.7 Beam:7.975(I finally stuck it!But my series needed connection...) Floor:9.2~4th place AA:34.2~10th place This was my second best meet of the season- last meet I had 34.475- but I'm really happy with how I...
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    Well, tomorrow i have states! I am really excited for it, and also cant wait for it to be over to start working new skills! Anyway, need a little good luck for my beam routine- I have trouble making it in meets! Wish me luck!!!:D
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    Shoulders Cracking

    Is that bad? My left shoulder has cracked since I was 9 or 10, and my right one does too now. It feels like they need too. Does anyone else experience anything like this? Thanks in advance for any advice:D
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    Moving thread?

    Just wondering, how can you mve a thread? :confused:I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance!!!
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    Spiral Fraction

    OK, so recently I fractured my hand, and it is a spiral fracture. I will probably be in a cast for 6-8 weeks. My question has anyone else had a spiral fracture in their hand? How long did it take to come back after it was healed? did you need any added support or PT afterwards? Thanks in advance...
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    Member Created Social Groups

    Hi. So I've been looking through the member created social groups, hoping to jin some more. But i can't view past the irst page, it takes me back towhere i started. Is anyone else having this problem?Any suggestions? Thanks in advance:p
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    first broken bone:(

    so tpday i got xrays of my hand...and i have a spiral fracture:(so ill have a cast or 6 weeks:eek:lots of strength for me!
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    jammed finger?

    ok. so today i was on beam, and when i did my first bhs, i jammed my finger .i stopped doing much after that. its really swollen and slightly bruised. but my question is do you think i broke it? i can mo ve it, but cant fully straighten it or bend it:(but i can bend it almost al the way
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    mental block on bhs?

    hey. im working my backhandsprings on beam. i need to get it on high beam for level 7. it is fairly good, with a few things that need a little work(straight legs, stiff arms...) however it is square and i stick almost every one. i have unstacked to one 8-incher. however as soon as i take that...
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    Motionwear and other brands

    Hey everyone. I'm working out five days a week and currently have 3 leos that i am using. i outgrew about 10:p so i've been looking for some leos online. im looking for some reasonable prices so i can get several. some motionwear leotards caught my eye and i was wondering how are they sized? and...
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    knee pain

    hi! for a little while now i have had pain in my right knee on the outside part, going down towards my ankle. it hurts most practices, but is triggered by certai things most, mostly front handspring front tucks. when it happens its not lasting, but for a few minutes it realy hurts then feels ok...
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    backhandspring trouble:(

    hey! im working on level 7 skills on beam and im having alot of trouble with my back handspring on the high beam. i can do the ine on resi beam, but when i get to high beam, im really scared. i know as soon as i do one ill be good but its DOING it thats the problem. any suggestions?:confused:
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    help on bars: mental block or not?

    i am alevel 6 so cast requirements on bars are 45 degrees (i think) on low bar i can get to horizontal and on high bar i dont get to horizontal. the problem on high bar is that i dont lean and just bump my hips off the bar: im gonna work my highbar extra hard at my next practice. but is not...
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    blowout sale for ice skating

    if anyone here does ice skating gk elite is discontinuing their skating line, so they are having a big sale. there isnt much left for the 75% off but for the 30 and 40% there is still alot left, tho they are still kinda expensive but a little cheaper heres the link...
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    hey everyone just curious about how many people have splits down