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    Warning! Dangers Of At Home Training!

    I'm concerned to learn about gymnasts doing at home training. Gymnastics can be a dangerous sport without proper instruction. Although many companies sell so called "home equipment", there is a risk of serious injury to gymnasts who use this equipment in improper ways. Parents, be sure your...
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    Butterfly With A Double Twist On YouTube

    My passion, as many realize by now, is to see new skills performed in gymnastics. The sample page from my book Flip Outside The Box illustrates such a skill. For anyone who thinks it looks too difficult, watch this YouTube video I recently found of a male gymnast performing it. I must say that...
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    Watch New Skills On YouTube

    Here are a couple of new skills on YouTube. Gymnastics has much more potential for growth. Enjoy watching them! YouTube - side aerial with full twist to swing down on beam YouTube - Very cool Uneven Bar skill Flip Outside The Box :: Creative Women's Gymnastics Elements
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    Get Those Kips Adults

    If any adult gymnasts are working on getting a strong kip on bars, here are some helpful suggestions. If you can do the typical V-Up conditioning exercise, try turning it up a notch to really gain strength for a kip. Using a dowel stick, with an ankle weight (or two) secured around the center of...
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    Online Adult Gymnastics Training

    This is just an idea. I was wondering how much interest there would be in an online adult gymnastics training web site? Adults could write in and suggest training advice on elements they are working on, view videos of that specific training and use the knowledge gained at the gym. We all know...
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    Frustrated With Gymnastics Lack Of Innovation

    The lack of innovation in Women's Artistic Gymnastics is frustrating to me. The same elements have been used for over 20 years now, with the exception of a few (very few) elements that are original. Watching competitions, especially on TV, I can tell what a female gymnast is going to perform...
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    Original Elements Not Yet In The Code Of Points

    How many coaches out there have actually trained a gymnast to perform an original element that is not yet listed in the Code Of Points? Original elements, once performed in competition successfully, will be added to the Code Of Points. The process is quite simple. Once the gymnast can perform an...
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    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Laurie Gallus. I'm very happy to have found this place! I'm an adult gymnast that has encountered frustrating circumstances in my gymnastics career but I love the sport too much to just walk away from it. I get the feeling by reading your posts here a lot of you feel exactly the same...