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  1. K

    new to gymnastics

    Personally I wouldn't suggest working on the kickover unless you have proper matting and knowledge of the best technique to make it happen. This is a skill that failure can cause you to land on your head. You *can* hurt yourself if you fall a certain way onto a surface that isn't soft enough...
  2. K

    ADHD gymnasts and staying tight/sticking stuff?

    I think the most important thing to remember is that there's isn't a "can't" here. She CAN do these things, eventually, it will just be harder for her to learn. Patience is the key here, and practice! My suggestion would be to break down what she is having problems with as much as possible...
  3. K

    Could I ask coach to skip certain drills to minimize injury?

    You should always feel that you can discuss injury concerns with your daughters coach. I do agree that this sounds like something that also could use more medical examination to see what the underlying cause is, as well. This is not a common way to injure ones self, and it most certainly isn't...
  4. K

    is floor too easy compared to bars?

    I think it really just depends on the gymnast. Floor and bars can use different muscles and the physics of swinging is much different than the physics of rebounding off a floor. Bars is the most different from every other event. Personally when I was more consistently in gymnastics (mostly the...
  5. K

    DD has been downgraded...

    Such a tough situation :( But at the same time, a good decision from the coach. I can definitely see why your DD is upset and feels her coach lacks confidence in her, but continue to assure her that is not the case. She has added a LOT of skills, and it sounds like she is under a lot of...
  6. K

    USA 2012 Elections Thread

    Personally I just fail to see how either Romney or Obama is anything short of a dismal choice. I wish more of the American public would truly educate themselves on the issues and their options. I wish more American's would put faith in 3rd party candidates, because WE​ are allowing this...
  7. K

    Help for a returning gymnast?

    First off, definitely wait the month that your doctor recommended. In the mean time, stretch every day! You can definitely stretch without much risk. Ask your doctor what kinds of strength training exercises he feels are safest for you to start now. The hardest part will be getting your...
  8. K

    It happened in 2012!!

    Welp, where I ripped last week ended up wearing down and bleeding after like 10 swings tonight. BOO. BUT on the plus side I did bars last and practice was over anyways, AND I started doing my flysprings on the rod floor! I can DO them if I do them onto a mat on the rod floor, so why I am so...
  9. K

    It happened in 2012!!

    Our class is kind of open gym kind of structured. We have a structured warm-up, and our coach will work with us on specific skills we are working on, primarily tumbling skills though. This week I also got a rip. Joy. I deal with them by not doing anything, except covering them if I am going...
  10. K

    Need serious beam help

    Lots and lots of drills on the floor. Lots and lots of practicing splits, making sure they are sitting in them correctly so they can feel where their legs need to be on leaps. Work on split jumps on a tramp or off a mini tramp. Utilize a mirror so they can see what their legs and feet are...
  11. K

    Leotards care... Help???

    I follow the instructions on the tag. For example, my GK all get washed and dried with my regular laundry (they specifically say do not hang dry I believe) But I have other leos that go in the regular wash but hang to dry. ~Katy
  12. K

    Gabby is NOT a liar

    When I first saw this story earlier today, before I saw the interview or read any of the details, my initial thought was that I doubted there was any major racism at the gym. I go there, and Morgan is the coach for my adult class. Knowing Morgan had been an elite at Excalibur my gut reaction...
  13. K

    Former Gymnasts? -don't know where to post this

    Stretch, stretch, stretch! Warm up and stretch just like you did as a gymnast. Stretch often. That's the only real way to maintain flexibility. You could also try yoga, which includes plenty of stretching in its poses. ~Katy
  14. K

    It happened in 2012!!

    Today I had a really good workout! I was doing really well with my flysprings on the tumble track! I was worried because I had to miss last week, I fell asleep on the couch and wasn't safe to drive to the gym so sleepy so I napped for like two hours instead! I have been making slow progress...
  15. K

    Balance beam surface

    So I gave the new surface a chance tonight and it may grow on me. I did all my skills I've been working on, and it hurts my feet and my hands which I don't like, I found it much harder to do turning skills which is frustrating. But it felt really good for everything else! It's going to take...
  16. K

    Help! Need a new mindset!

    You never know. You can attend a college with a club team rather than an NCAA team. Or you could go to a school that's a lower division, whose team is comprised of lower level gymnasts than the big name schools. I think what you need to figure out is why after all those hours training you...
  17. K

    Weird situation going on...

    Not sure what is going on, but take a step back and go back to some of your back tuck drills. Get back to being comfortable with the basics, get your body used to not twisting, then go back to trying the tuck. ~Katy
  18. K

    Advice for Young Level 4

    There are so many things that could be happening here. She is either trying to escape something about the practice, or she is trying to spend more time with you. Or like others said she may just not want to go in alone. I would start with showing up early and seeing if that helps. If not, try...
  19. K

    Balance beam surface

    Fairly recently my gym resurfaced some of our balance beams and it has made me wonder. The new surfaces are much more rough, it's almost like sand paper. I'm disappointed because my favorite beams got resurfaced, they were JF beams and had super soft suede. I understand why that would be a...
  20. K

    Concur my fears

    I was going to suggest some of the things iwannacoach suggested. Sneak in some time, get there a little early. Is there open gym? If so, go, and dedicate most of your time there to just being on the beam, walking, hopping, and just doing small easy things. Look for beams everywhere! Walk on...