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  1. K

    Balance beam surface

    Fairly recently my gym resurfaced some of our balance beams and it has made me wonder. The new surfaces are much more rough, it's almost like sand paper. I'm disappointed because my favorite beams got resurfaced, they were JF beams and had super soft suede. I understand why that would be a...
  2. K

    Gabby returning to VA Beach

    they are covering Gabby's return to Virginia Beach live on our local news. She's set to land shortly from how it sounds! If anyone is interested there is a live feed here: Gabby Douglas Homecoming | WAVY.com ~Katy
  3. K

    100% Shea Butter for rips

    I was looking for something to help keep my skin moisturized when I have a rip, since the fragrances in normal hand cream stings. I tried a few things out at Bath and Body Works and found their 100% Shea Butter and WOW!! It moisturizes REALLY WELL and instead of stinging it actually took away...
  4. K

    Dare Grips?

    I'm on the hunt for new grips. I have been using US Glove Millenium 2 grips, and while I like them, I have been getting a lot of rips as of late, more often and bigger than when I was younger and used Reisports. I took my old Reisports back out last night and was comparing them, I did rip...
  5. K

    This made my week (sorta gross, about a rip)

    Ok so this is a little gross- about rips- but y'all can handle it being gymnasts. Last night I got a rip on my hand. A decent sized one, too, one where the skin didn't tear completely off (which happens often, as I just right off the bar the moment I feel them happen.) I couldn't bare to...
  6. K

    adult classes/adult friendly gyms around DC?

    Are any of you from the DC area? Do you know of any adult classes or adult friendly gyms that allow adults at open gym in the area? It looks like my boyfriend will be moving up there and I'm in the unique position where I may be able to spend half a week here in southeast VA where I live and...
  7. K

    2009 gymnastics goals... who met theirs?

    So about a year ago I started a thread for us all to list our gymnastics goals for 2009, and now is the time to see who met their goals and who has to add some to their new list for 2010! Here was the old thread...
  8. K

    Drills for a more powerful punch

    I am working on front tucks right now, and I am sooooo close to having it on the rod floor. I know, though, that I have a little ways to go before I have it on the spring floor... I'm pretty antsy to get this skill (making some progress every week thankfully!) and I only can be in the gym one...
  9. K


    So I pulled my groin tonight at practice. It's annoying... but it could be worse. Over the summer I pulled it REALLY bad, just doing splits I think I pulled it a little then I kicked into a handstand and I am pretty sure I tore it at that point. It was awful. This is just an annoying pull...
  10. K

    Non Sanctioned adult meets

    Hey all... I was thinking it would be great to put together some fun non-sanctioned adult meets! I know a lot of gyms aren't really willing to join AAU or whatnot for their adults to compete, and only a few have adults on their USAG teams. Myself and some of the others in my class would love to...
  11. K


    Do any of you have routines you are working on? I have made myself a beam routine, not to any specific level just to my own skills. There's nothing fancy in it LOL but this is what it looks like: straddle- cross support mount. Candlestick. Stand, step, leg swing-pivot (don't know if it has...
  12. K

    Gymnastics goals for 2009

    Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I figured it would be a good chance to make some goals for gymnastics, being the new year and all, and I'm hoping to be able to accomplish all of them! Only one is a real stretch for me, though, so that is good. What are all of your goals? These are mine: -get my...
  13. K


    So my sister started a little shop on Etsy.com and was saying I could do one and sell scarves. I just don't know that anything would *actually* sell, she's had hers listed a while and so far nothing has sold. Do any of you have an Etsy page, or do you shop at Etsy? If you don't know it's a site...
  14. K

    This week I accomplished...

    For all of us to share what we have accomplished this week in gymnastics! This week I did my cartwheel on the high beam and STAYED ON and it was a really solid one too! I haven't done that in close to ten years :) Still more afraid of them than handstands, my fear of those is gone completely...
  15. K


    Just wanted to voice my excitement about our new Adult Gymnasts forum!!!!! I know there's a few of us here now there's a place to share our accomplishments with each other! ~Katy
  16. K

    What should I add to my beam routine?

    I'm making myself a beam routine just for fun. Cause I'm not competing or anything, I just want to have a routine. I need a couple more things in it to make it feel complete. So far I have (not in order): straddle type mount candlestick swingy leg half turn (I'm not sure the name for it LOL)...
  17. K

    so proud of myself!

    I've been working really hard on being less afraid of everything since I started back in gymnastics this summer (I'm 26)... it's been slow getting back my old skills and I'm still working on a bunch BUT I am insanely happy and proud of myself because I have been able to work on my handstand on...
  18. K

    I need a good conditioning regimen

    Ok I only have an hour and a half a week in the gym, which isn't enough to make me happy LOL but a lot of skills I used to have when I was younger (and 20 pounds lighter, which I hope to shave down to 10 pounds lighter) are hard because I have lost a lot of my strength. I've been doing some of...
  19. K

    The triumphant return to Virtual Gymnastics

    Ok so I'm being overly dramatic but back around 2000-2003 or so, I participated in Virtual Gymnastics which is just online gymnastics role playing (generally womens elite, though some places had J.O. too). I used to have a number of gymnasts, run a virtual gym, and I was co-president of the...
  20. K

    Photo Shoot with Nastia, Shawn, and Micheal Phelps

    2008 Beijing Summer Olympics - Gymnastics | Athlete Photo Galleries, Event Photographs | Event Pictures | NBC Olympics Some nice pictures but the best is the last with Shawn next to Micheal Phelps! The size difference, just striking!! ~Katy