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  1. Avasmom

    For Parents Puberty

    My daughter is 12 (3 months away from turning 13). She is definitely going through puberty. That mouth! OMG! I love her but I could definitely do without the sassy mouth. Our pediatrician does not think she will start her cycle for another 1-2 years. I know this has been discussed in the past...
  2. Avasmom

    For Parents Level 6 vs Level 7

    Hello there! My dd just finished up her level 5 season and is now working on level 6/7 skills. It was my understanding that my dd would do level 5 skip 6 (if she had the skills) and compete 7 next year. My dd tells me she is competing 6 (per coach) next year. Because most of the other girls...
  3. Avasmom

    For Parents Level 7 or XP

    My daughter just finished up level 5 last weekend. Her coach has said they will either complete level 7 or XP next year depending on if they get all of the skills required for level 7. We were told at the beginning of competition season that level 5 is harder than level 6. I'm not sure if that...
  4. Avasmom

    For Parents Too much pressure

    My daughter started middle school this year. She's a type A personality and has always been an all A student even though she has dyslexia. She's in all advanced classes which I advised against and goes to gym 4 days a week for 3.5 hours and we have a 30 min drive back and forth so she has about...
  5. Avasmom

    For Parents Travelling to meets

    My daughter is competing level 5 this year until December and moving to platinum in January if she scores well enough in level 5. The first platinum meet is 16.5 hours away. I haven't even discussed it with my family (just got the meet schedule for the year tonight) but my thought is we would...
  6. Avasmom

    For Parents Level 5 Questions

    My daughter will be competing level 5 in September. I have read on CB the scoring is really tough in level 5. Her coach requires them to get a 35 at one meet and then at state which is in December to move up. Her coach feels like level 5 is really valuable. While I was hoping she would do level...
  7. Avasmom

    For Parents Panama City Vacation

    My daughter would like to train a few hours while we go on vacation. Any recommendations of gyms that allow this in the Panama City area?
  8. Avasmom

    For Parents Progression

    My daughter finished up level 4 and is training for level 5. She has all of her skills for 5. The back walkover on beam is the most inconsistent. Last year the previous 4’s scored out of level 5 and did platinum. This year the new head coach feels strong about competing 5. She says there are...
  9. Avasmom

    For Parents College gymnastics meets

    My daughter is going to a college gymnastics meet this weekend with a friend from gymnastics. I have never been to a college meet and since she is going with a friend I was wondering what souvenirs might be available for an 11 year old girl that eats, sleeps, and breathes gymnastics. Thanks!
  10. Avasmom

    For Parents Level 4 Beam requirements

    My daughter had a meet this past weekend and fell on her cartwheel and forgot an element (she calls it the grapevine although I'm not sure that's the technical term). Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for what deductions she received for that. I know .5 for the fall...
  11. Avasmom

    Words of wisdom after a disappointing meet

    I'm sure there is a post somewhere on this but I can't find it. My daughter (level 3) had her worst meet ever today. It started on vault and went downhill from there. She was state champ on vault so to score an 8.6 to start off the day I think threw her off completely. I tried to focus on her...
  12. Avasmom

    For Parents Transition from xcel to compulsories

    My daughter has recently began telling me that she wants more hours in the gym. She is on xcel silver and they practice 2 days a week. She just turned 9 and is extremely mature for her age. I have a weekly private lesson set up with her coach to give her more but it's still not enough...
  13. Avasmom

    For Parents Update: Jumper's knee (Patellar Tendonitis)

    Took my dd who is 8 to the orthopedic doctor today. She has jumper's knee and is not allowed any activity for 4 weeks. We go back October 5th. I asked if she could participate in conditioning with gymnastics. I was told a big NO. He thinks conditioning probably contributed to the problem. I...
  14. Avasmom

    For Parents Mean mom because of knee pain

    My 8 year old daughter has been complaining on and off for about a month about knee pain. We think she injured it working on her front tuck. Three weeks ago I took her to the doctor and they said the knee was inflamed. Told us to ice it, give ibuprofen, and rest it. We did that but continued...
  15. Avasmom

    For Parents Osega camp

    Does anyone have any experience with Osega gymnastics in Asheville, NC? My daughter is attending a camp there in July. Just curious if it was a good experience.
  16. Avasmom

    For Parents Where can I find deduction info?

    My daughter has her second meet this weekend. She is bronze and her foot slipped off the bar when she was doing her straddle dismount and it caused her to stumble. Just wondered what the deduction would be for that. Does anyone know where to find out?
  17. Avasmom

    For Parents Sprained Ankles--how does it affect straight legs?

    A lightbulb just went off....I posted on the forum yesterday about my daughter, age 7 (almost 8) not straightening her legs. I have no idea if this could be the cause but it just hit me that a few weeks ago, beginning of September she sprained her ankle. She complained about it hurting when she...
  18. Avasmom

    For Parents Bent legs in all skills-frustrated mom and daughter

    My 7 year old daughter has bent legs in vault, bars, and beam. She is xcel bronze, 2nd year competing. Last year she competed level 2 but only one competition. Her coach told her she is going to get big deductions for them. She is an overachiever and tries so hard to get it but I honestly don't...
  19. Avasmom

    For Parents Xcel program- how long does one stay on bronze, silver, gold typically?

    My 7 year old daughter is competing bronze this year. She is doing very well so far but it's very early in the season. Competitions do not start until November. My daughter is hoping that after this year she will move to silver. She has some higher skills than bronze already but they are still...
  20. Avasmom

    For Parents Purposely messing up a skill so they don't have to compete it

    My daughter has her robhs and her coaches want her to compete it. She is on xcel bronze so its not required. At practice last week she messed it up on purpose when coaches were doing evaluations for floor routines. It was at the end of practice so I was there when it happened. She didn't even...