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    Level 5 vault

    Hello all, i was just wondering about the level 5 vault. How much deduction is it for a pike and no block? Also how do u get rid of the pike? I know that heal drive can help, but every time the vault is still pike?? Basically how to get rid of pike and add more block?? Thanks.
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    Event Specialist

    Hello, currently, I am in level 5 gymnastics, and only a couple more years till college. One f the coaches at my gym recommended becoming a specialist in one or two events, to make the college team. Is this likely and a good idea? Basically, 2 full years to work on yurchenko fulls on vault if...
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    Levels 5 or 6?

    Hello, I just competed level 4 this fall. I am moving up to level 5, but want to move to level 6. Is this common, and how would i go about doing this? I have mostly everything for level 5 , and could have everything for level 6. How to tell my coach i have more stuff than they expect?
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    Level 7 music

    Hello, does anybody have the music options, and the music names for optional level, 7 and up?
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    USAG Gymnastics book

    Does anyone know the name of the USAG gymnastic book with al the compulsory routines, and tells you the requirements. A gym usually recieves this when they are competitive.
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    Floor Music

    Hello, Can anyone tell me the choices for the floor routine, level 7? Please give a name and link if possible to hear them! thanks.
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    JUDGES!!!! Level 4 Vault!?

    Judges, Ineed your help, coaches too, or anyone..... mostly judges tho, I am about 5'7" I am in level 4. For the vault, my past three meets,my scores have been a 9.2. Then, my past two meets, i have gotten, 8.6 and 8.7s.... Why? my coaches have asked the judges but htey have no reason, they...
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    ANY tips?

    Any tips for level4 on all the events? I really need, and want to go to states, so i need to improve my scores. Is there any little, or big things, to work on to improve, in all the routines/events? some that judges always look for, if u tell me a specific part ina routine, i will could...
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    How to over come....

    What to do? Sry judges... At my last meet, The judging was off, way ridiculous. Scoring of an 8.600 when the usual score is 9.00-9.215???? I know, this is just part of gymnastics, but why, and when the score was contessed, coaches asked the judges, they said" Well, we didnt feel it was a 9...
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    Help with Round off Back Handspring

    I need some help with my ROBH. I am told your elbos are supposed to be straight in the BH. Last time i tried, it happend 2ce so far, i hyperextended both my elbows.. meaning my arms/elbos were locked, and it souldnt take the pressure so my elbows bent, andy help or ides, yes, i no, i need to...
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    GK Leotards

    I have a Q about eh GK leos. I am about 5' 6" and for my competition leotard, it is an adult medium. I get all my warmup leos from snowflake designs, and they are adult medium, and fit perfectly fine, with room to spare. The GK leo is 3/4 sleeves. I was wondering if they run small? Do they...
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    Roundoff BH

    I need some major help, level 4. I technically have my RO BH, but i dont always make it, like my arms bend, and shoulders collapse. My beam dismount is iffy and my split leap is too small. How do you keep straight legs on the front hip circle, i am working to do it with straigh legs, but...
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    Underneath your leo

    Underneath the leo, i got these skin colored, kinda brief things. they work perfectly, but the band at the top shows slightly through the leo, like underwear band. is this normal, so others have this problem, like on the GK brand briefs, lots of people wear, is it really noticable?
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    Pulled Muscle??

    I think i have pulled my muscle in my butt! ouchie! i have stretched my splits tooo much i think, but i have not beengetting them down all the way. What do u do? and how long will it take to heel? Beforecompetition?
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    Are there any gymnasts who....

    Are there any gymnasts who are teens, and like in level 4 or 5? like 13-17 ???????????? or sometin like that?
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    Are there any gymnasts out there that.....

    Are there any gymnasts who are teens, and in level 4, like 13, 14,15,16,17 year olds, who r in lvl 4 or 5?
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    What do u where under a leo?

    What do u where under a leo? In competition?
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    Weight of a gymnast

    About how much should a 5'7" Gymnast weigh, yes tall!
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    How to do a Roundoff Backhandspring?

    How do u do a roundoff backhandspring? Without hurting yourself? When i go for my roundoff, on floor, i hurt my elbow last time, because i didnt stretch tall to go in the BH. lots of pressure to elbow, my legs are bent, and i am trying to throw my BH. OUCH! any tips???? or drills? Already know...
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    What is the best way to get your splits down? everyday, 2ce a day, i do splits and oversplits. i still dont have my splits! Now, b/c of oversplits, i am having knee pain. But any suggestions help, i can bare through the pain!