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  1. Kaylee_gymnast22

    Yurchenko layout

    I have been doing yurchencos for several years and have been practicing the layout for several years as well. I can't seem to get the rotation or the height to even consider landing it. I have tried multiple drills and trying to make my entrance onto the table faster, but it still is slow and I...
  2. Kaylee_gymnast22

    Double Twis

    Is a back double twist considered a lvl 9 or 10 skill?
  3. Kaylee_gymnast22

    Lay out step out on beam

    I’ve been practicing my lay out step out on the beam for a while but I find they are often inconsistant and can sometimes be heavy. I try going up onto a pano sometimes but what can I do to help improve these and bring them up to the high beam? I’ve been in this boat for a while and I need to...