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    We are aloud to wear shorts, sometimes the week before the meet we can't just so we get used to it for the meet. For me a wear shorts but im almost 16 I only wear the velvet spandex ones though becuse they are more comfortable. I have tumble shorts and I used to wear those but they would always...
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    Flyaway Fear

    Pretty much every single person has had a fear of flyaways. Some days I can do them some days I cant some days I can do perfect cast away layout flyaways and some days I can barley make my self do tap flyawayys. But what helps me is to not even think about it untill I get on the bar and when i'm...
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    Gym Meet on Super Bowl Sunday

    I think my dad has been to two or three meets out of my whole 5 1/2 years of competing. Which has never bothered me. I know he supports me but he hates watching my do gymnastics because he thinks i'm going to hurt myself lol. You know how dad's are with their daughters.
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    Make It or Break It - Season 2 starts Jan 4th!

    Well my thoughts were it was okay, i loved how they had razor come back. At first i didnt like damen but they are really cute together lol. Im looking forward to this season. But who watches the seceret life? I thought it sucked, blahh I want amy and rickie to be together but its not happening :(
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    Rips from Grips

    Yeah taping your wrists before bars and washing wrist bands every week would help
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    Sky high sports

    I really have no clue sid123 i've never been there before but I imagine that they would have funn it just looks funn! haha.
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    Sky high sports

    Who else really really really wants to go thereee? And if you don't know what it is here's a link... Sky High Sports
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    how many leos do you have???

    I have 10, and counting my team leos I have 15. Most mine are from alpha factor a couple from GK and some from destira. I only wear like 4 though I dont like my other ones haha. I've had so many in my time of doing gymnastics though haha. probably atleast 100 but I get rid of them.
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    What is your floor music?

    My music is gypsy rahpsody and my friends is Mr.pinstrip suit.
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    Are there any gymnasts out there that.....

    We have two first year level 4's on our team that are that old, one is in 8th grade and one is a freshman. I'm almost 16 and im a level 7.
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    Funny "Traditions" from gyms

    Well we usually sit with out head in our knees and picture ourselfs doing our routines perfect like two people before we go.
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    Irritated and frustrated with gym and myself.

    CoachTodd, well I have gone through that before where I had a MAJOR growth spert and luckily the was my first year of team but I really haven't grown since about the 6th grade haha. And i'm not really sure if I grew when I took a break, I know a probably gained a little bit of weight because I...
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    Irritated and frustrated with gym and myself.

    Yeah i'm almost 16 i'm a sophmore in highschool and I kinda screwed up my freshman year so gymnastics for sure comes last this year. But I wish so much that we had a gym that did prep optional somewhere around where I live. But I haven't heard of any. And I wish we had highschool gymnastics at...
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    Irritated and frustrated with gym and myself.

    Thank you graceful one, and I did read it all haha. And I've seen those videos and I love them (: And I think I have come to the point where I just need to quit gym. But this season is short only 5 meets it's over in march so I think skipping any meets would be point less and we already practice...
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    Irritated and frustrated with gym and myself.

    I hate this. Last year even though I didn't like my coaches and they were making gym not fun for me, gym was way better. Like last year I had all my level 6 and level 7 skills, working on my 8. Then I took a break from gym and ever since i've been loosing skill after skill and getting tons of...
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    Make It or Break It - Season 2 starts Jan 4th!

    Oh I can't wait! Hahhaah (:
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    To homeschool or not to homeschool

    25 hours a week is ALOT! Last year I actually did homeschool so that I could be on the homeschool team at my gym and we only trained 21 hours a week and after just a few months I hated gym. It could have been my coaches but it just gets boring and at 6 years old thats kinda crazy to say that she...
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    Help on throwing my FHS FT!

    Trust me I know how you feel! Like they said go back to how you feel comfortable, go to tumble track do tons on there. When your on floor just work front handsprings and front tucks seprate so that your still doing the skills. Do front handspring dive rolls onto 8 inchers and eventually you will...
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    How long did it take you to get your first Kip?

    It took me 18 months to get mine I got my long hang kip first and then my low bar like a week later but they were ugly untill last year lol
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    Preventing rips

    What I do it make sure that my caluses dont get to big by soaking my hands in warm water then taking a pummus stone and scratching them off. Then every night I put a bunch of Preparation H on my hands and put gloves on. I put lotion on all the time also.