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  1. Optionals United

    Non- NCAA Gymnastics Scholarships

    Hi guys, I have been searching high and low for just about any kind of scholarship to help me pay for college. During that process it seemed like there was some scholarship for just about every sport except gymnastics. I'm not talking about NCAA but foundations and organizations that give out...
  2. Optionals United


    Here is a little video to put this whole crazy sport into perspective. At the end of the day it's not about the medals and achievements, but the happiness and healthy lifestyle that it brings us. Also these kids are adorable and will make you smile no matter what P.S sorry if this has been...
  3. Optionals United

    For Coaches Stride Circle Drills

    Hey guys, I recently started coaching(well not so recently, like 7 months ago.anyways:)) and my level 2's are starting to work on stride circles. I was wondering if anyone has any good drills or recommendations for teaching them. I have never taught this skill and kind of lost on how to guide my...
  4. Optionals United

    Jacoby Miles

    Just found out via gymnasticscoaching.com and instagram about this girl Jacoby Miles is a 15 year old gymnast from Roach Gymnastics in Washington who was seriously injured on friday. "This evening Jacoby was practicing her double back dismount off the high bar into the pit. She opened...
  5. Optionals United

    Bail technique

    Hey guys, I'm working on my bail for level 9 and I was wondering what the advantage of letting go one hand at a time is. Right now I'm letting go of both hands at the same time, but my coach is trying to get me to let go one at a time. I dont really understand it. What is the advantage of...
  6. Optionals United

    Vote for a friends essay

    One of my friends from camp that i met this summer, entered an essay contest for a scholarship. But you win on majority vote. So if you guys could vote for her that would be amazing! She is an super nice, down to earth girl who deseres to win this. She needs a lot of votes and only has 15 right...
  7. Optionals United

    Carly Patterson engaged

    Just saw via gymnasticscoaching.com that carly patterson is engaged. Congrats to her, that is one lucky man! Her ring is beautiful. I didn't even know that she had a boyfriend, that is so exciting. Just thought I should share. :)
  8. Optionals United

    Happy New Year!

    Goddbye 2011, hello 2012. I hope everyone had a safe new years eve and is ready to kick off 2012! it will be another great year filled with trials, tears, joy, success, and laughter.
  9. Optionals United

    Prize Money

    I was looking at the website for one of the meets that someone I met at camp is going to compete at... and I saw that they were giving out prize money. My question is if you were to take the prize money that they were offering, would you lose your NCAA eligibility? I heard that if you accept...
  10. Optionals United

    Making noises during a routine

    Ok this is a question for judges.. the other night while at gym my coach was choreographing a beam routine. She had my teammate do this one poise and she said that she felt like a bird. she then proceeded to make bird noises and flapped her arms :D it has become an inside joke when someone gets...
  11. Optionals United

    level 8 beam flight seires options.

    Ok guys i have a challenge for you.. list all the flight seires that you can compete in level 8. a lot of my teammates are wondering what all is out there to possibly compete :D
  12. Optionals United

    School Finals

    When are everyone's school finals? mine are next week as our first trimester is coming to a close. what classes are you taking? which ones are easy, which ones are harder? its going to be tough as we are getting to the point where they are deciding what levels everyone is competing next week...
  13. Optionals United

    Leotard Design Requirements

    Well first off, who chooses your team leos? If so does the person who chooses them ask for the parents and gymnasts imput? I know the girls hc and the optional always got together and choose their leos and the compulsaries did the same. we would then present them to the owners to get them...
  14. Optionals United

    Favorite Leos from Worlds

    What was everones favorite leos that they saw at this years world championships? I really liked this one that beth tweddle wore. Simple yet beautiful, and even though it is still kind of purple it incorporates the countries flag in a unique way. *sorry I couldn't find a better picture.
  15. Optionals United

    Off to woodward

    I'm leaving right now to go to woodward. so excited see you all in a week.
  16. Optionals United

    switch ring on floor devalued?

    One of the coaches at my gym read in technique magizine that switch ring was devalued from a C to a B. Does anyone have any info on this. We are having one of the judges at my gym look into it. Just thought i would ask here also.
  17. Optionals United

    Tsuk Layout VS Yurchenko Layout

    Okay guys I have a question to all you smart people out there. my teammate is probably going to compete a tsuk layout next year for level 9 and told me it is only worth a 9.7 SV. while a yurchenko layout is worth a 10.0 SV. i told her i would look into it so here is my question. arent both a...
  18. Optionals United


    Hi, i dont know if it is just my computer but on everyone elses computer are the titles and usernames underlined??? If so JBS is this going to stay this why. it could just be my computer, but i was just wondering.
  19. Optionals United

    Tiger Paw Knock offs

    Does anyone know of any good companies that make tiger paws but arent tiger paws. Like a "knock off" so to say. I wwould get regular tiger paws but they are kind of expensive. My coach recomended me to get them only for vault because i have been having a lot of wrist pain after starting donig...
  20. Optionals United

    Cal Gymnastics reinstated

    Congrats to everyone that donated to get the Cal Gym program reinstated!!! It is very exciting. Cal Gymnastics reinstated — Gymnastics Coaching.com