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    I have not been on chalk bucket in a while, but with a good reason. What do I do?

    Hi, my name is Kendahl and I am 16. I was a L4 when I have to quit because we moved back to NY (I was in NC). But, I really miss gymnastics and there is not a day that goes by when I do not wish I was still going. The big problem: Gymnastic in NY is like alot more expensive then in NC and...
  2. K

    OMG HI *hugs*

    Yeah where im from we hug people to say hi I dont see a problem with it. When i meet someone I hug them lol.
  3. K

    Wrist update

    Yes I have wrist pain. I've gone to the doctor about it and they all say the same thing stay off of them (Have they not seen gymnastics). I've really hurt my wrists bad mainly because I have such small and weak wrists. I wear braces on both of them for extra support but most of the time its like...
  4. K


    Oh I know what you mean.. like when you do kips right? I think leggings would really help.
  5. K

    Free hips...

    Kind of... I'm youtubeing videos now.
  6. K

    Free hips...

    But if you push away (eleminate shoulder angles) Would'nt your feet hit the floor. Low bar.
  7. K

    Free hips...

    How to do them? I have a above horizontal cast and my coach says I should work on free hips. My coach has'nt really told me how to do them so... lol someone could tell me than I would be greatful. _Dahl
  8. K

    Gymnastics and Easter

    I don't think that you not having ANY chocolate was a good thing. If you like chocolate than cutting out on it completely seems crazy. It may just be candy now but it could get worse. My friend's ballet teacher said that she put on too much weight after Christmas and my friend cut out lots of...
  9. K

    Back hand spring questions?

    Okay so I have been doing my b.handspring all season but now my coach finds that she wants me to perfect it. I have slightly bent arms when I do them and she says I need to keep them straight...Well I try it and I do something bad to my left elbow!:( She also says I'm going too slow. I speed...
  10. K

    V- Press, Straddle or Pike Press?

    Well personally I think the pike looks the best when done but I can only do a straddle from a stand position lol. Wow you can do them like from a sitting?
  11. K

    My weight and my coach.

    Yeah i'm pretty much naturally flexable the only thing I had to work at was straddle splits getting on the floor was a pain it took like 3 weeks. I have a reaaly vast range of back flexability it kinda cool.
  12. K

    Grandaughter having problems with wrist

    Me too! My wrist are smaller than 5 inches around and I have very bad wrist pain. My left wrist clicks all the time. I ice my wrists ever day after gymnastics, and sometime I have to take meds. I do a lot of wrist workout before vault and floor. I roll my wrists in a 'meatball' kind of way. Back...
  13. K

    Weekly accomplishements

    Good Job everybody! Back walkover on beam! I did it without a spot. It was a little shaky but I did'nt twist or fall like I usually do so.... I'm happy!
  14. K

    Velvet VRS. Other fabric leos

    I don't like velvet because I think there too hot. My sister likes them and has several of the velvet leos. I like the really shiny lycra leos. There thinner I think they look better with images like flowers and stuff.
  15. K


    Well Hello! I take gymnastics to and the class i'm in has no one over the age of 12 in it but me! I'm 15, but I do fine. Does your gym or a local gym have adult classes. If you start getting bored with the skills than maybe you have to move to a higher level. What level are you in rec classes...
  16. K

    New skills :)

    Oh great good job!
  17. K

    A better cast

    Does your gym have a bar over a pit. If so at my gym we practice them over the pit to achive hight and tightness. I can cast to a handstand most times this way (Over the pit). How can anyone be scared to fall into a hole full of foam cubes.
  18. K

    Your best, Your worst, Your favorite ( or your kids its for everyone)

    My favorite I think Bars are my favorite right now.... possibly.
  19. K

    Kip Problems

    I have several really; First, a small tap at the glide. When I extend my glide I tap my toes to the floor before bringing them to the bar. I cannot seem to get rid of this habit. Does anyone have any tips to get rid of this or any other info on why i'm doing this? Next the tip "Pull your pants...
  20. K


    Oh wow well let me tell you this I'm the biggest girl at my gym. I'm about 5' and 110lbs ( our even a little more :p) in my group there re 10, 11 , and 12 year olds and there so skinny. I wear shorts but not all the time. You should'nt beat yourself up. It sounds like you downing yourself bad...