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  1. Em09

    Too many Back Walkovers

    So I managed to do to many bws and my left loxer back can't do it without a twinge of pain. I am resting it and it is getting better, but any tips to help the recovery speed up
  2. Em09


    Hey, I'm Em. I am a team gymnast and do Team Gym. If you have not heard of that it is a mix of TRP gymnastics and ACRO and we do tumbling, mini tramp and floor routines. I used to train recreational gymnastics with my best friend @Halis10 but she was pulled out. I am super excited to be here and...
  3. Em09

    Junior Olympic L10 Sample Practice Schedule?

    I am looking for a training schedule with conditioning, drills, times to practice routines and skills etc. Also, could I have hours and schedule for when we actually train. Sorry, my gym's member services suck! Thanks so much!